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Motion Impossible AGITO TRAX Bundle

Motion Impossible
Abel Code: MOTIM-AG-104
Mfr. Code: AG-104
Not Available Online
This fully modular remote dolly system operates on 12-16" track gauge at speeds of 0.01 mph (5mm/s) to 7 mph (11 kph), with highly accurate movement, and multiple safety features.
Key Highlights
  • Precision Robotic Dolly System
  • 7 mph (11 kph) top speed*
  • 12-16" track gauge compatible
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The centerpiece of the Motion Impossible AGITO TRAX Bundle is the AGITO, the only fully modular dolly system capable of operating both as a tracked cinema platform or as a free-roaming robotic dolly. Combining the AGITO TRAX Bundle with Motion Impossible's Tower (dynamic height control) accessory and a remote head of your choice enables precision, stabilized movement. A Complete Bundle is also available, which includes all of the above systems and more for maximum production versatility. 

The modular design of AGITO allows it to be transported and assembled on location by just one certified operator. You can use the AGITO to produce dynamic camera movement or simply get the camera close to the action without putting your crew at risk, at speeds of up to 7 mph (11 kph) or as slow as 0.01 mph (5 mm/s) with highly accurate movement, thanks to a cutting edge encoded motor system.

Ideal for use inside or outside the studio, AGITO TRAX offers multiple safety features, complete flexibility using Motion Impossible's growing arsenal of modules and accessories, and intuitive operation not available with other systems. With the rush to keep live productions running with limited crew during the global pandemic, AGITO can easily be configured to maintain social distancing in the studio or on location.


The core is the heart of the AGITO, containing all electronics and power management for the entire system.


The Trax drive ends combine two powerful encoded motors, allowing controlled speeds of up to 7 mph (11 kph). The modular design and robust construction ensure unparalleled performance and reliability.


The AGITO Tower is a telescopic column allowing you to raise your gimbaled camera to new heights. The pedestal column has 700mm (27.5 inches) of travel from a starting height of approximately 750mm (29.5 inches) subject to Drive-End. It has been designed for camera/gimbal packages of up to 22Kg (48.5lbs).

MASTER Controller

The all-new, intuitive, ergonomically-designed handheld controller for your AGITO. 

E-Stop Button

Safety is paramount with AGITO. Once the button is pressed, the AGITO comes to a controlled and rapid stop.

Mag-Stop Sensor

Using a magnetic sensor allows you to set endpoints on your track without the risk of interference from external light and weather.

RF Modules

The AGITO's modular design allows you to swap out your RF module for different frequencies depending on your environment. Comes with 2.4GHz as standard.

Foot Pedals

The foot pedals attach to the master controller and are used to control the TRAX and Tower.

Lithium-ion Batteries

The AGITO is powered by 48V 99Wh Li-ion batteries. They are completely internally managed and flight-safe.

Mitchell Plate

Utilizes the industry standard camera fluid head/tripod mount.


  • Fully modular design
    • Packs into (4) custom flight cases, each weighing under 70.5 lb (32 kg), for air/ground transportation or storage
  • Maximum Chassis Payload:
    • 99.2 lb (45 kg) on Mitchell Plate
    • 70.5 lb (32 kg) on V-Con Pro
    • 48.5 lb (22kg) on AGITO Tower
    • 141 lb (90 kg) max. total payload
  • 0.01-7 mph (5mm/sec. to 11 kph) speed range
  • Track Width Gauge: 11.8-16.1" (30-40.9cm)
  • Use on straight or curved track (2m minimum curve radius)
  • Magnetic endstop capability
  • Up to 984' (300m) wireless operating range (dependant on environment)
  • RF: modular, 2.4GHz hopping spread spectrum standard (other frequencies available)
  • Hardwire data solutions available
    • Data Connection: CAN Bus, RS232, UART
  • Adjustable throttle behaviors
  • Recordable moves (30 minute move memory)
  • Split wheels for silent operation and improved cornering
  • Unique encoded traction control system for absolute positioning on the track
  • Runs on (2) 48V (100Wh flight safe) Lithium-ion batteries
  • (2) Battery Chargers included
  • 1 hour charge time (from flat), depending on environmental conditions
  • Hardwire 48V PSU Available
  • Auxiliary Power Output: (2) 12V DC (total shared 2A load)
  • Mounting for two separate cameras with a combination of Tower and Mitchell Plate
  • Compatible with a wide range of existing remote camera heads
  • Camera/Remote Head Mounting:
    • Using V-Con Pro & Mitchell Plate: Mitchel Mount (Cheeseplate Adapter for Freefly & Ronin 2 mounting included)
    • Using AGITO Tower: Motion Impossible Quick Release Plate (supports SHOTOVER G1, ARRI SRH-3/360, Freefly, Ronin 2)
  • Mounting Height:
    • Mitchell Plate: 8.3" (21cm)
    • V-Con Pro: 10.2-14.9" (26-38cm)
    • AGITO Tower: 28.9-56.9" (73.5-144.5cm)
  • Chassis Weight: 115-148 lb (52-67 kg)
  • Chassis Mount Rail Width: 14.94" (37.96cm)
  • Chassis Length: 43.7" (111cm)

NOTE: Gimbal/remote head, camera system, track, and other unlisted accessories sold separately.

What's in the Box

  • 4 x Rolling Hard Case
  • Quick Release Plate
  • 3 x Gas Struts (Light/Medium/Heavy)
  • Tower Comms Cable
  • Straight Mounting Bracket Pair
  • AGITO Tower
  • AGITO Hub
  • 4 x Foot Pedal
  • 8 x Wheel Guards (Pre-fitted)
  • Offset Mounting Bracket Pair
  • Mitchell Plate
  • E-Stop Button
  • Mag-Stop Sensor
  • 8 x AGITO Trax Guide Wheels
  • 2 x AGITO Trax Drive End
  • Firmware Update Cable
  • Tool Set
  • RF Module Set (2.4Ghz)
  • 2 x Battery Chargers
  • 4 x AGITO Batteries
  • Master Controller
  • AGITO Core


Key Highlights

  • Precision Robotic Dolly System
  • 7 mph (11 kph) top speed*
  • 12-16" track gauge compatible
  • 6.5' (2m) min. curved track radius
  • Compatible with your remote head
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