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Header image for article Canon C300 Mark II Scene Files from AbelCine

Canon C300 Mark II Scene Files from AbelCine

After many requests, we've finally put together several custom profiles for the C300 Mark II, including some of our most popular looks such as ABNORM, JR45CINE, and EOSMATCH.

We've created seven different files that closely match the files we created for the original C300. It's important to note that the C300 Mark II offers different gammas and preset matrices, many that don't exactly match those in the previous model. Creating looks that matched exactly was impossible, but I did manage to get them very close. The main differences you'll see are in yellow to yellow-ish green hues, which tend to be slightly de-saturated in the Mark II.

You can download all the files at once, or download them individually below. To load them all to the camera, copy the private folder to an SD card, and then load that into the camera. You may want to write a generic profile from your camera to your SD card in order to get the folder structure correct. If you are pulling individual files, copy the .CPF files to the Private → C_PICT Folder, and then load into the camera.




ABNORM is a look we've been creating for cameras for quite a few years now, and it's intended for indoor or studio environments.




The AB_HILIT file is intended for use in scenes with high contrast ranges, such as a bright day.




This one is another we've had around for years. AB_HISAT has punchy, vivid colors and higher contrast.




AB_LOLIT is intended for shooting in low light situations. The dark areas of the image have been boosted slightly, but be mindful of noise when using higher ISO settings. If you are going to use this one with higher ISO, try adding noise reduction.




Jesse Rosen created JR45VIDEO for the original, tape-based VariCam and we've continued the tradition by adding it here as well. This is an overall good, broadcast-quality look with saturated colors, but not as saturated or contrasty as our HISAT look.




Another one of Jesse's VariCam looks, JR45CINE gives you a nice, cinematic look with natural colors and less contrast.




This file is designed to match the 5D Mark II in standard mode. EOSMATCH is one of the looks where the yellows ended up being not as saturated as the original, but the overall response is very close.

Make sure to try out our scene files and let us know what you think. If you're interested in learning even more about the C300 Mark II, check out our Quick Start: Canon Cameras and In-Depth: C300 Mark II workshops coming up in all our locations.

Juliet McNally
Camera Technology Specialist, AbelCine LA

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