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AJA Ki Pro Rack Digital File Recorder
AJA Ki Pro Rack Digital File Recorder

Product Overview

AJA's Ki Pro Rack is a tapeless video recording device that records high-quality Apple ProRes 422 and DNxHD onto KiStor storage drives

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The Ki Pro Rack is ideally suited for any rack environment with its low 1RU height. Perfect for facilities, OB trucks and live venue or onset use, it additionally offers AES/EBU audio connectivity as well as redundant power supplies, items of expectation and assurance to those in broadcast environments.  The extended width of the Ki Pro Rack also allows for a second KiStor drive bay, simplifying matters for long recording needs.

Copying files from the Ki Pro Rack is simple--each KiStor drive has a USB3 connection built right in. This connection can be used on systems with a matching connection to attach the KiStor drive to a computer. Once attached, the KiStor will
show up as a drive on the host computer and can be accessed directly to copy onto or off of the KiStor drive. When done copying, eject the KiStor drive like any other external drive and disconnect.

Otherwise, a KiStor Dock can be used, which has a Thunderbolt and USB3 connection built in. Either of these connections can be used to attach the KiStor Dock to the host computer. Once attached, a KiStor drive can be inserted into the KiStor Dock and it will be mounted as a drive on the host computer and can be copied onto or off of the inserted KiStor drive. Eject the drive when finished, or
leave connected and ready to mount another KiStor drive.

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