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Blog & Knowledge

Intro image for article At the Bench: A Closer Look at ARRI's Lightweight Matteboxes
Tutorials & Guides
Recently, I had a chance to take a closer look at a few of the latest offerings from ARRI Pro Camera Accessories. In this video, I explore the versatility and functionality of the ARRI Lightweight Mattebox LMB 4x5 as well as the 138mm Diopter Frame and 138mm Diopter Stage. There is also a LMB 6x6 version available for 6” filtration that is very similar to the LMB 4x5 as both were designed for extreme modularity at minimum weight.
Intro image for article The Latest on Sony VENICE Firmware Version 5.0
Tech News
Sony VENICE firmware version 5.0 has arrived. This update brings a bevy of new features and improvements, including new frame rates and monitoring options to streamline workflows.
Intro image for article Ari Robbins on ARRI's TRINITY & MAXIMA Stabilizers
Client Profiles
Recently, I talked by phone with Ari Robbins, a well-known Steadicam operator. He shared insights about his career, incorporating new tools, and how ARRI’s TRINITY and MAXIMA inspire him to innovate new techniques that allow him to achieve the Director and DPs' vision.
Intro image for article At the Bench: The Light Bridge CRLS Reflectors
Tutorials & Guides
The Light Bridge has introduced the CRLS, Cine Reflect Lighting System. The system includes a series of C-Reflectors with various levels of diffusion applied to them. The CRLS can be used to create different lighting effects from a single lighting source. Any Fresnel, from a small tungsten lamp to a Leko, can be used with the CRLS.
Intro image for article At the Bench: Shooting with the Panasonic S1H & EVA1 Cameras
Tutorials & Guides
Panasonic's S1H is a full frame mirrorless camera that offers cinema quality images and records in V-Log, Panasonic's logarithmic brightness curve, which captures the full dynamic range of the sensor. I was curious to see how well the S1H would cut with footage from an EVA1, so I decided to do some testing.
Intro image for article At the Bench: ARRI Pro Set for the Sony VENICE Camera
Tutorials & Guides
Recently I had the opportunity to check out the ARRI Pro Set for the Sony VENICE and the ARRI VENICE Extension Unit Set Pro. When working with the Sony VENICE Extension Unit, aka "Rialto," you can rig the camera in so many ways that it's crucial to have versatile accessories.
Intro image for article C500 Mk II: Early Thoughts From a C300 User
Tutorials & Guides
If you've read some of the past content I've created here for AbelCine, then you may know I'm a long time user of Canon's Cinema EOS series cameras, most notably the C300 and C300 Mk II. I've used them extensively as a 1st AC supporting multiple cameras on commercial and corp/industrial jobs, and as an operator and DP on short form, documentary, and independent narrative work. So naturally, the release of the C500 Mk II is very interesting to me.
Intro image for article At the Bench: Core SWX Nano Batteries
Tutorials & Guides
Core SWX's Nano 98 Batteries are the perfect economical solution to power most professional compact cameras. Weighing in at a mere 0.9 lbs, they are ideal for handheld, gimbal, Steadicam, or when you also need to power professional accessories from one battery.
Intro image for article LED vs HMI ARRI Lighting, with Rubidium Wu
Tutorials & Guides
In this video, I take a look at the differences between the HMI and LED lights offered by ARRI. Each has advantages and disadvantages, as well as specific situations in which they work best.