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EditShare Storage: XStream Storage
EditShare Storage: XStream Storage

Product Overview
The XStream shared storage range enables the worlds leading creative facilities to collaborate and deliver content on time and within budget.
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From capturing media in the remotest locations to managing petabytes of data for the largest media organizations, there is an XStream storage system for every scenario. And XStream storage is different because every model is shipped with our integrated Flow Media Asset Management platform, providing a comprehensive toolset for managing your media from ingest to delivery.

XStream Storage Product Line-up:

XStream EFS
Award-winning distributed, fault-tolerate "scale out" storage system that offers enterprise-class storage capabilities and and collaboration features to a broad range of production and broadcast facilities - at unbeatable price points. Configurations can range from under 100TB all the way up to five Petabytes.

XStream HT

High-performance, scalable shared storage ideal for mid-sized facilities that need powerful media and project sharing. A single XStream HT server configuration can provide anywhere from 32TB to 480TB.

XStream ST
High-performance, cost-effective shared storage for organizations that need powerful media and project sharing, but on a more limited budget. XStream ST is available in 24TB or 48TB configurations.

XStream Field 2
High-performance portable shared storage which is ideal for instant in-the-field collaboration or office environments that require media and project sharing in a small, quiet box. The updated Field 2 can be configured to provide 6, 12, 18, 24 or 30 TB of usable storage, RAID 5-protected storage. If you require Ultra higher codecs and bit rates, an SSD version can be configured to provide either 6 or 12 TB of fast, usable RAID 6-protected storage. 

The All-in-One XStream EFS Field 2 brings the performance benefits of the EFS Native Client to their rugged, proven, portable shared storage solution. The platform is provisioned with a powerful motherboard/CPU/RAM that offers excellent intelligent storage, Flow asset management and ARK, archiving software.

XStream EFS Field 2 is EFS Native Client compatible. Instead of legacy SMB and AFP network protocols, workstations connect via EditShare's lightning-fast, multi-threaded client and achieve a performance boost of 20% or more over the legacy protocols. EFS is the native client to their enterprise class scale out storage systems such as EFS 200, 300 and 450.

In addition to intelligent shared storage for your editing systems, the Field 2 is equipped with Ark Master back up software and Flow Product asset management software allowing you keep track of all your valuable assets. Also, mirrored SSD OS drives provide redundant support for the EFS file system.

Key Features

  • Integrated media asset management - XStream shared storage is much more than just a place to put your media and project files. With every Xstream system you also get Flow, our complete production Media Asset Management system for file-ingest, scanning, logging, cataloging, and searching your media, stills, graphics, and documents. Straight out of the box Flow allows you to manage the most complex production with the ability to automate intensive workflow tasks and allow remote access to media. To ensure that your online media is safe you can also use Ark with additional nearline disk and LTO tape for integrated backup and archiving.

  • Extensive collaboration tools - When you store your NLE projects on XStream storage, multiple editors will be able to work in the same projects simultaneously. That means they can safely open up each others bins and sequences and edit as a team with one editor building on the work of another. While  unlimited editors can get read-only access to bins and other metadata files, EditShare makes sure only one editor at a time gets write access. We do this not only for Avid Media Composer but also for Apple Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro, Grass Valley EDIUS, and for our own Lightworks. Collaboration doesn't stop at NLE's and finishing tools, with Flow you can bring hundreds of non-editors into the production chain too.

  • Scalability: Systems that grow with your business - Any storage investment must be cost-effective at purchase while providing for future growth and performance. It needs to expand in two ways - add more storage to a single server OR you can add additional servers to your network.

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