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Chrosziel MN-300 MagNum 3-Axis Wireless Lens Control System

Abel Code: AC-MN-300KIT-Z-0
Mfr. Code: MN-300KIT-Z-0
Estimated to Ship – 5-10 Business Days
Field-proven lens control system which was optimized in cooperation with actual users. This 2-channel hand unit remotely controls focus, iris & zoom. You can set hard stops for focus marks. The ergonomic design includes a fluid-dampened hand wheel.
Key Highlights
  • FIZ wireless control
  • Tx, Rx, Zoom Rocker, case & more
  • Offers hard stops
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This ergonomic Chrosziel Magnum 3-Axis 2-Channel Wireless Lens Control System controls up to 2x motors (not included), plus remotely controls standard lens encoder motors for true FIZ with the hand unit (focus & iris) and the zoom rocker (for adding zoom control). Dual band transmission is included with either GHz or MHz band options. Use the included spectrum analyzer on the unit to identify the best low interference transmission frequency.

MagNum Hand Unit

This remote lens control system was ergonomically and functionally optimized in cooperation with actual users. The Hand Unit features a smooth-turning handwheel with two variable mechanical stops (VariLock II), infinitely adjustable fluid damping (VariFluid) on the large scale wheel itself, plus mechanical locking device and the optional inclusion of scale discs or rings. It offers a contact-less, dust-proof slider bar with variable mechanical stops.

Secure your hold on the MagNum with a convenient finger grip on the rear of the unit. A hand strap and padded neck strap ares included for safety and comfort. 

Monitor and navigate the UI on the MagNum's OLED and its directional buttons/keys. You'll be happy to learn that the unit weighs only 1.27lb (approx. 577g) so you can operate this on long shoot days with ease. Using the user interface, you can view either imperial or metric when determining tape distances. For convenience, you can mount the MagNum on either side of the camera, because it offers both left and right hand support by reversing the OLED display.

Use the internal 2.4 GHz antenna or connect an external antenna to the BNC port. Be sure to make use of the spectrum analyzer included on the unit so you can select the ideal transmission frequency.

Make use of the mechanical lock on the focus wheel to prevent unwanted focus changes or the end (hard) stops on the wheel or iris slider for accurate focus pulls and iris changes. 

Chrosziel also states you can tie in a 2nd MagNum unit for second hand unit support.

Zoom Rocker

The Chrosziel Zoom Rocker (MN-ZR) combines mechanical step-less zooming for precise zoom control and contactless signal transmission reducing the risk of water, dust or dirt entering the MagNum Hand Unit. 

For maximum protection and best ergonomic use, the Zoom Rocker is mounted on the back of your MagNum Hand Unit (MN-200T). The Zoom Rocker is cable free and transmits the zoom signal without power consumption. The zoom speed is set by varying the angle of the rocker. Due to the use of latest CAD-optimized design, the rocker can be operated with one or two fingers. The MagNum Firmware integrates comfort functions like Zoom Speed, Zoom Zap, Software Zoom Limits, Zoom Soft Stop and Zoom Bar.

The Chrosziel Zoom Rocker is compatible with the MagNum Hand Unit (MN-150T sold separately and the included MN-200T), manufactured 2016 or newer. Older models of the MagNum Hand Unit MN-150T or MN-200T can be upgraded for compatibility (with the separate purchase of MN-ZR-UP).

NOTE: The MagNum Hand Unit MN-100T is NOT compatible with the Chrosziel Zoom Rocker.

MagNum Receiver

Offers camera start/stop control, a Zoom/Focus demand port, cable power off your existing camera, plus a compact and sturdy housing. 

MagNum (Interface) Extension Module

The MagNum Extension Module Motor and Lens Port (MN-EXT-MOT-LP) offers up to 3-motor channels and a camera lens port interface for universal use in Cine and Broadcast applications. Connect your motor and camera to the 7-pin LEMO and 12-pin Hirose for talkback and iris control. 


  • Ideal remote control for gimbals, aerial devices, and Steadicam
  • Horizontally-aligned
  • Extremely light weight (83 g without Gear and pipe clamp, including cable/plug, 126g with pipe clamp)
  • Near silent operation
  • Compact with a short housing
  • Motor housing with standard 19mm diameter
  • Smart gear attachment for secure operation & fast exchange
  • Two gear diameter options: Ø 40mm & Ø 60mm with mod 0.8 (others available upon request)
  • Fixed motor cable additionally reduces the motor size and weight
  • Multilinqual OLED display
  • 4x user-defined hot keys
  • Socket for connecting a gooseneck lamp to the hand unit

The MagNum Lens Control System includes a number of accessories while other options remain available to you. Here are some pertinent details about the included items:

  • MagNum FM-50 Battery (MN-BAT) - rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery
  • Hand Strap & Neck Strap - minimum weight yet designed for longterm use
  • Hard Case - with foam insert is designed to fit the MagNum lens remote control, power cables, your existing motors, plus the P-Tap power cable and other components

NOTE: A battery charger is not included with this kit.

Mounting Options

The MagNum provides multiple mounting options, including cold shoe or rod mounted support.

On any hot or cold shoe socket, the cold shoe bracket MN-RMB1 secures the MagNum receiver. Instead of the camera hot shoe socket, the receiver can be mounted laterally on Ø 15 and 19mm rods on the Quick- t 15/19mm MN-RMB2 with the cold shoe Connection. 

Alternatively, the articulating arm with ¼” screw threads 550-RA can be bolted directly to the Receiver or be removable mounted in combination with the cold shoe connector adapter 550-RABU to the cold shoe bracket MN-RMB1 of the MagNum Receiver. 

MagNum Kits & Optional Accessories

All kits include motor cables, a power cable with D-Tap connector (4-Pin XLR in MagNum Broadcast KIT) and a high-quality carrying case with foam insert. Optional accessories are available separately, including motors with gears 0.8 + 0.5 + 0.4 and a mounting clamp for Ø 19mm and 15mm rods. Third-party accessories are also available.

The optional Belt Holster (MN-HOL) attaches the Hand unit securely to your belt. This means the Focus assistant can safely perform without swinging off of the hand unit and the hand unit itself is close at hand.

Motors (sold separately)

For years, Chrosziel relied on the quality and the performance of the manufacturers Heden Engineering Co. and betz-tools GmbH for their motors. The motors of both manufacturers meet the following requirements: Digital motor with digital encoder, vertical, complete with gears 0.8 + 0.6 + 0.5 + 0.4 and bracket for mounting on Ø 19 rod and usage for Ø 15 rod.

TheChrosziel Digital Motor (CDM-100) was developed to be an extremely lightweight, silent, small, and horizontally-aligned lens motor. It suits many major photo, broadcast and cine lenses on the market. The CDM-100 is supplied in the kits for MagNum and Aladin and can be ordered separately.

MagNum is also compatible with other manufacturers such as ARRI CLM4, Indicam, Scorpio, Preston, RED Technica or similar digital encoder motors.

What's in the Box

  • Limited 1-Year Warranty
  • Hard Case (MN-CASE)
  • Magnum Mounting Bracket For Receiver (MN-RMB1)
  • D-Tap Power Cable, LEMO-B (MN-AB)
  • 3 x Motor Cables 60cm (MOTD60) [NO MOTORS INCLUDED]
  • Neck Strap (STR2)
  • Magnum FM-50 Battery (MN-BAT)
  • Magnum Zoom Rocker (MN-ZR)
  • Magnum Interface Extension Module (MN-EXT-MOT-LP)
  • 2 x Antenna (FANT)
  • Magnum 200 Receiver (motor controller MN-200R)
  • Magnum Hand Strap (MN-STR)
  • Large Scale Focus Ring for Hand Wheel (201-041)
  • Magnum 200 Transmitter (handunit MN-200T)


Key Highlights

  • FIZ wireless control
  • Tx, Rx, Zoom Rocker, case & more
  • Offers hard stops
  • Will drive up to 2 motors
  • No Motors Included

Bags & Cases / Covers

Bag Shape:
Bag Physical Type:
Hard Case - with foam insert to protect MagNum lens control
Bag Handle Type:


Output Voltage:
7.2V - VDC
Battery Chemistry:
Li-Ion / Lithium-ion
Battery Compatibility:
Sony - NP-FM50/55


Cable Length:
23" - Digital Motor Cable for AL2/Magnum
Cable Side A:
D-Tap - Power Cable for MagNum
1 x LEMO 7-pin - Digital Motor Cable for AL2/Magnum
Cable Side B:
LEMO 5-pin - Power Cable for MagNum
1 x LEMO 7-pin - Angled - Digital Motor Cable for AL2/Magnum


Input Connector/Port:
1 x Hirose - 12-pin for ENG demands on Receiver
1 x 9-pin LEMO - for Receiver to facilitate camera start/stop control
1 x 7-pin LEMO - for Receiver - digital motor interface
1 x BNC - for 430MHz antenna on Receiver
1 x LEMO 5-pin - for Receiver 10-30V power input & camera start/stop control

Mechanical & Electronic Controls

Focus Knob:
Single vs. Dual:
Single-Sided - But the MagNum hand unit offers the ability for left or right-handed operation.
Electronic Options:
Controls Include:
Spectrum Analyzer for frequency selection
Zoom - when using Zoom Rocker


1 x Internal Antenna - 2.4GHz
1 x External Antenna(s) - 430MHz (BNC)


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