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Sony PXW-FS5 4K Super 35mm Camcorder (Body Only)
Sony PXW-FS5 4K Super 35mm Camcorder (Body Only)

Product Overview
The Sony PXW-FS5 compact Super 35mm camcorder rounds out Sony’s line of 4K professional cameras, filling an important niche between cameras like the PXW-FS7 and the NEX-FS700, or complementing Sony’s consumer α7R II and α7S II models.
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A handheld camera should be able to get you into tight places. To work in your lap. To move with the talent. To shoot high and low angles with equal agility. And a handheld camera should function beautifully against your chest comfortably steadied by your right hand with all the controls at your fingertips. Sony’s extraordinary PXW-FS5 does all of this, and more.

4K Super35 Exmor Sensor

T he FS5 is built around a high-sensitivity 4K Super35 Exmor CMOS Sensor that offers all the benefits of a large format sensor in combination with the exceptional image readout speeds required for 4K motion-picture shooting, Super Slow Motion and 4K resolution. 4K resolution delivers - 11.6 million pixels and 8.8 million effective pixels. Even if you’re delivering in H D, your recordings will capture detail and image texture that HD sensors simply cannot see. Super35 size sensor offers "bokeh," the defocused backgrounds made possible by shallow depth of field, as well as excellent low-light sensitivity and an expansive field of view. Fourteen (14) stops of exposure latitude deliver powerful grayscale rendition without crushing shadow detail or blowing out highlight detail. Exceptional sensitivity enables you to shoot well after sunset, without tons of lighting and grip. Sony’s Exmor CMOS design provides high-speed full-pixel read-out capability (without pixel binning) and sophisticated camera processing to help ensure jaggies and moiré are minimized.

High Frame Rate (HFR) Recording

The FS5 offers High Frame Rate (HFR) cache recording at Full HD 10bit 4:2:2 image quality and a frame rate of up to 240 fps. The 8-second cache recording means no more missed shots leading to extra takes. It takes and also lets you pick out footage at exactly the point that you want. Recording 120 fps with up to 16-second cache recording, and higher frame rates of 480 fps and 960 fps are also possible.

Ultimate Mobility
The FS5 is a radical re-imagining of the FS7 for unsurpassed on the go shooting in the most demanding of conditions. With a body-only weight less than half the FS7 at approximately 1 lb 13.2 oz, you can shoot almost anywhere. Handheld operation is simply exceptional as the superbly balanced chassis is easily configured to shoot from high to low angles thanks to a flexible, rotatable grip and a LCD viewfinder that can be mounted in up to nine locations.

Modular Design for Easy Integration
The FS5 is designed to be taken apart quickly and easily, with no need for custom tools. There are also ¼-inch screw holes on handle, top and bottom of the body to support mounting on a drone, gimbal or in a underwater housing. For tripod mounting, there are both 1/4 and 3/8-inch screw holes on the bottom. You can even add the FS7’s rosette mount* to securely attach an FS7 arm and compatible third-party accessories (sold separately). * Rosette mount component available from Sony's service centers.

Rotatable Grip
All of the FS5’s key functions are put at your fingertips - from an electronic zoom lever to assignable dials and responsive joystick. The smart grip is located as close as possible to the center of gravity of the camera to avoid rolling, while a grip belt makes your hold completely secure. To adjust the smart grip’s angle, you only need to press one button and turn. Detaching the grip is made fast and simple with a bayonet connection.

Versatile Monitoring
However you want to shoot, the FS5 adapts to fit your style. Its 3.5-inch* LCD screen can be attached in up to nine different locations, three on top of the handle and another six on top of the body. And once attached, the positioning of the screen can be freely adjusted – for example either beside the camera body or directly along the axis of the lens. *Viewable area measured diagonally.

α Mount Flexibility
Sony’s α mount system offers unsurpassed compatibility with both Sony and third-party lenses. The FS5’s E-Mount can take Cinema lenses and SLR lenses with a third party adaptor, as well as Sony’s E-mount and A-mount lenses. So whether buying new lenses, or making use of lenses you’ve already purchased, the FS5 makes it easy. (optional lenses sold separately)

Multi-Interface (MI) Shoe
The FS5 takes advantage of Sony’s flexible Multi-Interface (MI) Shoe, which provides power, signal connections and coordinated on/off switching to compatible accessories from Sony. For example, you can connect and control Sony's wireless microphone systems such as the UWP-D11 or UWP-D12 or attach the HVL-LBPC light. (Accessories sold separately. HVL-LBPC light does not draw power from FS5)

Networked for High Mobility

Live stream from any event thanks to a choice of Wi-Fi® or built-in wired LAN. Control FS5 from your smartphone or tablet. Built-in NFC supports one-touch authentication is possible with compatible devices. Be first with breaking news, thanks to a built-in wired LAN jack for high-speed FTP transfer of full resolution content

Key Features:

  • Sony’s Super 35 Exmor CMOS Sensor.
  • 360° rotating, detachable Smart Grip
  • Up to 960 fps Super Slow Motion
  • On-board 4K recording
  • Outboard RAW recording
  • S-Log3, S-Log2 and S-Gamut3.Cine
  • Sony's E-Mount system
  • 3.5-inch LCD monitor
  • XAVC Long recording
  • XAVC proxy recording
  • AVCHD recording
  • Wireless Android and iOS remote control
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