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Schneider 4x5.65 Radiant Soft Filter
Schneider 4x5.65 Radiant Soft Filter

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Provide your subject a radiant, soft glow, while you retain control over contrast and highlights. This diffusion filter offers very little blooming and tones down skin imperfections.
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The Radiant Soft series expanded Schneider's diffusion filter line to provide cinematographers and photographers the ability to offer their subject's skin a radiant, soft glow, while retaining control over contrast, as well as controlling the highlights with very little blooming effect. 

The Schneider MPTV Filter engineers stated: "Radiant Soft filters are the result of an intense study of how the internal component of the filter will affect the resulting image. We have formulated a very special laminate which utilizes geometric two-dimensional (planar) particles which are carefully classified to yield the most flattering result. The Radiant Soft filters have the effect of toning down skin imperfections while having a limited effect on contrast or highlights. Planar particle selection is the key to avoiding the undesired result of a diffusion filter that assaults contrast and over-blooms highlights."

Radiant Soft filters are available in 7 strengths in both 4x5.65 and 6.6x6.6 sizes.

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