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Header image for article Motion Impossible Announces MagTrax Upgrade for AGITO

Motion Impossible Announces MagTrax Upgrade for AGITO

Motion Impossible has just announced the new MagTrax drive-end upgrade for their AGITO robotic camera dolly. The MagTrax guidance system enhances existing AGITO Sports drive-ends, enabling operators to follow a magnetic strip laid on a surface, underneath a carpet, or embedded within a set. The magnetic strip can be arranged in various creative ways that are not possible with conventional dolly track.

John Pry, Owner/President of JitaCam, recently deployed the system at the Oscars. "Using the AGITO MagTrax in combination with our Shotover G1 at the 94th Oscars allowed the JitaCam team to effortlessly transition along the stage for some amazing shots, while concealing the path under the carpet," he said. "All of the award recipients were able to cross our path without even knowing it. It was both production and set design friendly and never distracted the eye with unseemly track."

Motion Impossible MagTrax

AGITO MagTrax allows the same maneuverability as free-roaming mode, easily navigates a combination of curves, and can transition seamlessly from one magnetic guidance strip to another with guaranteed, repeatable path following. The AGITO autonomously follows each mag strip, freeing up operator bandwidth for camera control.

Speed control for both straight or curved paths is automatically adjusted depending on the arc of the magnetic strip and magnetic markers, and manual speed and directional control can be resumed at any time by the AGITO operator. MagTrax also offers collision detection with automatic e-stop, and a configurable front and rear lighting system for pre-production and production state awareness.


Key Features:

  • Magnetic strip guided system for discreet tracked applications using either laid or set-embedded tack
  • The same maneuverability as free roaming with guaranteed repeatable movement
  • Automatic speed control for straight or curved track
  • Bumper, collision detection, and automatic e-stop
  • Configurable front and rear lighting system for pre-production and production state awareness



  • Optimizes single-person operation
  • Quick setup and modification of laid path; simply pick up and reset
  • MagTrax leverages the best of both free-roaming and fully tracked systems


Typical Scenarios:

  • Sports arenas and other outdoor broadcast events
  • Live stage environments and events, i.e. music awards and concerts
  • Features and episodic programming, i.e. onset or on location
  • Rapid turn-around productions, i.e. time-limited locations


MagTrax can be added to existing AGITO systems with the corresponding Sports, Trax, or Complete upgrade package. New systems can be purchased with MagTrax by choosing the AGITO MagTrax Essential or AGITO MagTrax Elevated bundles:

  • AGITO MagTrax Essential includes AGITO Core & Master Controller, AGITO Sports Drive-Ends, Dolly Wheels, AGITO V-Con Pro Vertical Stabilizer and MagTrax Upgrade Kit
  • AGITO MagTrax Elevated includes AGITO Core & Master Controller, AGITO Sports Drive-Ends, Dolly Wheels, AGITO Tower and MagTrax Upgrade Kit


Contact your AbelCine salesperson for more information on AGITO MagTrax today!

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