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VRI Phantom v12.1 High-Speed Digital Camera

Abel Code: phantomv12
Mfr. Code: VRI-V12.1-16G-MAG-C
This ultra high-speed digital camera features 16GB of dynamic internal memory, a 1280 x 800 CMOS sensor, and up to 6,242 fps recording at full resolution.
Key Highlights
  • Ultra High-Speed Digital Camera
  • 1280 x 800 CMOS sensor
  • Up to 6,242 fps at full quality
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The VRI Phantom v12.1 High-Speed Digital Camera is a megapixel camera capable of taking 1,000,000 pictures-per-second. Features remote/automatic black referencing, versatile dual HD-SDI outputs, a component viewfinder port, high-speed synchronization and range data input. The camera is capable of recording up to 6,242 fps at full resolution. 

The v12.1 has a custom-designed 1280 x 800 CMOS sensor, with a wide aspect ratio. With an active pixel size of 20 microns and improved quantum efficiency, the Phantom v12.1 camera has sensitivity superior to VRI's acclaimed v7.3. Even when using sub-microsecond shuttering (down to 300 nanoseconds, programmable in 18 ns increments), the user will benefit from high sensitivity and low noise.

Each camera supports 8-bit and 12-bit pixel depth. Smaller bit-depth provides more recording time and smaller files. Greater bit-depth provides more gray levels and finer detail. 12-bit depth provides more latitude, enabling the user to pull more detail out of the image.

The v12.1 features a high-resolution timing system that yields a timing resolution of better than 20 nanoseconds. Frame rate, frame synchronization and exposure accuracy are improved over previous generations of high-speed cameras. A frame synchronization signal is now available via a dedicated BNC for easier cabling and increased signal integrity. This makes the v12.1 ideal for PIV applications with a 500 nanosecond straddle time and no image lag.

 The v12.1 offers unique Extreme Dynamic Range (EDR), providing the user with the ability to capture two different exposures within a single frame. With auto exposure, the camera adjusts to changing lighting conditions automatically.

An internal shutter enables sensor shading while performing a session-specific black reference (CSR). When starting a CSR from the Phantom Software the shutter closes automatically, eliminating the need to manually shade the sensor with a port cap.

The v12.1 features 16GB of high-speed, dynamic RAM. Segmented memory enables the user to divide this into up to 64 segments, for taking multiple shots back-to-back without needing to download data from the camera.

The user can also record directly to a Phantom CineMag. This non-volatile, hot-swappable memory magazine mounts on the top of the camera body, enabling continous recording of full resolution cines at up to 700 fps. 

NOTE: Contact your AbelCine Rental Agent for details & CineMag rental availability.

Simply transition the CineMag fromt he camera body to a CineStation, connected to a PC, to view, edit, and save your cines using the Phantom Software supplied with the camera. Maintain their original cine raw format, or convert them to TIFF, QuickTime, AVI, et al. Move the files from the CineStation to a disk or tape deck via Gb Ethernet, dual HD-SDI, or Component Video outputs.

When used on a tracking mount, elevation and azimuth data can be transferred to the camera an dassociated with image frames through VRI's unique Range Data input.

View your recording immediately in a variety of formats. VRI's versatile dual HD-SDI ports can be configured to meet your monitoring and playback needs. Use them together for 4:4:4 video out, or independently (one for playback while the other is always live). A component video viewfinder port has been added, enabling use of any viewfinder that is also compatible with the Phantom HD camera.

The v12.1 is controlled by the Phantom Software. 

What's in the Box

  • 1 x Phantom V12.1 High Speed Camera


Key Highlights

  • Ultra High-Speed Digital Camera
  • 1280 x 800 CMOS sensor
  • Up to 6,242 fps at full quality
  • 12-bit pixel depth
  • ISO 1600 (Color)
  • 16GB internal memory

Camera Lens System

Camera Lens Mount:


Output Connector/Port:
1 x Viewfinder - Component
BNC - Dual-link HD-SDI


Input Voltage:
Power Input:
2 x DC


Internal Memory:
16GB - High-Speed RAM

Sensor Specifics

Sensor Type:


# Media Slots:
Ethernet Interface:
Gb Ethernet for both control and data
Native ISO:
1600 (Color) - 6400 (Mono); ISO-12232 SAT
Exposure Mode:
1 µs standard - Sub-microsecond shuttering: 300 ns, porgrammable in 18 ns increments

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