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Aaton Penelope 35mm Camera

The newest 35mm motion picture camera in the industry is the Aaton Penelope. It's the first camera in the world designed from the ground up as a switchable 2-perf or 3-perf shooting solution.

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Aaton Xterà Super 16 Camera Body

The Aaton Xterà is the latest generation of their legendary Super16 camera. This new model features a “progressive scan” video-tap, twin battery junction box, follow-focus rod, and a battery side...

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Aaton XTRprod Camera

The Aaton XTR series of 16 / Super16 cameras combine sophisticated technology with a straightforward, easy-to-operate design concept.

VSA16 Color Video Assist Included in XTRprod package.

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Aaton A-Minima Camera

Aaton's exciting Super16 mini-cam is nothing short of a revolution, featuring groundbreaking new camera design elements such as DistantEye viewing, built-in incident metering and Flexible Flange...

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Aaton 35-III 35mm Camera

The Aaton35-III is the lightest, low-profile sync sound 35mm camera in the industry, primarily used for commercial, high end documentary and second unit feature work, or in any situation where...

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Cinematography Electronics Film / Video Synchronizer

Automatic camera identification, speed recognization, phasing and synchronization with 180° or 144° shutters

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Aaton DX 16mm 400' Magazine

Complete self-contained threading; instant magazine

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Aaton 200' A-Minima Magazine

Designed to use Kodak 200ft Daylight spools exclusively made for the A-minima camera

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Aaton’s 35mm Penelope Camera

The world's first 35mm camera
designed from the ground up
as a switchable 2-perf or 3-perf
shooting solution. read more »