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ARRI SkyPanel S120-C LED Light (Blue/Silver, Edison) with Manual Yoke

Abel Code: AR-L0.0012956
Mfr. Code: L0.0012956
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(3) simple knobs adjust color temperature (2,800K to 10,000K), green/magenta balance, light intensity and hue/saturation. Can operate on 50% total power using batteries. Includes PSU Rail Mount Adapter and diffusion. Manual Yoke. Color: Blue/Silver
Key Highlights
  • Adjustable color 2,800 K to 10,000 K
  • LAN network or DMX Control capable
  • Battery mode included


ARRI SkyPanel S120-C LED Light (Blue/Silver, Edison) with Manual Yoke includes a power supply and a PSU Rail Mount Adapter to connect your power supply to the rear of your light fixture. Add your own compatible batteries and you will have a portable LED soft light that runs on battery power. Also includes a standard diffuser to modify the light beam.

Includes an Edison plug for operation in the United States.

  • Light fixture color: Blue/Silver
  • Manual yoke mount

The ARRI S120 is twice as long as the S60, but weighs nearly the same. Its larger light aperture improves this great soft light. Retaining the same features and color tuneability as its smaller counterparts, the S120 consumes less than 400 watts, yet it is slightly brighter than the S60-C and has an outstanding efficacy of 90 lumens per watt.

A large surface area is a crucial feature of a good soft light. With an aperture of 50.8 x 11.8" (1290 x 300 mm), the S120 outputs a beautifully soft, even beam of light that has a wide range of uses. The long aspect ratio wraps light around objects and is perfect for vertical lighting of people. In addition your S120 works performs as an overhead light for large areas, with the increased dimensions meaning that fewer lights and less cables are required.


  • Fully Tuneable from 2,800 K to 10,000 K
  • Vibrant Color Selection (RGB+W Color Gamut)
  • High Color Rendering
  • Large Aperture (1290 x 300 mm)
  • Perfect for Vertical Lighting
  • Low Power Consumption (400 W Nominal)
  • Tremendous Output - Brighter than 2kW Tungsten Soft Light
  • Fully Dimmable from 0 to 100 %
  • Lightweight and Compact
  • Beautiful Soft Beam of Light
  • Interchangeable Diffusion Panels
  • Wide Range of Accessories Available
  • Thin Profile
  • On-Board Battery Connection (23 - 36V DC)
  • On-board Simple Control Panel
  • On-board DMX In and Out
  • RDM Implementation
  • USB-A Connection for Firmware Updates
  • EtherCon port for network connectivity
  • Available in Blue/Silver and Black
  • Fan Mode Selection
  • External Lightweight PSU
  • powerCON TRUE1 Power Connector 


ARRI SkyPanel S120-C LED Light

The ARRI SkyPanel S120-C LED Softlight is the largest model, featuring a light aperture of 50.8 x 11.8" (1290 x 300 mm). It is available in fully color tuneable (this one) and remote phosphor versions (sold separately). SkyPanel is available in three sizes: the S120, S60 and S30. (This is the S120-C). In addition, the units have what ARRI describes as Vibrant Color Selection. This means that color hue and saturation can be adjusted. The light can also be programmed to display the color quality of both Lee and Rosco color gels.

Fully Tuneable

Incorporating features of ARRI's successful L-Series LED Fresnels, SkyPanel is an extremely versatile and bright soft light. Like the L-Series, SkyPanel C (Color) versions are fully tuneable; correlated color temperature is adjustable between 2,800 K and 10,000 K, with excellent color rendition over the entire range. Full plus and minus green correction can be achieved with the simple turn of a knob, and in addition to CCT control, vivid color selection and saturation adjustment is also possible. 

Tremendous Output

SkyPanel puts out a tremendous amount of light, in a soft and uniform beam field. Brighter than a 2 kW tungsten soft light or a 6 kW tungsten space light, the SkyPanel S60 has more than enough light for most applications. At the same time, the lamphead is able to perform beautifully at lower light levels. This range of illumination and color gives users an unprecedented amount of control.

Made in Germany to the high standards for which all ARRI products are known, SkyPanel is built to last – constructed from resilient materials and assembled by hand with great care. Other features include an on-board battery input for mobile applications, LAN port for network connectivity, USB-A port for firmware updates via thumb drive, and many more.

Soft & Uniform Light Quality

The combination of the curated selection of diffusion panels, LED mixing chamber and large light aperture allows for the light to wrap around objects, eliminating sharp shadows and making for a perfect beauty light. The beam field is homogeneous in both color and intensity.

Outstanding Color Rendition

Natural rendition of skin tones, accurate color reproduction and precise color temperature settings are all areas where SkyPanel excels. Whether you measure the color rendition using CRI (Color Rendering Index), CQS (Color Quality Scale) or TLCI (Television Lighting Consistency Index), SkyPanel performs beautifully.

Soft, Clean Shadow

SkyPanel mixes 2,000 calibrated red, green, blue and white LEDs into one homogeneous beam of soft light. In addition to providing excellent light, the SkyPanel also provides excellent shadows. The shadows are soft in nature and do not exhibit multiple edges or strange colors, making SkyPanel one of the best LED soft lights for shadow rendition on the market.


9.8 feet (3.0 meters)

@ 3200K

With standard diffusion: 127 fc, 1,367 Lux

With light diffusion: 134 fc, 1,445 Lux

With heavy duty diffusion: 104 fc, 1,120 Lux

With intensifier: 200 fc, 2,151 Lux

@ 5600K

With standard diffusion: 116 fc, 1,244 Lux

With light diffusion: 122 fc, 1,311 Lux

With heavy duty diffusion: 95 fc, 1,022 Lux

With intensifier: 181 fc, 1,944 Lux

16.4 feet (5.0 meters)

@ 3200K

With standard diffusion: 46 fc, 492 Lux

With light diffusion: 48 fc, 520 Lux

With heavy duty diffusion: 37 fc, 403 Lux

With intensifier: 72 fc, 774 Lux

@ 5600K

With standard diffusion: 42 fc, 448 Lux

With light diffusion: 44 fc, 472 Lux

With heavy duty diffusion: 34 fc, 368 Lux

With intensifier: 65 fc, 700 Lux

23.0 feet (7.0 meters)

@ 3200K

With standard diffusion: 23 fc, 251 Lux

With light diffusion: 25 fc, 265 Lux

With heavy duty diffusion: 19 fc, 206 Lux

With intensifier: 37 fc, 395 Lux

@ 5600K

With standard diffusion: 21 fc, 229 Lux

With light diffusion: 22 fc, 241 Lux

With heavy duty diffusion: 17 fc, 188 Lux

With intensifier: 33 fc, 357 Lux

29.5 feet (9.0 meters)

@ 3200K

With standard diffusion: 14 fc, 152 Lux

With light diffusion: 15 fc, 161 Lux

With heavy duty diffusion: 12 fc, 124 Lux

With intensifier: 22 fc, 239 Lux

@ 5600K

With standard diffusion: 13 fc, 138 Lux

With light diffusion: 14 fc, 146 Lux

With heavy duty diffusion: 11 fc, 114 Lux

With intensifier: 20 fc, 216 Lux

Easy to Use

The SkyPanel user interface is designed for ease of use and to have maximum amount of control. With three simple knobs, the color temperature, green/magenta point, intensity, hue and saturation can be adjusted instantly. People who have never used the light before find the interface effective and intuitive. In addition to the on-board controls, all functions can be remotely adjusted via DMX or LAN network connections.

Powerful Mobility

The SkyPanel's low power consumption allows the fixture to be operated in many locations, using many different sources of power. With the on-board battery input, SkyPanel can easily run off industry-standard batteries. Powerful, beautiful soft light need no longer be tethered to the wall or generator. The S60 can be operated at up to 50% of its total power while on battery, and the S30 can be used at full power.

Lighting Effects (SkyPanel Firmware 3.0)

This feature permits users to choose and manipulate 12 effects without the need for a lighting console or hours of programming. The lighting effects – candle, clouds passing, club lights, color chase, cop car, fire, fireworks, light strobe, lightning, paparazzi, pulsing, and television – have several adjustable parameters that can be customized according to individual requirements.

Source Matching (SkyPanel Firmware 3.0)

SkyPanel’s calibrated light engine makes it possible to reproduce virtually any color. SkyPanel Firmware 3.0 takes further advantage of this by including 46 pre-programmed color matches to commonly found light sources such as tungsten, high-pressure sodium vapor, cool white fluorescent, and candle. Now it is even easier and faster to match a location light source, by simply selecting it from a list.

High Speed Mode (SkyPanel Firmware 3.0)

The much-requested SkyPanel High Speed Mode allows users to shoot at virtually any frame rate and shutter angle. It has been tested up to 25,000 fps and down to a two-degree shutter angle with no adverse effects on image quality.  

RGBW Calibrated Color Space (SkyPanel Firmware 3.0)

RGBW mode is a great way to generate colors by adjusting the intensity values of each of the four LED channels in the SkyPanel. There is now the option to select a calibrated RGBW mode that will still allow for the adjustment of red, green, blue, and white levels, but in a calibrated color space that yields consistent results across SkyPanels. 

Frequency Selection (SkyPanel Firmware 3.0)

This feature allows fine-tuning of the frequency of the SkyPanel’s light output to adjust for slight flicker or roll bars that might occur when shooting at uncommon frame rates or shutter angles. Pick from 10 different frequencies that could reduce or eliminate small amounts of these image anomalies, while maintaining full control over intensity and color tuneability.

Here is a complete feature list of the SkyPanel Firmware 3.0 which was released at NAB 2017.

Optional Accessories

Released alongside the S120 are all the accessories needed for sculpting and controlling the light. Among the S120 accessories are honeycombs, eggcrates, barndoors, diffusion panels, the SkyBender and a new fabric barndoor called the FlexDoor. This wide range of accessories makes the S120 more versatile and easier to control.


ARRI PSU Rail Mount Adapter

The PSU Rail Mount Adapter offers a way to attach your power supply to the lamp head of your SkyPanel S120 with fast, tool-free attachment. This unit attaches the included power supply to the rear of your compatible light fixture. It connects to the rail mount system on the back of your SkyPanel.

What's in the Box

  • Limited 1-Year Warranty
  • Standard Diffuser
  • PSU Rail Mount Adapter
  • Power Supply & DC Cable
  • ARRI SkyPanel S120-C LED Light (Blue/Silver, Edison) with Manual Yoke


Key Highlights

  • Adjustable color 2,800 K to 10,000 K
  • LAN network or DMX Control capable
  • Battery mode included
  • 4" narrow profile
  • Soft, uniform beam of light
  • Bi-Color 2,800-10,000K
  • On-board controls


Lamp Hours:
50,000 expected
Light Options:
Lighting Features:
Controller On-Board - 5-Pin DMX In and Through, EtherCon LAN network connectivity, USB-A, Art-Net
Color Render Index (CRI) - >95
Lamp / Bulb Type:
LED Mat Size:
1x2 - Panel Size - 25.4" x 11.8"
Beam Angle / Light Spread:
110º - (Half Peak Angle)
Color Temperature:
> 90
Average > 90
Soft Diffusion Panel - Optical System
Dimming Range:


Input Voltage:
23 to 36 V DC


19.7 in
11.9 in
59.1 in
57.5 lb
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