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JK Audio CellTap 4C Phone Audio Tap

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Interview recording adapter compatible with most smart phones and tablets that use the 4-conductor 3.5 mm TRRS headset jack. Features (3) connection ports: Phone I/O, Headset I/O, and Record output.
Key Highlights
  • Improves interview audio quality
  • Compatible with most smart phones
  • HD Voice compatible


JK Audio CellTap 4C™ Phone Audio Tap is an interview-recording adapter that connects between your headset and your mobile phone to provide stereo output to your recorder or mixer. Simply connect CellTap 4C between your existing ear-bud headset and phone, then connect the stereo output to a mic level input on your recorder or mixer.

CellTap 4C will output 3.5 mm TRS at 600 ohms (1.4 mV RMS; -50 dBu nom.).


  • HD Voice compatible (7 kHz Wideband Speech)
  • 4-conductor 3.5 mm headset interface
  • Switch selects between popular TRRS configurations
  • 3.5 mm stereo output
  • 3.5 mm TRRS headset jack
  • Screwdriver caller level adjustment
  • Passive design; no battery or AC required
  • Made in USA


CellTap 4C is compatible with most smart phones, tablets, and notebooks that use the 3.5 mm 4-conductor TRRS headset jack.

Here are the connection ports on the CellTap 4C:

  • Phone I/O - Connects your smart phone, using the supplied CN150 cable
  • Headset I/O - Connect your wired earbud headset
  • Record output - Connect to your laptop, recorder, mixer, or PA system for a live interview with your 3.5 mm stereo cable

Audio Quality

The transformer coupled stereo output on CellTap 4C provides the local mic on the left channel and your caller on the right channel. Local audio is a full bandwidth connection, meaning your voice will sound considerably better than the caller. Of course, audio quality is limited by the quality and placement of your microphone on your ear-bud style headset or cell phone.

HD Voice calls offer 50 Hz to 7 kHz bandwidth, as opposed to standard phone calls with a narrow bandwidth of 300 Hz to 3.4 kHz. A more natural sound is produced on HD Voice calls, due to the additional 1.5 octaves on the low end of the audio spectrum and the added octave on the upper range. This will improve speech clarity and intelligibility. Ensure that both sides of the conversation support HD Voice to take advantage of this wider range.

You can improve the quality of your audio by keeping your wireless phone 1-2 feet away from audio cables or equipment. This will reduce the chance that radio frequency (RF) noise might leak into your audio cables or equipment. 

Adjust the level of your Caller's audio using the Caller Level Trim Pot on the CellTap 4C. Set the TRRS Configuration Switch according to your set-up, following the chart on page 2 of the JK Audio User Guide

NOTE: Want to know more about HD Voice? Check out the JK Audio white paper HD Voice for Field Reports and Interviews.

Wired Headset Required

CellTap 4C will not interfere with headset button controls on most devices. An optional headset is required for operation, as the phone will not recognize CellTap 4C without a headset connected. In other words, you need a wired and not wireless or Bluetooth connection between your headset and your mobile phone.

TRRS Configurations

Internal switch on the CellTap 4C supports both of the following wiring standards:

  • Sleeve = Ground   R2 = Mic
  • Sleeve = Mic   R2 = Ground

NOTE: Per the manufacturer: The word standard is used loosely, since there are no actual standards for headset wiring or control operation. Therefore, the manufacturer cannot promise compatibility with every phone.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is note waterproof piece of equipment. Please take care to keep it dry.

What's in the Box

  • Limited Warranty
  • JK Audio CellTap 4C Phone Audio Tap


Key Highlights

  • Improves interview audio quality
  • Compatible with most smart phones
  • HD Voice compatible


600 ohms


Output Connector/Port:
1 x 1/8" (3.5mm) Mini - for recorder, laptop, mixer or PA system
Input Connector/Port:
2 x 3.5mm stereo mini jack - Phone I/O; Headset I/O


Line Input Types:
Line-Level - 2.4 mV RMS (-50 dBu nom)
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