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Canon EOS 5D Mark III HDSLR Camera Body

Abel Code: canon5dmkiii
Mfr. Code: 5260B002
The Canon EOS 5D Mark III has a stunning 22.3-megapixel full-frame CMOS sensor with DIGIC 5+ Image Processor, a vast ISO Range of 100-25600, plus EOS technologies.
Key Highlights
  • DIGIC 5+ Image Processor
  • 22.3 Megapixel CMOS Sensor
  • In-camera HDR recording
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The Canon EOS 5D Mark III HDSLR Camera Body is an upgrade from the Canon EOS 5D Mark II which established the first SLR to record Full HD video. The 5D series family originated in 2005. Canon took the 5D’s illustrious beginning model and built upon it with new features and systems when they produced the Mark III.

The Canon EOS 5D Mark III camera, sold here as a body only with no lens, features a 22.3 Megapixel Full-Frame Sensor, a wide range ISO, the DIGIC 5+ Image Processor, plus sophisticated AF. It shoots fast and provides solid performance with more control than previously provided, including a New High Dynamic Range (HDR), dual card slots for CF and SD, multiple exposure control, and customization options. It also offers the Mark II's highly regarded Movie Mode with improved capabilities.


  • 23.3 Megapixel Full-frame CMOS sensor, 14-bit A/D conversion (16,384 colors/each of 3 primary color), wide range ISO setting of 100-25600 (expandable L: 50, H1: 51200 and H2: 102400)
  • EOS HD Video with manual exposure control and multiple frame rates (1080: 30p (29.97) / 24p (23.976) / 25p, 720: 60p (59.94) / 50p, 480: 30p (29.97) / 25p with 4 GB automatic file partitioning (continuous recording time 29 minutes 59 seconds), selectable "All i-frame" or IPB compressions, embedded timecode, manual audio level control while recording, and headphone terminal
  • Next generation DIGIC5+ Image Processor for faster processing of fine detail and color reproduction as well as reduced image noise
  • High performance with 6.0 fps continuous shooting using an UDMA CF card, new shutter with a durability of 150,000 cycles and improved weather-resistant body
  • Live View Function for stills (Quick, Live and Face Detection AF modes) and video
  • 3.2-inch Clear View LCD (1,040,000 dots/VGA) monitor with anti-reflective and scratch-resistant coatings for improved viewing and smudge protection
  • Compatible with over 60 Canon EF Lenses and most EOS System accessories


22.3 Megapixel Full-Frame Sensor

The EOS 5D Mark II full-frame sensor with 22.3 Megapixels creates high-resolution, detailed images with speed and clarity. A full 24 x 36mm, the sensor captures 5784 x 3861 large individual 6.25 µm pixels and has a much-improved S/N ratio resulting in better images. A new photodiode structure with an increased photoelectric conversion rate increases the sensor's sensitivity by approximately 2 stops over previous models. That means higher ISOs with the lowest noise of EOS digital cameras released at the same time. A 2-line, 8-channel simultaneous signal readout produces speeds of up to 6.0 fps. Both RAW + JPEG are possible with this camera.

ISO Settings

The EOS 5D Mark III not only offers 14-bit signal processing for excellent image gradation, it delivers higher standard and expanded ISOs and a score of new options to enhance shooting in varied and fast-changing lighting situations. With a standard range of ISO 100-25600, the EOS 5D Mark III represents a 2-stop increase in sensitivity over previous cameras.

Thanks to the improved signal-to-noise ratio of the new sensor and powerful noise reduction, the EOS 5D Mark III can shoot at expanded sensitivities down to ISO 50 (L) and up to 51200 (H1), and even 102400 (H2). The camera also features automatic ISO settings located on the dedicated ISO menu. Minimum and maximum ISO settings can be specified, as can a user-defined range, plus full auto and manual.

DIGIC 5+ Image Processor

Working with two 4-channel A/D converter front-end processing circuits, and delivering speeds of up to 6.0 fps (RAW + JPEG), the DIGIC 5+ Image Processor improves data processing performance. It features new algorithms to promote greater noise reduction at higher ISOs. In addition to conventional image processing functions, the DIGIC 5+ Image Processor offers real-time compensation for chromatic aberration in both still and motion images. Speed improvements are noticeable with the power of this processor.

Sophisticated Autofocus

The Mark III provides a new tab for the AF system on the menu controls. The 61-Point High Density Reticular AF (newly designed with staggering AF point arrangement) features an Offset Array Sensor to deliver greater accuracy, no matter the situation. It offers multi-zone wide-area AF for better tracking, 5 central dual cross-type points (f/2.8 diagonal), 21 central cross-type points (f/5.6 horizontal & vertical), and 20 outer cross-type points (f/4.0 horizontal). It is also sensitive in extremely low-light situations (EV-2 for a central point with a f/2.8 lens).

With the firmware update installed, cross-type autofocusing with the center AF point is possible even when the maximum aperture of a Canon EF lens/extender combination becomes as small as f/8. If AF point expansion is selected, with an f/8 maximum aperture lens/extender combination, the four AF points surrounding the center point will act as AF assist points.

AF points above and below the center will be sensitive to vertical contrast while points to the left and right will be sensitive to horizontal contrast.

The EOS 5D Mark III has a dedicated AF menu tab. AF can be controlled without navigating through custom function menus. It also includes 6x AF point selection methods (Spot, Single Point, Single + Adjacent 4 Points, Single + Adjacent 8 Points, Zone Selection, and Automatic AF Point Selection), plus a dedicated AF configuration tool for control of AI Servo AF III tracking parameters (tracking sensitivity, acceleration/deceleration tracking, and AF point auto switching).

Intelligent Metering

Canon's multi-layer 63-zone iFCL (intelligent Focus Color Luminance) Metering System integrates the EOS 5D Mark III camera AF system into its readings. By taking into account the color and luminosity surrounding the chosen AF point(s), the iFCL system delivers a new level of accuracy, especially in situations where the light changes quickly. The metering sensor enables evaluative, center weighted, partial and spot metering, plus offers 5-step exposure compensation for perfectly exposed images, every time.


Canon recognized the requests and needs of professionals to build on the prior success of the 5D and deliver HD video with manual exposure control, multiple frame rates, and selectivable All i-frame or IPB compression. Canon intended to achieve a DSLR camera with a level of sophistication on par with professional movie cameras.

The EOS 5D Mark III offers both All-I and IPB compression, supports H.264/MPEG-4 AVC High Profile, and automatically splits files greater than 4GB (FAT specifications) for extended recording without interruption. It offers the option of timecode during recording only (Rec Run) or at all times (Free Run) which is useful for multi-camera shoots.

It also features improved sound recording adjustment capabilities. A 64-step volume control is accessible through the Quick Control screen during video shooting, plus a dedicated headphone jack for convenience in shooting.

The CMOS sensor's new drive system significantly increases image processor performance, reducing color artifacts and moiré (a common problem that occurs in scenes with horizontal lines), and ensures that the EOS 5D Mark III can record at a number of frame rates up to ISO 25600 in H mode.

All-i: Compresses each frame. Although the file size is larger than IPB, each frame is not affected by the previous and next frames, making it suitable for editing and extracting frames.

IPB: Compresses the movie frame by referencing the previous and next frames. High compression is used, making it suitable for recording long movies.

Based on 8 GB Memory Card:

  • Max. Record Time = 29 minutes 59 seconds
  • ALL-i Record Time = 11 minutes @ 1920 x 1080 (Full HD)
  • ALL-i Record Time = 12 minutes @ 1280 x 720 (HD)
  • IPB Record Time = 32 minutes @ 1920 x 1080 (Full HD)
  • IPB Record Time = 37 minutes @ 1280 x 720 (HD)

Full HD (1920 x 1080) records up to 30fps

HD (1280 x 720) records up to 60fps

VGA (640 x 480) records up to 30 fps


Be sure to update your firmware! With the upgrade, the EOS 5D Mark III can record clean, uncompressed digital video with embedded time code over HDMI output while simultaneously displaying the video on the rear LCD display and recording to internal CF or SD cards. Combined with an improved color sampling of YCbCr 4:2:2 8-bit video, this firmware update adds efficiency to video editing, improves color grading options, and enhances on-set monitoring.

The new mirroring feature via the HDMI output allows video to be displayed on the rear LCD screen with or without scene and camera information while also outputting a clean video signal to a monitor or external recorder. An external recorder not only enables a video signal devoid of compression artifacts, but also allows a choice of preferred edit-ready codec, the ability to shoot in a variety of frame rates and bit rates, and longer record time. Combined with the heightened color correction capabilities as a result of the expanded color space, post-production workflows will be smoother and offer users greater control and quality. With external recorders it is also possible to use a variety of on-set monitoring solutions, which facilitate real-time viewing of EOS 5D Mark III video with the Rec. ITU-R BT. 709 color matrix. Additionally, it will now be possible to synchronize the start and stop of EOS 5D Mark III video capture with the start and stop of the external recorder.

High-Speed Continuous Shooting

The EOS 5D Mark III combines fast 8-channel data readout from its 22.3 Megapixel CMOS sensor and the supercharged processing capabilities of its DIGIC 5+ Image Processor with a speedier shutter and mirror system to raise the performance bar for all digital cameras. It captures full-frame images and recording them fast to UDMA or SD cards stored in the camera's dual card slots. Ideal for fixed focus situations, the EOS 5D Mark III can shoot up to 60 fps (RAW + JPEG).

Self-Cleaning Sensor & Weather-Resistant Body

The magnesium alloy body will function in extreme conditions. The body is constructed of rigid, high-strength magnesium alloy for rugged performance and features a new grip design for easier finger placement which should reduce hand fatigue. Shall we give a shout out here to Canon's egonomic designs? We'll let you be the judge yet it seems appropriate.

The 5D Mark III redesigned shutter has lightweight and carbon-fiber blades and is rated to maintain up to 60 fps performance without compromise, for up to 150,000 cycles. The EOS 5D Mark III boasts extensive gasketing for improved dust and water resistance, even at connection points.

The same, reliable Self-Cleaning Sensor Unit in the EOS 5D Mark II is retained in the Mark III and for good reason. To prevent dust accumulation, the system removes particles adhered to the surface of the infrared absorbing/ultraviolet-blocking glass in a frontward direction by vibrating the glass with ultrasound. The particles are then absorbed by an adsorbent at the bottom of the unit. The unit itself is completely sealed for protection against external contaminants.The front face of the low-pass filter 1 is treated with an anti-dust fluorine coating, making it easier to remove damp or sticky dust particles.

Intelligent Viewfinder

The EOS 5D Mark III's Intelligent Viewfinder offers a sharp, bright approximately 100% field of view with an approximate magnification of .71x, a viewing angle of 34.1° and a 21mm eye-point. With a new construction featuring aspherical lens elements, the viewfinder displays less distortions and color aberrations than previous models. It uses a transparent LCD to superimpose a customizable combination of focus points and gridlines directly over the image. The AF status indicator can be directed to display within or outside of the viewfinders image area.

Unlike with other cameras, using this intelligent viewfinder grants the photographer the choice of seeing shooting information or looking only at the scene in front of the camera. The ability to effectively erase all shooting data and turn it back on with the touch of a button delivers the opportunity to concentrate on looking and composing the photograph without distraction. Canon rightly names this  a great advantage in numerous shooting situations.

3.2" LCD Display

Use the 3.2" LCD display on the back of the Canon EOS Mark II to review menu settings or captured imagery, plus leave it in Live View mode when shooting. The display boasts 1,040,000 dots, anti-reflective construction and features Canon's Clear View II technology for bright, sharp display in any number of shooting situations.

In Live View, grid lines can be displayed in 9 sections, 24 sections, or 9 sections with diagonals. Track the dual-axis electronic level to ensure accurate levels by displaying both roll and pitch.

For image review, the EOS 5D Mark III offers a new, dedicated Magnify/Reduce button. While pressing the button, you can zoom in or out (up to 10x) simply by turning the Main Dial. Images can be protected or erased quickly, individually or in batches, and slideshows can be created with some or all images. Sequenced your captured work by date, folders, movies, stills or rating. A feature guide can be accessed for the selected menu, providing detailed reference information whenever needed.

High Dynamic Range (HDR)

Merge 3 images of varying exposure in camera to capture a broad range of shadow and highlight detail due to the new High Dynamic Range (HDR) mode in the EOS 5D Mark III. Canon calls the produced product an image with stunning tonal range. Adjustable to cover a range of ±3 stops, and with 5 different effect settings, HDR recording expands the parameters of the light and dark detail a camera can record.

You also now have a multiple exposure control mode designed for film-like image creation with the additional convenience of in-camera processing. The EOS 5D Mark III offers 4x different compositing methods for proper exposure and composition: additive, average, bright and dark.

Multiple exposure shots can be taken in both RAW + JPEG shooting modes. Previously captured RAW images can be used as a starting point and cumulative results can be observed and corrected in real time on the camera's LCD screen. For multiple exposure captures of quickly moving subjects, the EOS 5D Mark III even provides a specific, continuous shooting multiple exposure mode.

Cusomizable Controls

Reconceived based on the experience and feedback of professional users, the EOS 5D Mark III's new ergonomic design is more comfortable and intuitive than ever. Due to the layout of all control buttons and dials, plus shooting settings, adjustments can be made with just the right hand. Quick image check and image processing operations are made with just the left.

The redesigned grip provides easy holding both when shooting and when carrying the camera. The rubber skin coating is designed for all day comfort in the hand. It also coats the camera's card slot cover.

For added convenience, flexibility and uninterrupted storage capacity, the EOS 5D Mark III features dual card slots. These two slots accommodate a Compact Flash and an SDXC card. The 3x recording modes deliver a diverse collection of workflows. When set to Auto switch media, the camera switches cards as soon as one card is filled. Use this setting for long shoots to prolong your recording times. The camera can be set to record separately, saving different file sizes or types to each card. For extra security, the camera can be set to create an automatic backup by recording the same file to both cards simultaneously.

The EOS 5D Mark III features a dual-axis electronic level indicator that displays both vertical and horizontal tilt on the LCD monitor either alone or during Live View shooting, and can also be displayed in the cameras intelligent viewfinder.

Wireless Options

Contact your AbelCine salesperson or local office to discuss what sort of accessories suit the EOS 5D Mark III to provide wireless file transfers and GPS. Some possibilities which are sold separately include: a Wireless File Transmitter WFT-E7A with Ethernet connection, a dust and water-resistant GPS Receiver (which connects via USB or Hot Shoe), and a GPS time sync function. You can also pair this with the optional Battery Grip BG-E11 for additional control.

Silent Shooting

For the first time in a 5D-Series camera, the EOS 5D Mark III offers a silent, low vibration shooting mode. By slowing down and muting the shutter and mirror reflex action, the camera is capable of handheld, virtually imperceptible operation for discrete shooting in more situations at speeds of up to 30 fps.

Comparative Playback

The EOS 5D Mark III's comparative playback mode enables images to be played back two at a time, side by side. A tremendous, in-camera timesaver, comparative playback means images can quickly be enlarged simultaneously to compare focus, blur and noise, and can be individually rated, deleted or locked.

What's in the Box

  • 1 x Canon EOS 5D Mark III


Key Highlights

  • DIGIC 5+ Image Processor
  • 22.3 Megapixel CMOS Sensor
  • In-camera HDR recording
  • Canon EF Mount
  • Accepts CF/SD/SDHC/SDXC cards
  • Feature-packed 35mm Full Frame DSLR
  • Face Detection AF Mode
  • Dual slots for CF and SD Cards

Camera Lens System

Camera Lens Mount:
Canon EF - excluding EF-S Lenses


Color Temp Range:
Compensation - Magenta/green bias: ±9 levels
Compensation - Magenta/green bias: ±9 levels

Inputs & Outputs

HDMI Output:
HDMI Type C Mini
Yes - For personal computer communication and direct printing (USB 2.0 Hi-Speed)


Monitor Size:
Under 5.0" - Actual 3.2"
Monitor Type:
LCD - TFT color, liquid-crystal monitor


Power Input:
AC - AC power can be supplied with the AC Adapter Kit ACK-E6 (sold separately).


Playback Frame Rate Notes:
Display Format - Single image, Single image + Image-recording quality/shooting information, histogram, 4- or 9-image index, magnified view (approx. 1.5x-10x), rotated image (auto/manual)
Display Format - Single image, Single image + Image-recording quality/shooting information, histogram, 4- or 9-image index, magnified view (approx. 1.5x-10x), rotated image (auto/manual)
Highlight Alert - With single-image display (Info.) and single-image display, overexposed highlight areas will blink
Simultaneous Recording:
Yes - RAW + JPEG - The image-recording quality can be selected in any combination of the three RAW and eight JPEG recording quality settings.

Sensor Specifics

Sensor Size:
Full Frame 35mm
Sensor Type:
Aspect Ratio:
3:2 (Horizontal: Vertical)
Low Pass Filter:
Fixed position in front of the image sensor


EVF Features:
Approx. 0.71x / Angle of view 34.1° (with 50mm lens at infinity, -1 m-1 (dpt))


Recording Formats:
MPEG-4 - AVC / H.264; Variable (averaged) bit rate
RAW/Uncompressed - (14-bit Canon Original), M-RAW, S-RAW, RAW+JPEG, M-RAW+JPEG, S-RAW+JPEG
MOV - Audio: Linear PCM
# Media Slots:
Media Cards:
CF Cards - (Type I); Also compatible with UDMA CF cards;
Camera Options:
Camera Body Only
Camera Features:
LCD / Monitor
White Balance - Settings: (9) Color temperature
Backup Recording - Images recorded in a card can be copied to the other card.
Flash - Zooming to Match Focal Length
Custom Functions - Camera User Settings can be registered to C1, C2 and C3 on the Mode Dial (Automatic registration update is possible)
On-Camera Controls
Imaging Processor:
Silent Shooting:
Start-up Time:
Approx. 0.1 sec
Ethernet Interface:
The RJ-45 jack is not built-in and is only available via the Wireless File Transmitter WFT-E7A
Time and Date:
CR1616 lithium battery
(1) Evaluative metering (linked to all AF points)
(2) Partial metering (center, approx. 7.2% of viewfinder)
(3) Spot metering (center, approx. 1.5% of viewfinder) - NOTE: AF point-linked spot metering not provided.
(4) Center-weighted average metering - The selectable metering modes can be limited with a Custom Function.
Max. aperture TTL metering with 63-zone SPC with the following selectable modes:
Range - EV 1-20 (at 73°F / 23°C with 50mm f/1.4 lens at ISO 100)
Real-time Evaluative metering with the image sensor
ISO Range:
(1) Manual setting range - ISO speed expansion is set with this option.
(2) Auto ISO range - ISO speed expansion not settable.
For Stills: - ISO speed safety shift possible with Custom Function.
For Stills: - ISO speed safety shift possible with Custom Function.
For Stills: - ISO speed safety shift possible with Custom Function.
For Still with Flash: - If fill flash will result in overexposure, minimum ISO 100 is set. For bounce flash, ISO 400-1600 is set automatically depending on the light level.
ISO Speed upper and lower limits:
Shutter speed and automatic ISO speed control in P and Av Modes: - In the P and Av shooting modes with Auto ISO set, the ISO speed is set automatically so that a shutter speed slower than the one set with[Minimum shutter speed] (1/250, 1/125, 1/60, 1/30, 1/15, 1/8, 1/4, 05, 1) is not set.
Shutter/Camera Mode:
Lag Time - Time lag with the aperture stopped down by 3 stops or less. Excludes AF operation time.
Lag Time - Time lag with the aperture stopped down by 3 stops or less. Excludes AF operation time.
Lag Time - Time lag with the aperture stopped down by 3 stops or less. Excludes AF operation time.
Shutter Speed Range:
1/8000 to 30 sec., bulb - (Total shutter speed range. Available range varies by shooting mode.) X-sync at 1/200 sec.
Exposure Mode:
(1) Scene Intelligent Auto
(2) Program AE (shiftable)
(3) Shutter-priority AE (Safety shift possible)
(4) Aperture-priority AE (Safety shift possible)
(5) Manual exposure - NOTE: The metering mode can be specified with a Custom Function.
(6) Bulb
(7) E-TTL II autoflash program AE - Evaluative metering, Averaged metering
Compensation - Manual: ±5 stops in 1/3 or 1/2-stop increments
Compensation - Manual: ±5 stops in 1/3 or 1/2-stop increments
Compensation - Manual: ±5 stops in 1/3 or 1/2-stop increments
Focusing Mode: Autofocus - One-Shot AF; Predictive AI Servo AF; AI Focus AF
Focusing Mode: Manual Focus (MF)
Video Exposure Compensation - Up to ±3 stops in 1/3-stop increments
Camera Autofocus:
Yes - TTL secondary image - registration, phase detection
Drive Modes:
Maximum Burst - RAW+JPEG Large/Fine: Approx. 7 shots (approx. 7 shots)
Maximum Burst - RAW+JPEG Large/Fine: Approx. 7 shots (approx. 7 shots)
Maximum Burst - RAW+JPEG Large/Fine: Approx. 7 shots (approx. 7 shots)
Maximum Burst - RAW+JPEG Large/Fine: Approx. 7 shots (approx. 7 shots)
Maximum Burst - RAW+JPEG Large/Fine: Approx. 7 shots (approx. 7 shots)
Single, High-speed continuous, Low-speed continuous, Silent Single Shooting and Self-timer - 10 sec. self-timer/remote control, or 2-sec. self-timer/remote control
Continuous Shooting:
High-speed: Maximum approx. 6 shots/sec.
Low-speed: Maximum approx. 3 shots/sec.
Silent continuous shooting: Maximum approx. 3 shots/sec.
Time based on 8 GB card: - [640 x 480] 30 fps IPB: 97 min. (78 MB/min.); 25 fps IPB: 97 min. (78 MB/min.)
Time based on 8 GB card: - [640 x 480] 30 fps IPB: 97 min. (78 MB/min.); 25 fps IPB: 97 min. (78 MB/min.)
Time based on 8 GB card: - [640 x 480] 30 fps IPB: 97 min. (78 MB/min.); 25 fps IPB: 97 min. (78 MB/min.)


7.2 in
5.9 in
9.8 in
4.45 lb

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