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Redrock Micro Navigator 7-in-1 Command Module for Gimbals

Redrock Micro
Abel Code: RRM-62-162-0002
Mfr. Code: 62-162-0002
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Redrock Micro's Navigator command module for gimbals provides 7 control functions in 1 handheld unit: fingerstyle controller, FIZ, solo operator mode, wireless remote control, Freefly MoVI Pro API support, Mission Control, and MetaTouch.
Key Highlights
  • Full gimbal control with 7 options
  • (1) Fingerstyle Controller
  • (2) FIZ


The Navigator 7-in-1 Command Module offers full gimbal control. It is the ultimate camera and lens controller, bringing command of every aspect of your rig right to your fingertips. Featuring the world's first mini FIZ (focus, iris and zoom), Navigator also delivers camera control and control of other Eclipse products. Navigator works in both solo operator mode and as a wireless remote control, including native support for your existing Freefly MoVI Pro. When used as part of the Eclipse System (sold separately), Navigator delivers next-level features including MissionControl™ real-time monitor overlay and MetaTouch™ lens discovery and automatic configuration.

7-in-1 Control Types:

  • Fingerstyle Controller
  • FIZ (focus, iris, zoom)
  • Solo Operator Mode
  • Wireless Remote Control
  • Freefly MoVI Pro API support
  • Mission Control (real-time monitor of data)
  • MetaTouch

Redrock Micro's Navigator concept is to bring control of as much of your rig as possible directly to your fingertips. This is valuable whether you are a solo operator or you need to access these functions via remote wireless. Navigator delivers both.

Beyond Lens Control

In addition to lens focus, iris and zoom control, Navigatoralso gives you control of your gimbal (pan, tilt, roll, etc.), camera record run/stop, Hālo Solo automated focus tracking, Orbit monitor positioning, and advanced camera control.

World's First Mini FIZ Controller

Control focus, iris and zoom from one central location. Dedicated finger controls for each lens ring deliver real-time performance. The mini approach to ergonomics makes it smaller and lighter and much easier to use when working with mobile rigs such as gimbals or drones.

  • Wired or Wireless - If you just need lens control, Navigator functions equally as a wired or wireless remote. Powered by a single LP-E6 battery, Navigator is light and portable.
  • A True FIZ - Navigator is a fully functional FIZ (Focus/Iris/Zoom) unit, not a single channel unit which switches between lens motors. When combined with Atlas smart motors, Navigator delivers professional performance that is powerful, accurate and repeatable.
  • A Grip Accessory - Navigator is a grip accessory instead of a grip replacement, so it doesn’t limit you to one style of rig. Navigator attaches to your favorite handgrips for shouldermount or handheld style. It can just as easily attach to your gimbal frame or handles for ultimate solo operator control. And it's flexible enough to attach to your jib/crane arm.

Special Functions for Your MoVI Pro 

Owners and operators of the Freefly MoVI Pro can obtain even more from Navigator's built-in MoVI Pro Mode. This mode unlocks the power and features of Navigator with native support for the MoVI Pro API. Use it as a Solo Op fingerwheel (when plugged direct in to the MoVI Pro) or as a sophisticated wireless remote controller when connected to the Freefly Mimic for wireless access.

  • Long Distance - Navigator is not limited to Atlas smart motors, and can be used with any lens motor attached to MoVI Pro’s built-in controller. Navigator also delivers way more than just lens control. The joystick offers complete gimbal control and even includes built-in camera run/stop.
  • MoVI Pro Mode - Navigator uses all your MoVI Pro gimbal settings to fine tune its own performance and responsiveness.

Navigator uses WiFi, RF and direct connect communication methods to control Atlas, Explorer, Orbit and more.

NOTE: You may need additional cables to pair these products with the cameras mentioned below. Redrock Micro will be adding additional cables as well to their selection of optional cables to add to your Exclipse system.

Cameras Supporing LANC - Navigator can control cameras that support LANC using a 2.5mm connector. Navigator currently supports Run/Stop as well as camera control for Canon EOS-C Cameras.LANC 2.5mm 50" Cable

  • ARRI - With add-on cable(s) Navigator can activate Run/Stop on most Arri camera packages
    • 12" Cable
    • 50" Cable - Eclipse MiniPort Run/Stop Cable for ARRI 
  • Sony - Adding our Sony Mult-port control cable to Navigator will add Run/Stop capibility to any Sony camera that supports the Multi-Port protocol including A7S and the FS series of cameras
    • 12" Cable - Eclipse MiniPort Run/Stop Cable for Sony
    • 50" Cable - Eclipse MiniPort Run/Stop Cable for Sony
  • RED - Add RED Run/Stop support to Navigator
    • 12" Cable - Eclipse MiniPort Run/Stop Cable for RED (direct connect)
    • 12" Cable - Eclipse MiniPort Run/Stop Cable for RED (BNC breakout)
    • 50" Cable - Eclipse MiniPort Run/Stop Cable for RED (direct connect)
    • 50" Cable - Eclipse MiniPort Run/Stop Cable for RED (BNC breakout)
  • Canon - With add-on cable(s) Navigator can activate Run/Stop on most Canon Cameras
    • LANC 2.5mm - 50"
    • 12" Cable - Eclipse MiniPort Run/Stop Cable for Canon DSLR
    • 50" Cable - Eclipse MiniPort Run/Stop Cable for Canon DSLR
  • Blackmagic Design - Navigator can control cameras that support LANC using a 2.5mm connector. Currently only run/stop is supported but other LANC features will be added soon.
    • LANC 2.5mm - 50"


  • 7-in-1 controller for FIX, Gimbal, Camera, and optional Eclipse accessories
  • Great option for single shooter handheld or gimbal or for use with a remote AC
  • Haptic (vibration) response provides tactile feedback to reduce the need to glance down at status indicators
  • Built-in DSLR battery plate (canon LP-E6 or compatible)
  • Camera RUN/STOP is available with appropriate, optional cable
  • On-board LED and OLED for visual status confirmation, configuration, plus the camera record tally light
  • Eclipse Mobile App
  • Physical features: 
    • 2x dampened fingerwheel-style controllers (typically for focus & iris)
    • 1x joystick control
    • 1x scroll wheel
    • 3x customizable buttons
  • Adjustable attachment clamp which fits most handgrips and support frames
  • Wired connection suitable for solo operators
  • Hemo-style connectors to eliminate cable mismatch
  • Built-in 2.4gHz wireless RF radio for wireless remote control
  • Built-in WiFi for close range wireless access and app configuration
  • MoVI Pro API support for wireless control via Freefly Mimic (both sold separately)
  • Dozens of features, including mode change, which are compatible with MoVI, MoVI Pro, and DJI Ronin products (sold separately)
  • Simultaneous gimbal pan/tilt for diagonal movement
  • Halo Explorer configuration and activation (unit sold separately)
  • Mission Control real-time data display for monitoring
  • MetaTouch lens discovery & configuration

What's in the Box

  • Eclipse Mobile App (available via download) for iOS & Android
  • Redrock Micro Navigator 7-in-1 Command Module


Key Highlights

  • Full gimbal control with 7 options
  • (1) Fingerstyle Controller
  • (2) FIZ
  • (3) Solo Operator
  • (4) Wireless Remote Control
  • (5) Freefly MoVI Pro API Support
  • (6) Mission Control (monitor data)
  • (7) MetaTouch
  • Control Eclipse products & your camera

Compatibility - Stabilization

Freefly Systems:
Freefly Systems MIMIC - Use as a remote control when connected wirelessly to the MIMIC
Freefly Systems MoVI Pro - Use as a solo operator when plugged directly into the MoVI Pro


Power Input:
Battery Pack - Canon LP-E6

Software / Apps / Plugins

Mobile Requirements:
Android Devices - Android OS version 6.0 (Marshmallow) or higher
iOS Devices - iOS version 10.0 or higher. Hardware iPhone version 6.0 or later
Software Included:
Redrock Micro Eclipse Mobile App - for iOS & Android

Stabilizer Accessories

Gimbal Acc'y Features:
CAN Communications
Haptic Response - to reduce "look downs"
Mobile App - for easy setup and configuration
Status LEDs
3 x Specialty Features - Customizable, user-definable function buttons per page across multiple pages
1 x Connection Details - mini Control port
WiFi - for close range wireless access & App configuration
2.4gHz Radio Transmission
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