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Header image for article Expanded Lighting Offerings for Rental Houses

Expanded Lighting Offerings for Rental Houses

The lighting community increased its options this spring with new offerings presented at, and after, NAB. Although LED lights continue to dominate the market, new on-board camera lights and Hive's unique Argon Plasma Arc Bulb now expand your lighting options.

Here is an overview of the latest lighting additions:

ARRI SkyPanel S30-C & S60-C LED Lights

SkyPanel C Family NEWSARRI revealed their tuneable SkyPanel C line to meet your varied lighting needs, allowing for adjustable color temperature between 2,800 - 10,000 Kelvin. The SkyPanel S30-C offers small portability while the SkyPanel S60-C (645x300mm) is their mid-range model. The "C" stands for color which is appropriate since both lights provide full plus and minus correction with the turn of a knob. Not only do these lights deliver bright output, but they create a soft beam due to a curated selection of diffusion panels. They also eliminate shadows with multiple edges and odd colors to convey a more natural scene.

Fiilex M1 Panel Light

Skip the speed ring with the Fiilex M1 Panel Light's built-in softbox mount. This tuneable LED panel light is flicker free at any frame rate, yet still delivers power and throw. It offers 1,500W Tungsten output equivalent with a 320W power draw. The color is tunable from 2,800 - 6,500 Kelvin, and the light is fully dimmable with hue control (+/- .25 Magenta/Green). You can also narrow the bream with distinctive Fresnel array clips. Catch the M1 in action in our video blog from NAB.  

Hive Lighting

Hive Bee NEWS Hive Lighting revealed their Bee 1000 Plasma Flood and Wasp 1000 Plasma Par at NAB this spring. Both feature Hive's unique Argon Plasma Arc Bulb which is twice as bright as LEDs. Also, the bulbs are vibration and impact resistant. If you haven't seen these lights in person yet, be sure to watch our NAB video blog.  

  • The Bee 1000 Plasma Flood offers the equivalent of 2,500W HMI and 10,000W Tungsten for a bight, flicker free beam at any frame rate. Weighing only 10 lbs, this fixture can be powered with 90-277AVC or 18-38VDC. Adjust the color temp from 4,600 - 12,500 Kelvin and admire Bee's color spectrum which appears close to daylight.Hive Wasp NEWS


  • The versatile Hive Wasp 1000 Plasma Par travels well and can be powered in sockets worldwide. Use the Wasp with four point and eight point softboxes, traditional glass lenses or Hive's HDP lens set. Purchase a Par kit to toss in vitals like an accessory mounting ring, 10-degree parabolic reflector, barn doors, and a scrim set.

LitePanel Astra 1x1 Bi-Color Soft Panel

Litepanels Astra 1x1 Bi-Color NEWSA soft diffusion panel on the LitePanel Astra 1x1 Bi-Color Soft Panel LED Light complements instead of detracts from the high intensity beam of the LitePanel family. An added benefit of the optional DMX Module permits this LED panel dual cooling modes which switch between silent passive cooling or quiet active cooling. The panel also offers variable tungsten to daylight color temperature with no shift in strength. Megan Donnelly visited the LitePanels booth at NAB to review the Astra family.  

Light and Motion Stella Pro 7000

Light and Motion expanded their Stella Pro camera lights with their new Stella Pro 7000. The company now provides four high-output styles in 7000, 5000, 2000, and 1000 lumens to illuminate each moment correctly. Stella Pro camera lights offer a resilient and variable light source which runs up to 12 hours on an internal, rechargeable battery -- you had us at no power cables! They are also waterproof up to 100 meters, can withstand a one meter drop on concrete, and offer press-on light modifiers like barn doors, a 50-degree focus optic, and 25-degree fresnel, along with others. This light may become your new go-to portable choice.  

Nila Boxer Light

Nila Boxer Light NEWSIdeal for high speed applications, the Nila Boxer Light can replace an 800-1200W HMI or a 1200-2000W tungsten fixture, yet only draws 200W. Plus, no warm-up time is needed. The light includes a built-in dimmer and offers stable color reproduction in the dim range. The Nila Boxer Light Kit includes six lenses (10°, 20°, 40°, 60°, 80°, 10°x60°), four hard gels, a pouch, and power cord in addition to the light.

AAdyntech Punch Plus Variable

There may be a deluge of daylight-balanced bright LED lights on the market, but this one offers more versatility than most. The Punch Plus generates low enough heat that you are able to handle the fixture with your bare hands, plus it consumes less than five amps of power. It boasts a 6,000 foot candle output and is brighter than a 2,500 watt HMI. This efficient and bright flood emits from a light source which eliminates multiple shadows. Four holographic, quick-change lenses come with the AAdyntech Punch Plus Variable which enable you to control your flood field (5°, 15°, 30°, 55°). You can even operate it as wired or wireless with the built-in Wireless DMX/RDM Receiver.  

Westcott Flex Light in Wave NEWS In addition, Westcott released Flex Lighting products earlier this year. AbelCine now offers a selection of these versatile and travel-ready Flex Lights to enhance your lighting abilities when tight spaces or lightweight requirements shape your choices. For your convenience, Studio/Travel Kits are available with everything you need to set-up on the go. Not only do these pliable lights shape to control output, but they are waterproof and dimmable. Film in the rain, near water sources, or on humid days without issues; the mat is dust and rain proof with an IP 64 rating.   We have some upcoming lighting workshops where you can review new lights in person and in-depth with our knowledgeable instructors.  

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