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Jaunt ONE J1-24G VR Camera

Abel Code: JAU-J1-24G
Mfr. Code: J1-24G
This high-quality, 360º, stereoscopic, cinematic VR capture system features (24) camera modules with frame-sync, global shutter, 10-stops of dynamic range, and custom 130º FOV lenses with a fixed f/2.9 aperture.
Key Highlights
  • 360º, stereoscopic VR capture system
  • (24) 1/1.2”, native HD camera sensors
  • Global shutter

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Shift beyond panoramic cinema with the immersive Jaunt ONE J1-24G VR Camera, a professional-grade VR system designed to capture 360° footage with (24) camera modules attached to a compact unit. The JAUNT ONE footage offers a stereoscopic, cinematic virtual reality experience for your viewers. The camera captures 8K resolution video (4K per eye).

The JAUNT ONE delivers frame-sync, global shutter, 10-stops of dynamic range, and custom 130º FOV lenses with a fixed f/2.9 aperture. 360° spatialized audio is supported through ambisonic field recordings, or in post using the Dolby ATMOS toolset. It also features single button start/stop.

You can record in low-light and stitch together panoramic images with the captured imagery from the JAUNT ONE camera. This is partly due to the way the camera was built, by recording the intensity and direction of the light.

Users typically place the JAUNT ONE on a tripod, a camera dolly, a slider, a cable system, a Steadicam-style personal gimbal, or a motion control rig to operate the system so that the camera operator does not appear in the shot. You can also use the JAUNT ONE on aerial devices which can accommodate that size and provide a proper, safe way to land the craft without damaging the camera unit.

The manufacturer provides some Shooting Guidelines for using the JAUNT ONE which you might find helpful. You can mount using the (5) 3/8-16 steel mounting holes in the base of the JAUNT ONE unit. Be sure to use at least (2) bolts to prevent the camera from rotating and accidently removing itself from your tripod.


  • Sensor: 1/1.2”, native HD, global shutter
  • Frame Rate: Up to 120 fps, configurable time lapse
  • Max. ISO: 1600
  • SNR @ ISO800: 36 dB
  • Dynamic Range: 10 stops per module (up to 18 stops per scene)
  • Optics: Custom, 130º diagonal FOV, f/2.9 lenses
  • Output Resolution: Up to 8K* (4K per eye)

*NOTE: Jaunt Cloud Services currently renders output at a maximum resolution of 4K (2K per eye).

In addition, the JAUNT ONE is a panoptic camera system. That means it is inspired by the vision of flying insects on a dome or sphere. The name also references the Greek Panoptes which was a giant with a hundred eyes in Greek mythology.

Default Capture Settings

Adjust the default capture settings by connecting a computer to your camera using the JAUNT ONE Controller application and an optional USB 2.0 cable with a Type B connector.

  • 1920 x 1200 resolution per module (J1-24G)
  • 59.94 fps video frame rate
  • Automatic exposure
  • Automatic white balance

LED status indicators will help you determine the operation status of your JAUNT ONE.


Each camera on the JAUNT ONE writes data to your SD card. The manufacturer suggests using an SD card which accommodates high data rates, such as the SanDisk Extreme (available separately). They also ask that you not mix multiple SD card sizes and brands so that your camera footage can stitch together in an even manner in post production.

Each roll requires (24) SD cards recording simultaneously.


Power the JAUNT ONE with a standard AC adapter or via optional Gold Mount batteries, such as the Anton Bauer Digital 90 Battery (93Wh) or the Anton Bauer Digital 150 Battery (156Wh). If using an AC Adapter, please be sure it provides 15V nominal voltage (input range 12-17V) and ≥9A continuous power draw.


Once you capture all that amazing 360° footage, you need to stitch together the images to create a single image. The headset the end user wears will place the user into an immersive experience by wrapping this image around their vision. Of course, there is more to it than that, but that's the basic concept.

NOTE: Stitching is currently not included in the cost of renting a JAUNT ONE. Stitching occurs through Jaunt's cloud-based system and requires a user account setup separate from AbelCine. Users pay for each minute of stitched video from Jaunt.

Jaunt offers extensive field guide information if you wish to delve into that further. In the meantime, let's move on with the workflow overview.

The JAUNT ONE system includes a workflow to both capture and process/review the camera footage into a usable format so you can publish it. Here is a brief overview of the components of that optional workflow.

JAUNT ONE Controller - the controller is not required to start or stop recording since there is an existing single button for this on the camera, but it does allow for remote possibilities. It can also manage camera settings, check diagnostics, and also:

  • Start/Stop recordings
  • Capture previews
  • Modify exposure values, such as ISO, Exposure, & EV Bias
  • Format the camera's SD cards
  • Update camera firmware

Jaunt Slate - a digital clapper to identify the operator, scene, take, location, and more. You know the drill.

Jaunt Media Manager - Data wrangling to import accomplish a variety of things, including:

  • Import video & audio
  • View slate information
  • Organize recordings
  • Generate previews
  • Upload recordings to Jaunt Cloud

Jaunt Player - not just a VR video player, this unit includes 2D and 3D display of 360° videos, side-by-side stereo display for capable monitors/TV/HMDs, ambisonic audio playback (in-video or standalone 4 channel WAV files), playlist management, dAW synchronization, and more.

Jaunt Cloud - secure, cloud-based rendering and asset management which is the manufacturer's scalable solution to use AWS and Jaunt's proprietary stitching algorithms to create a seamless 360°x180° stereoscopic 3D work product.

Jaunt App - helps with worldwide distribution of your cinematic VR experiences across all platforms and headsets.

Capturing Audio

Although each of the (24) cameras on the JAUNT ONE includes a microphone, the manufacturer recommends a separate microphone be added to ensure highest quality of sound capture. This kit may contain the Core Sound TetraMic to capture 360° sound or another VR microphone.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Actual contents of rental kits are variable, based on client requirements and availability. Please contact your AbelCine Rental Agent for details, or to request a specific configuration. Some technology suite software is freely available from Jaunt, or on the iOS store.

What's in the Box

  • Jaunt ONE (J1-24G) VR Camera Body
  • 24 x Lens Caps


Key Highlights

  • 360º, stereoscopic VR capture system
  • (24) 1/1.2”, native HD camera sensors
  • Global shutter
  • 10-stops of dynamic range
  • 130º FOV lenses w/ fixed f/2.9 aperture
  • Up to 8K output (4K per eye)
  • Max. ISO: 1600

Lens Characteristics

Aperture Range:


Microphone Type:
Integrated - 360° spatialized audio is supported through ambisonic field recordings, or in post using the Dolby ATMOS toolset


Recording Resolution:
8K - 4K per eye
Max Record Time:
2h, 20m - with 64GB SD card (one card per camera)
Recording Frame Rate:
Up to 120 fps, configurable time lapse

Recording / Media

Media Type:
SD - SanDisk only; Class 10 minimum

Sensor Specifics

Sensor Size:
Sensor Type:
24 x Progressive Scan with Global Shutter
Signal-to-Noise Ratio:
36 dB - @ ISO800
Sensor Dynamic Range:
10 stops per module - up to 18 stops per scene


ISO Range:
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