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Redrock Micro microRemote Handheld Fingerwheel Bundle with flexCables

Redrock Micro
Abel Code: RRM-8-114-0002
Mfr. Code: 8-114-0002
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Control focus on your camera rig as a solo operator with this Redrock Micro microRemote Handheld Fingerwheel Bundle with flexCables that is ideal for shoulder mounted camera rigs. Includes fingerwheel, torque motor, Basestation and cables.
Key Highlights
  • Accurate focus pulls as a solo operator
  • Lenses map to 270° rotation
  • Controls zoom or iris


Redrock Micro microRemote Handheld Fingerwheel Bundle with flexCables is a handheld bundle solution for you to control focus as a solo operator. The Torque Motor attaches to your rig and fits your geared lens while the fingerwheel attaches to your handgrip or other compatible portion of your camera rig for smooth, controlled focus pulls. The microRemote Basestation coordinates the fingerwheel and motor, plus it automates lens calibration, among other advanced controls.

Ideal for Shoulder Rigs

The microRemote Handheld Bundle is most often used on a shouldermount-style configuration (such as your Redrock Field Cinema Deluxe Bundle) with the fingerwheel attached to one of the handgrips. This bundle is lightweight, compact, and extremely affordable.

Iris & Zoom Control

This system can alternately control zoom or iris. You can also combine multiple units together to simultaneously control more than one lens setting.


  • Fits most cameras and lenses
  • Precision movement fingerwheel
  • All lenses map to an expansive 270° rotation
  • Includes multiple cables to accommodate most camera configurations
  • Reqrock Torque Motor pairs with your cinema or still lenses
  • Grip clamp fits 0.890 diameter grips

Redrock fingerwheel

The Redrock Micro Universal Fingerwheel Controller attaches to your handgrip to provide precise focus control for your microRemote system. The Fingerwheel is designed for operators to easily control focus from any handgrip, handle, or camera-top bar. It delivers a full 270° degrees of rotation for all lenses (with built-in hard stops), smooth action with just the right amount of drag, and enables precise, accurate focus adjustment. Simply roll the Fingerwheel with your finger to make adjustments and smooth transitions.

Once mounted to a handgrip, the fingerwheel controller allows you to support your rig and pull focus simultaneously. You can also reverse motor direction with your fingerwheel.

microRemote Basestation

The microRemote Basestation can be mounted out of the way of your camera operation yet fully accessible. The Basestation controls all the major functions of the microRemote system:

  • Lens Calibration
  • Motor Torque Assignment
  • Accessory Control

It features a wireless antenna, the ability to auto or manually calibrate, an accessory port, radio channel selector, plus a miniUSB port and 1/4"-20 mount point. The Basestation motor controller contains an auto-torque feature. With this feature you can calculate the ideal amount of torque for optimal performance.

You can mount the Basestation up to 18" away from your motor, depending on suitable cable length and your camera rig configuration.

microRemote Torque Motor

The microRemote Torque Motor is designe with a small footprint to fit your compact camera rig or your full studio setup. The Torque Motor includes a 15mm rod mounting clamp so you can mount it in any position to achieve optimal performance.

In addition, this Torque Motor can be adjusted with the gear placed on the left or right side to allow you even more configuration options. Since it is functional on both sides you will be able to use it with almost any compatible geared lens. Simply pull the gear out, position it on the opposite side, line up with the peg, then push firmly into place. Be sure the drive gear is fully seated and engaged before use.


This kit includes multiple cables:

You can use third-party cables, but please ensure compatibility before using with the microRemote and components. Redrock strongly recommends the use of their cables when connecting your remote gear to ensure safe, reliable use.

This system is almost universally compatible with all cameras and lenses. It draws power from 12-18V DC only. If you use your LiPo battery as a power source, only a four cell LiPo battery falls within this range. Please be sure to connect to the correct voltage with only US-standard 2-Pin power cables.

NOTE: Do not use any cable that is ARRI-STANDARD with the microRemote since the pins would be reversed.

What's in the Box

  • Limited 1-Year Warranty
  • Redrock D-Tap to 2-Pin LEMO flexCable for microRemote - 24"
  • Redrock flexCable for microRemote Fingerwheel - 24"
  • Redrock7-Pin LEMO to 7-Pin LEMO flexCable for microRemote Torque Motor - 24"
  • Redrock Torque Motor for microRemote Focus System
  • Redrock Micro microRemote Basestation (wireless ready)
  • Redrock Micro microRemote Fingerwheel Controller


Key Highlights

  • Accurate focus pulls as a solo operator
  • Lenses map to 270° rotation
  • Controls zoom or iris
  • Auto or manual lens calibration
  • Motor pairs with cinema or still lenses


Cable Length:
24" - All (3) cables included are 24" in length


Input Voltage:
12-18V DC - via D-Tap connection to your compatible battery
Power Input:
D-Tap - Draws power from your compatible battery via D-Tap


5.9 in
5 in
9.3 in
1.6 lb
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