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AbelCine's Canon Specialty Shop brings you world-class optics for every format, from broadcast / ENG to EOS and EF cinema lenses. Browse our technical resources to learn from our experts and optics technicians.

Canon video cameras have made their mark on the industry in recent years. From the XF-series to the Cinema EOS line, featuring the C500 and 1D C, we have the cameras and accessories you're looking for.
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Canon EOS C500 Camera Body Canon EOS-1D C Camera (Body Only) Canon CN-E 30-105mm T2.8 Compact Cinema Zoom
Our price: $15,999.00
Our price: $11,999.00
Our price: $19,275.00
Canon EOS C100 Camera (Body Only) Canon XF105 Professional Camcorder Canon CN-E 14.5-60mm T2.6 Cinema Zoom
Our price: $2,999.00
Our price: $2,999.00
Our price: $37,750.00
Canon XF305 Professional Camcorder Canon 5D Mark III HDSLR Camera (Body Only)
Our price: $4,999.00
Our price: $2,499.00
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Lenses and Accessories for the Canon C500
The Canon C500 has been built on the foundation of Canons popular EOS C300 camera. Sharing the same impressive sensor as the C300, the C500 adds outputs for 10 or 12-bit HD and 2K (2048x1080) video, as well as 4K (both DCI and Quad-HD) RAW output. Available in PL and EOS (EF) mounts, the modular... more »
Canon Cinema EOS Camera Lineup
Canon launched the Canon Cinema EOS Camera product line with the C300.  Since the release of this camera, the lineup has expanded to include the EOS-1DC, C100, and C500. Each camera fills a different need in the production marketplace from B-cameras to documentaries to feature films. To help you... more »
Canon Cinema EOS Lens Lineup
Canon optics have a large following in the HDSLR world and are known for producing wonderful skin tones and a beautiful gradation into the blacks. In recent years, the popularity of Canon lenses has extended into the cinema world with many filmmakers seeking special adapters and rigs to use... more »
Canon LUTs for the C100, C300 and C500
Canon has Look Up Tables (LUTs) on their website for their Cinema EOS line of cameras - the C100, C300 and C500. These LUTs are designed to convert from Canon Log to Rec709 or Cineon. Originally, they were published with only the C300 in mind, but they were later updated to work for the C100 and... more »
At the Bench: C500 & Odyssey7Q 4K Raw/HD Recording
Convergent Designs Odyssey7Q is a versatile recorder/monitor thats a perfect match for the Canon C500. The Odyssey7Q acts as a great onboard monitor and is capable of recording multiple formats from multiple cameras, but when paired with the C500, it allows for 4K Raw, 2K and HD external... more »
At the Bench: Using the HDx35 Mark II with the Canon C300
The HDx35 Mark II is an optical adapter manufactured by IB/E Optics that allows you to put B4-mount 2/3 HD lenses onto Super-35 sensor cameras. This enables the use of high-quality, long-range HD zooms with the latest generation of digital cinema cameras. The new Mark II edition has a larger... more »
Canon Announces New EOS C100 Mark II
Canon has just unveiled the successor to their popular C100, the EOS C100 Mark II. This new camera offers several valuable modifications and upgrades to both image quality and functionality. While keeping the same Super 35 sensor as the original C100, the advanced Canon DIGIC DV4 image processor... more »
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