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Bespoke Training with Dado Valentic
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Bespoke Training with Dado Valentic

High impact techniques, taught in this course, will completely change your approach to digital cinematography and elevate your image quality to the next level.


With this course, we have created the most comprehensive color training for digital cinematographers available today. The high impact techniques taught in this course, will completely change your approach to digital cinematography and elevate your image quality to the next level. You will learn how to get the most out of modern digital cameras and be able to take full control over your image. We will teach you how to create a whole spectrum of looks and how to emulate a variety of historic film stocks while working in SDR, HDR or ACES. At the end of this two-day training, you will not only have full insider knowledge and techniques but will also gain full practical experience of how to use them.

Color Managed Workflow training was originally developed with the support of British Film Institute and since, has established itself as a standard for modern Film and TV professionals working on top shows for Netflix, Amazon, and HBO. Now in 2019, in collaboration with AbelCine, and with access to the latest cameras, reference monitoring, and projection technology, we are making this great training accessible more than ever before.



Introduction to Color Science

  • What is Color Science?
  • Light and the human visual system
  • Physics of Color
  • Color Systems
  • How do we see Color?
  • The mysterious world of illusion
  • Color and Emotion
  • Color and Harmony

Introduction to Digital Cinematography

  • Digital camera sensors
  • RAW processing pipeline
  • Color spaces
  • What is gamma, linear, log, PQ
  • The truth about resolution, bit depth, and compression
  • Common digital camera models
  • Red, Arri, Panasonic, Sony, BMD, Canon, Drone and mini Cameras

Colour Control and measurement

  • Understanding how to read
  • Waveforms, vectorscopes and histograms
  • Light Meters
  • Spectrometers
  • Color checker charts
  • Camera Test measurement
  • Calibrate Camera Using Color Checker Chart

Color Management Fundamentals

  • Color Managed Workflow overview
  • What is Look and how to create it
  • Primary Color Correction and CDLs
  • 3D LUT and Image DNA
  • CMW Step 1: Color Management On-set
  • CMW Step 2: Datalab, Dailies and Transcoding
  • CMW Step 3: Editorial, Avid, Premiere and VFX
  • CMW Step 4: Final Grade and ColorTrace



Practical Color Management

  • Colourlab interface overview
  • Advanced color science and how this works in Colourlab
  • Look Design using Colourlab
  • Making a LUT and loading it into Camera or LUT box
  • Combining CDL and LUT
  • Creating ASC CDLs using Arri Look Tool or LiveGrade
  • Colourlab ACES Film Stock Emulation
  • Colourlab HDR and look translation

Advanced Color Management

  • ACES – Academy Color Encoding System Explained
  • Monitoring onset in ACEScct
  • Grading in ACEScct with Davinci Resolve
  • Using Sony BVM X-300
  • HDR Explained
  • HDR10 and HDR10+
  • Dolby Vision

Advanced Look Design

  • Advanced use of Secondaries
  • Creative Palettes and Film Profiles and how to use them
  • What can you do to protect image quality
  • Creative looks:
  • Hipster looks
  • Cross process on Kodak Vision 3
  • Sci-Fi looks
  • Classic Kodak Print Look
  • Kodak Vision Camera Negative Look
  • Fuji for Action Film Look
  • Updated Fuji 16mm Noir
  • Classic black and white
  • Orange and Teal
  • Northern Flat look
  • Flashback look
  • What’s popular now look


***All attendees will be given full Colourlab Artist License that incorporates: Colourlab, ACES and HDR plugins for DaVinci Resolve!



Who Should Attend

Who Should Attend

  • Cinematographers wanting to explore the possibilities that digital cinematography opens, and that go far beyond traditional techniques taught at film schools.
  • DITs wanting to advance their career beyond data management tasks.
  • Filmmakers who want to learn all about color and the possibilities they have.
  • Colorists wanting to expand their knowledge, learn how to work like a pro, and be able to design some of the most beautiful looks in SDR, HDR and ACES.


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Custom Training

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