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Monitor and projection calibration services

Providing a straightforward and affordable way to ensure the images you see on your display are an accurate representation of the recorded image

We offer calibration on a range of 4K/HD monitors and projectors to the scientific standards demanded by the critical imaging environment of digital cinema production. Our equipment ensures that monitors, both standard and high dynamic range (HDR), comply with industry standards—SMPTE, ITU, and DCI—so you know that the monitors you rely on meet objective criteria for optimum performance.

ISF Certification Level 3 Using the Calman system from Portrait Displays, our ISF certified technicians are able to perform a detailed analysis of your monitor. By checking key specifications such as luminance, gamma, color space, and color temperature, pre and post calibration, you will gain a full understanding of how your monitor performs. This ensures that the end-viewer will see the best picture possible.

We offer several levels of calibration service to meet the needs of independent owner / operators, directors of photography, DITs and colorists, as well as rental houses, post houses, and educational institutions.

Our technicians will travel anywhere in the United States for customized jobs. We can calibrate many professional and consumer displays and projectors manufactured by Sony, Panasonic, Flanders Scientific, SmallHD, JVC, Marshall, Samsung, LG, and Vizio.


monitor calibration

Our calibration service is ideal for freelancers, animators, rental houses, and institutions that need to know that their monitors are performing to industry standards.

The service includes an initial evaluation of the monitor and adjustment of key settings. White balance adjusted to industry standards, color levels, brightness, contrast, gamma, uniformity, sharpness, backlight, color temperature, primaries chromaticity measurements (adjustments vary depending on the specific device) are also among the settings that will be optimized.

In addition to the work performed, you will receive a detailed report on the condition of your device pre and post calibration.


Perceptual Match

It's common in a color suite to have two video displays: a broadcast reference monitor for the colorist and a consumer television for clients. However, it's also common for those two displays to not look the same, even when showing the same image. This leads to confusion during a color session.

We’ve worked with Portrait Displays and other manufacturers to develop a process that makes the two displays perceptually acceptable to each other. This process involves calibrating a “hero” display to known standards and visually matching the second “client” display to that hero display.


custom corrective 3d-lut creation and calibration services

Custom Corrective 3D-LUT Creation is ideal for post houses that need their monitors accurately calibrated to the highest reference standards.

In addition to all of the services performed in our standard service, monitors calibrated to this level will be profiled to produce highly accurate primary chromaticity coordinates, gamma, and luminance levels for a given viewing environment. The service includes 3D LUT or ICC profile generation, which can be loaded into an external video processor (Flanders BoxIO, HDLink Pro, IS-Mini, Pandora Pluto, AJA LUT-box, etc.) or loaded directly onto a supporting monitor for implementation.


service contracts

We offer service contracts for clients who want to ensure that their monitors are always performing to the highest standards. These contracts provide service discounts and the convenience of a regular calibration schedule.

Pricing is based on the number of devices enrolled, the service interval, and the length of the commitment period.


Monitor Calibration 101

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