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ZEISS CP.3 XD 5-Lens Set with Voucher for FREE Transvideo StarliteHD-m Monitor

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Buy a set of (5) ZEISS CP.3 XD lenses between November 1st and December 31st, 2018 and receive a voucher for a FREE Transvideo StarliteHD-m Monitor!
Key Highlights
  • Buy a set of (5) CP.3 XD primes
  • Receive voucher for FREE monitor:
  • Transvideo StarliteHD-m

ZEISS CP.3 XD Prime (0/5) selected **
Choose any (5) prime lenses!

Starting At: $25,476.00
Note: Save 12% when you buy (5) ZEISS CP.3 XD Prime Lenses!


Buy a set of (5) ZEISS CP.3 XD lenses between November 1st and December 31st, 2018 and receive a voucher for a FREE Transvideo StarliteHD-m Monitor!

Learn how to qualify for the free Transvideo StarliteHD-m Monitor!

Simply send a copy of the sales receipt and the serial numbers of the lenses to [email protected]. ZEISS will then provide a unique voucher number for your monitor, to be fulfilled directly by Transvideo. 

ZEISS CP.3 XD prime lenses incorporate Cooke /i technology, which provides important lens information through the mount or via an external electronic interface. Using the Focus Puller view, the Transvideo Starlite HD-m Monitor enables the visualization of this information such as focus distance and aperture. This makes the work of the camera assistant easier and more accurate.

CP.3 XD also integrates additional lens data such as distortion and shading that are very useful for film projects where computer graphics and film sequences must be matched (compositing). The Starlite HD-m is the tool of choice to record this data on-set, as each clip and frame will receive its own accurate distortion and vignetting data, packaged in a Side-Car file.

The Side-Car file, along with the recorded footage, can be used to remove lens distortion and vigneting from footage sequences or applied to CGI, thanks to the plugins (sold separately) developed by ZEISS for Nuke, Adobe After Effects, or Adobe Premiere. This makes shooting grids and grey cards in pre-production a redundant process, thereby increasing overall efficiency, speed, and accuracy in post-production.


The ZEISS CP.3 XD series features innovative and ground-breaking lens data technology to speed-up and simplify the workflow on set to record accurate metadata, and in post-production. These lenses utilize well-known Cooke /i Technology, but in a new way.

ZEISS eXtended Data is a unique application of Cooke /i Technology, providing data on lens distortion and shading characteristics in real time. With ZEISS CP.3 XD lenses, even small productions on a limited budget gain access to the advanced techniques commonly used in state-of-the-art, big budget films, commercials, and television production. Each lens communicates this intelligent data to compatible cameras without the use of additional accessories or knowledge of complex programs.

In addition to lens data sent to the camera, CP.3 XD lenses can also communicate through a LEMO cable to compatible accessory hardware, such as Ambient's MasterLockItPlus timecode generator (sold separately). You can also store and manipulate lens shading and distortion maps. Check out Andy Shipsides' At the Bench video on these functions.

Metadata collected:

  • Lens name, type, and focal length
  • Calibrated focusing distance
  • Calibrated T-stop value
  • Depth-of-field data in real time
  • Hyperfocal distance
  • Horizontal field-of-view
  • Entrance pupil position

Upgrading The CP.2

ZEISS CP.3 lenses offer a combination of high image quality and reliable usability. They exhibit the clean and crisp characteristics ZEISS is known for, together with an interchangeable mount system and full-frame coverage.

As compared to the CP.2 family, CP.3 lenses offer:

  • Covers Full Frame / Super35 sensors
  • A more consistent T-stop range
  • Shared focal lengths with the Milvus family
  • Compact body to accommodate gimbal & aerial work
  • 95mm front diameter (instead of the 114mm of the CP.2s)
  • Standard focus ring position
  • 300° rotation

True Cine Look

Ranging from 15mm to 135mm, the ten focal lengths available in the ZEISS Compact Prime CP.3 XD series cover all applications from wide-angle to telephoto. The ZEISS CP.3 lenses feature advanced lens coatings, painted lens rims and special light traps within the barrel to eliminate unwelcome veiling glare and flares. The result is higher contrast, richer blacks and more saturated colors.

  • Clean and crisp ZEISS look which matches perfectly with other ZEISS cinema lenses
  • Color matching and covering full frame across the full range of focal lengths from 15mm to 135mm
  • Special lens coatings support high-dynamic range projects

Ultimate Cine Ergonomics

The ZEISS CP.3 lenses are a professional toolset that simplifies your work on set. They are easy to handle, allow for fast changeover of equipment and give you great creative freedom to make your ideas come to life.

  • Standardized positioning of the focus rings and a consistent 95mm front diameter allows for fast and easy changeover while on set
  • Extraordinarily smooth focus rotation even in extreme temperature conditions thanks to a new, sophisticated construction design
  • Consistent T-stops simplifies lighting on set and exposure compensations (T2.9 for 15mm to 21mm and T2.1 for 25mm to 135mm)

Compact Size Redefined

The compact and lightweight design enables you to use different stabilizing systems and to have a compact camera setup that is ideal for shooting in narrow spaces and for capturing dynamic shots.

  • The compact and light-weight design is ideal for handheld, gimbal, drone and Steadicam applications
  • Consistent size and weight across most of the focal lengths enables quick change of lenses when used on drones and gimbals
  • The ultra-smooth focus rotation allows use of small focus motors

Adding Timecode

When you record ZEISS eXtended Data via the external LEMO compatible plug to Ambient MasterLockItPlus (sold separately), data is then transferred per an integrated WiFi App from the MasterLockitPlus. You can then perform data management on set with Pomfort Silverstack or live grade on set with Pomfort LiveGrade Pro (both of the Pomfort products are available separately). At this point, you can implement ZEISS-specific data with a ZEISS plug-in for common post production tools. 

If your compatible camera happens to include timecode, then you can go straight from your CP.3 lens to your camera while using the integrated PL Mount interface. From your camera. you can next transfer or record embedded data in video files or as a sidecar file. At this point, you can perform data management on set with Pomfort Silverstack, then implement ZEISS-specific data with a ZEISS plug-in for common post production tools.

New ZEISS eXtended Data Technology

The ZEISS eXtended Data technology adds new opportunities to simplify and increase the accuracy of the image capture and processing workflow. ZEISS eXtended Data unifies two data sets: key lens data based on the open /i Technology standard and supported by a wide range of cameras and accessories, plus ZEISS specific lens data that contains precise lens characteristics. 

  • A unique technology that provides information about the lens' distortion and shading characteristics in real time to speed-up the workflow on set and in post-production
  • Lens settings are digitally captured on every frame, avoiding the need to manually record the lens settings for every shot
  • Documentation of the lens' characteristics enhances creativity by allowing more complex shots to be handled in post-production

One-Click Correction of Images

The ZEISS CP.3 XD lenses enable trailblazing, one-click correction of images, never-before possible in motion picture workflow. ZEISS specific lens data provides frame accurate information about: 

  • Lens distortion characteristics based on the focal point
  • Lens shading* characteristics based on the focal point and effective T-stop

* Shading, in this case, refers to the darkened corners of the captured image on sensor due to illumination loss towards the outside of the image field. ZEISS CP.3 XD lenses contain the data for this characteristic which enables higher precision of post processing and greater creative freedom in post-production. This shading effect can also be intensified for creative purposes. Shading does not refer to color shading, which is a phenomenon that sometimes accompanies color shifting, resulting in darker corners with magenta, green and purple color casts. Shading does not refer to vignetting, which is caused when the lens' image circle is smaller than the image sensor, or by the inaccurately sized matte boxes and/or multiple filter stages in front of the lens, which blocks the optical path of the light into the lens.

Upgradable Options on CP.3 XD Lenses

CP.3 XD lenses house encoder chips to deliver ZEISS eXtended Data, currently assigned to two data sets:

  • Key lens data (focal length, focus distance and iris position) based on the /i Technology, which is supported by a wide range of existing equipment.
  • ZEISS specific lens data, which contains precise information about distortion and shading

The ZEISS eXtended Data technology is planned to be expanded in future to offer additional features. Therefore, ZEISS will offer lens firmware upgrades. 

Lens characteristics can be applied and previewed on set using Pomfort LiveGrade Pro. To apply recorded lens characteristics in post-production ZEISS provides an OFX-plug-in. Initially the plug-in works with the grading software Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve. Support for other grading, editing and compositing software will be available in future.


The Transvideo Starlite HD-m is a Monitor/Recorder with metadata aggregator that provides necessary tools for a streamlined production and post-production workflow. Files are generated onto a SD card and are immediately available to be processed through the plugins developped by the lens manufacturer, eliminating the need for complicated software.


  • Zoom, peaking, focus puller view (for the focus puller)
  • Record/playback, metadata view, PDF report (for the script assistant)
  • Virtual horizon (for the user of stabilized equipment)
  • Gathers information from different connected smart devices:
    • Metadata transmitted through the SDI signal
    • Camera information through the Ethernet link
    • Lens metadata through Cooke /i or Zeiss eXtended (XD) serial link

A set of cables (sold separately) is all you need to recover the lens data:

  • HD-SDI BNC cable for basic lens information provided by Cooke /i, LDS (ARRI), camera information from RDD18 (Sony) or ARRI protocol
  • Lens Reader™ cable for Cooke /i3, /i², /i and Zeiss eXtended basic and advanced metadata
  • Ethernet cable for more information gathered to the metadata file
  • TC In (Mini Jack 2.5mm) cable for precise Time Code (LTC type) from the camera


Key Highlights

  • Buy a set of (5) CP.3 XD primes
  • Receive voucher for FREE monitor:
  • Transvideo StarliteHD-m
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