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Phantom VEO4K-PL 990S

Abel Code: VEO4K
Mfr. Code: VRI-VEO4K-PL-72G-C
Capture 4K up to 1000 fps with a Phantom VEO4K-PL 990S at 4096x2160. Ideal for gimbal, aerial work, or car chases, the camera features CFast support @90MB/sec speed, 10Gb Ethernet, up to 12-stops, 72GB, OLPF, and a 12-bit CMOS sensor in a black housing.
Key Highlights
  • 3G HD-SDI / HDMI output
  • Ideal for gimbal, aerial, car chases
  • PL Mount


The Phantom VEO4K-PL Camera from VRI incorporates the same features and functions as the VEO-S camera models and the same image and frame rate performance as your Flex4K-GS camera. The VEO4K-PL captures 4K up to 1000 fps at 4096 x 2160 resolution with 3G HD-SDI and HDI outputs, plus programmable I/O. It includes the necessary features for media production and offers accessories so you can customize your camera configuration and out options.

VEO4K cameras employ a custom 9.4-megapixel, 12-bit CMOS sensor with 6.75 micron pixels, producing images of the highest quality and pixel resolution. The sensor can operate in global shutter (standard) or rolling shutter mode for increased dynamic range and to eliminate the need for black references. 

This S-Model (as opposed to the L-model for motion analysis work) offers additional signal availability, on-camera controls, rugged connectors and compatibility with removable CFast 2.0 storage media. 

It comes standard with a PL Mount as default. This particular unit in the VEO4K family is tailored for media production applications so the manufacturer has differentiated the housing to make it black. Other members of the family, such as the optional VEO4K-990S or the L-model, include a white housing. The chassis is machined from solid aluminum with isolated electronics. Phantom VEO cameras are known for their durability and ability to perform in harsh environments.

The VEO4K-PL features CFast support @ 90MB/sec speed, 10Gb Ethernet on camera, and a 12-bit CMOS sensor that supports both global shutter and rolling shutter modes. The VEO4K-PL camera includes an OLPF. With the 10Gb Ethernet you can potentially download an entire 72GB of data in as little as two minutes.

Add a Cameo VEOBob Breakout Box for Phantom VEO for additional output options to match your Flex4K-GS functionality.

You can achieve up to 12-stops dynamic range with the Base ISO 320 (color) in Rolling Shutter Mode within the exposure index range of EI 800-1000. With Global Shutter Mode you can achieve up to 9-stops dynamic range with the Base ISO 640 (color) within the exposure index range of EI 800-1000. You can set the EI range with either on-camera controls or PCC software. Manufacturer states that higher EI settings are possible with additional image processing. Of course, the ISO and dynamic range will change based upon the shutter mode camera control and file formats.

On-Camera Controls (OCC)

Employ the On-Camera Controls (OCC) when connected to an SDI or HDMI monitor or viewfinder. The OCC menu allows for setup, capture, playback, and saving to a CFast card.

File Formats

The native file format is Cine RAW, which can be easily converted to other formats including h.264 mp4, Apple ProRes .mov and many more using PCC. Cine RAW files are also directly compatible with several major video editing and motion analysis programs.

CFast Workflow

Remote and untethered recording occurs with CFast 2.0 cards. Cine files are first recorded to RAM, then played back immediately, trimmed, and saved to your CFast card. Once the file is recorded to your card, the file is safely stored and you are free to capture your next shot.

Transfer speed from RAM is 90 MB/second

Use your standard CFast 2.0 cards, which are formatted with the NTFS file system

Drag-and-drop saved files using standard CFast 2.0 card readers on Windows or Mac operating systems.

Software & Multi-Cine

Windows-based PCC is used for complete setup, control, image processing, and download. Mac-based Séance software from Glue Tools [GT-SEANCEMAC-1SEAT] is available for control, playback, and file download on your Mac. Cameras are connected on a dedicated Ethernet network.

In addition, you can use multi-cine to segment the memory for fast, uninterrupted capture of short events. Partition internal RAM, into up-to 63 segments to capture quick recordings back-to-back. The VEO4K-PL supports Seamless-Cine-Switching to ensure no frames are missed. RAM is available up-to 72GB.


You can either add an optional side-mounted battery plate with batteries or you can pull power with an XLR adapter cable (for 12V and 24V batteries).


Gb Ethernet and optional 10Gb Ethernet is featured on all VEO4K models, for control and download. Both protocols use same Ethernet port and auto-negotiate the connection based on network configuration.

Input/Output Ports

The Phantom VEO4K-PL offers multiple ports for input/output of your data, including:

Media – accepts NTFS formatted Cfast 2.0 cards

HDMI – Standard HDMI output

SDI – Din port for 3G HF-SDI

VFPWR – a 4-Pin Hirose port for 12V power output (rated for 12W)

Ethernet – an 8-Pin Fischer for Gb Ethernet and 10Gb Ethernet; auto-negotiating

Power IN – a 6-Pin Fischer 16-32 VDC

Secondary Power IN – a 12-Pin Capture Port for secondary 12V input with your battery mount

Capture – a 12-Pin Fischer

Trigger – a BNC connection

Rear SDI – a BNC connection for 3G SDI (on S models only)

Serial RS232 – via 6-Pin power

Range Data – a 6-pin Fischer, dedicated

USB – for WiFi dongle (updates, etc.)

A number of Programmable I/O ports are included: (4) BNC Ports, Available Signals: Strobe, Event, Pre-trigger, Timecode- out, Ready, F-Sync, Aux Trigger, or Auto-Trigger.

In addition, you can pull in these available signals: Timecode-in, F-Sync/P, Strobe/P, Ready/P, Timecode-out/P, Range Data.

The VEO4K-PL also includes on-board controls, such as an Encoder Knob and buttons for accessing menu and control.

Video Monitoring

Front 3G HD-SDI, HDMI & VF power available on all models. Additional rear 3G HD-SDI port on S models. Provides the following video signals: 720p 50, 59.97, 60; 1080i 25, 29.97, 30; 1080psf 23.976, 24, 25, 29.97, 30; 1080p 23.976, 24, 25, 29.97, 30, 50, 59.97, 60.


The VEO4K-PL supports SMPTE and MISP time systems. It also offers IRIG in/out.

What's in the Box

  • 1 x Phantom VEO4K PL 990S, Full, Color 72GB, 5US. (for MEDIA) Includes PL Mount, OLPF and Black Housing


Key Highlights

  • 3G HD-SDI / HDMI output
  • Ideal for gimbal, aerial, car chases
  • PL Mount
  • Supports CFast media
  • Wireless options for remote control
  • Battery power with secondary 12V input
  • Body Weight: 6 lb

Camera Lens System

Camera Lens Mount:


Input Connector/Port:
DC In - 100 - 240 VAC, 16-32 VDC via primary power


Power Input:
External Power Supply - 80 Watt 24V power supply (included)
Capture Port - (secondary power on S-Model) 12V


Recording Resolution:
2K 17:19 - 1975 fps Max
4K 17:9 - 1000 fps Max
Full HD
4K Full Frame - 938 fps Max
Recording Max Frame Rate:
Up to 2000fps - Up to 1970fps (2048 x 1080)
Max Record Time:
6 seconds - at maximum frame rate, largest resolution and into maximum internal memory
Bit Rate:
12-bit pixel depth

Recording / Media

Media Type:
CFast 2.0

Sensor Specifics

Sensor Size:
Super 35
Sensor Type:
CMOS - 9.4-megapixel
Sensor Width:
Sensor Dimensions:
27.6 mm x 15.5 mm - (31.7mm diagonal)


Timecode Modes:
Dedicated Trigger and Timecode In BNCs on camera body


Recording Formats:
Cine Compressed
BMP, Windows
Apple ProRes
TIFF - (multipage)
CinemaDNG RAW - (Cine RAW)
QuickTime - Uncompressed
h.264 mp4
Video Output Types:
Media Cards:
CFast Cards (2.0)
Camera Options:
Camera Body Only
Camera Features:
On-Camera Controls
White Balance
Ethernet Interface:
10Gb Ethernet option for optimized workflow
Gb Ethernet (standard) - for control and data downloads. Fischer port on S-models (this one); RJ45 port on L-models
Shutter/Camera Mode:
Global Shutter (GS) - Base ISO 640T Color; 5000T Monochrome
Rolling Shutter (RS) - Base ISO 320T Color; 2000T Monochrome
Exposure Mode:
Recommended Exposure Index range - 1000-1600 Color; 10,000-20,000 (GS); 4000 - 8000 (RS) Monochrome
Continuous Shooting:
Tools, Charts & Downloads
Tools, Charts & Downloads
Tech News
Tech News

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