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Aaton Xterà Super 16 Camera Body
Aaton Xterà Super 16 Camera Body

Product Overview
The Aaton Xterà is the latest generation of their legendary Super16 camera. This new model features a “progressive scan” video-tap, twin battery junction box, follow-focus rod, and a battery side large display, making it ideal for productions that use a camera-assistant.

Xterà package comes with VHR NTSC Color Video Assist.
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 Details   Package Includes 
- Camera Body
- 2x 400' Magazines (or 1x 800' Magazine)
- 2x 12V On-board Batteries
- 1x Handgrip with Rods
- 1x Battery Charger
- VHR Color Video Assist

Available Viewing Screens

S16 - 1.78 / TV Safe
S16 - 1.85 full/ 1.66 full
S16 - 1.66 full gate
R16 - TV Safe, TV Trans

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