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Quasar Science Crossfade Quad Kit - 4'

Quasar Science
This kit includes (4) Quasar Science Q-LED X Crossfade 4' Linear LED Lamps, a QuasarPlate - Quad (T12) with (8) Q-Block T12 Mounting Tips, and a P4SWG Cluster Power Adapter.
Key Highlights
  • Cluster Power Adapter & Mounting Tips
  • Quad QuasarPlate
  • (4) Q-LED X Crossfade 4' Lamps

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This kit includes the following items:

  • (4) Quasar Science Q-LED X Crossfade Linear LED Lamp - 4'
  • Quasar Science QuasarPlate - Quad (T12) with (8) Quasar Science Q-Block T12 Mounting Tips for Q-Line
  • Quasar Science P4SWG Cluster Power Adapter


The Quasar Science Q-LED X Crossfade Linear LED Lamp - 4' allows the user to tune the lamp from beautiful 2000K Candle Light to 6000K Overcast Daylight. Stack lamps into large arrays to form LED panels of tremendous size. Light backings with unprecedented energy efficiency. String overhead with diffusion for the perfect sky. Retrofit your Kino package to high output, dimmer-compatible LED units.

This Linear LED Lamp offers a low profile yet broad lighting source that is capable of providing everything from traditional 3-point subject lighting to architectural accents and general area lighting. Whether lighting actors or lighting environments, its versatility is undeniable.

X-fade White Light

Crossfade blending of Quasar's Candle Light diode (2000K) and Overcast Daylight diode (6000K), mixing a balanced variable color spectrum.

Low Profile

Easy to hide when space is at a premium, the Q-LED Linear LED lamp can be mounted against a wall or ceiling without compromising framing.


Q-LED’s do not require troublesome power supplies or ballasts which often get in the way or need to be hidden from camera.


Compatible with most dimming systems.

Expandable & Scalable

Stack these lamps in columns and rows to create large LED panels of any size, or end-to-end for long linear lighting sources; easily create geometric patterns and 3D structures.

120V AC vs 12V DC

Many modern LED lamps run on 12V DC, which can be very useful (especially on battery packs). However, 12V is highly problematic when powering large scale arrays with multiple lights, or when needing to run cable more then 12' (3m) from the power source where line loss effects the output and performance of the LED.

Energy Efficient

At 90+ lumens per Watt, the Q-LED line vastly outperforms Quartz, Halogen, Plasma, and HMI lighting sources in the luminous output to power consumption ratio.

Single-End Power Input

Provides a clean appearance and easy-to-cable light, without the need for overly complicated wiring looms that become a spiderweb, tangling themselves around stands and costing time and energy to both straighten and dress out of view.


  • 4' 50W - Q50X - 0.6A @ 120V
  • High CRI (95+) / TLCI
  • Flicker Free
  • Compatible with most dimming systems 
  • 25,000+ Hour Lifetime
  • Onboard Crossfade Wheel
  • Grounded G13 Single End


The Quasar Science QuasarPlate - Quad (T12) was designed in collaboration with Matthews Studio Equipment, utilizing their new MyWayGrip™ rigging system. This QuasarPlate Linear LED mounting system is built for Q-LED Linear LED Lamps, making it simple to mount (4) T12 lamps on a single stand. Plate Dimensions: 13" x 8".


  • (1) QuasarPlate
  • (1) 6" MyWayBabyPin
  • (1) MyWayReceiver 


The Quasar Science P4SWG Cluster Power Adapter is designed for use with up to (4) Q-LED Linear Lamps, creating a Dimmable LED source in your existing Kino-Flo fixtures (eliminating the ballast and head feeder as well as producing more output). This Cluster Power Adapter can disconnect at the head for easy storage. Features a grounded Tri-Pin G13-GR to SWITCH to Grounded Male Plug.


The Quasar Science Q-Block T12 Mounting Tip for Q-Line is a mount point for your Q-Line Lamp to create framed arrays. Includes 2x screw holes to accept compatible screws. Mount the Q-Block T12 into a wall, set piece or other flat surface that will accept screws and support the weight of your Q-Line LED Lamp with mount.

Add multiple Q-Block T12 units together to snap in your Q-Line LED Lamp for a wider row of light fixtures. The Q-Block T12 features a pin and hole to easily connect multiples in a row. You can also add an optional Bongo Tie to secure your light in place. See our product images for a configured example. 

You will need (2) Q-Block T12 units to mount each Q-Line LED Lamp, one for each side of the bulb.

NOTE: This product is not compatible with the T-8. Q-Line LEDs are sold separately. Rubber ties and lamps are not included, this is the Mounting Tip only.



What's in the Box

  • MyWayReceiver
  • 6" MyWayBabyPin
  • QuasarPlate - Quad (T12)
  • 4 x Q-Block T12 Mounting Tip
  • Quasar Science P4SWG Cluster Power Adapter
  • Quasar Science Q-LED X Crossfade Linear LED Lamp - 4'
  • 2 x Q Boots
  • Grounded Power 1G Q-Tri-Pin Power Adapter


Key Highlights

  • Cluster Power Adapter & Mounting Tips
  • Quad QuasarPlate
  • (4) Q-LED X Crossfade 4' Lamps
  • (4) Q-LED X Crossfade 4' Lamps
  • Quad QuasarPlate
  • Cluster Power Adapter & Mounting Tips
Quasar Science QuasarPlate - Quad (T12)

Lighting Accessories

Frame / Mount / Stand:
Other Mount Type - Linear LED Multi-Mount (Quad, T12)
Quasar Science P4SWG Cluster Power Adapter


Cable Type:
Cable Side A:
Grounded Male Plug
Cable Features:
Inline Switch
Cable Side B:
4 x Tri-Pin G13-GR - Grounded

Compatibility - Lighting

Quasar Science:
4 x Quasar Science Q-LED X Crossfade Linear LED Lamp
Quasar Science Q-LED X Crossfade Linear LED Lamp - 4'


Lamp Hours:
Lighting Features:
Internal Self Ballasted
Color Render Index (CRI) - 95+
Lamp / Bulb Type:
Color Temperature:

Lighting Accessories

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Included Products

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