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Cineped 3.5’ Rotating Slider

Abel Code: cineped
Cineped 3/5' Rotating Slider includes a Mitchell mount and Quatro stand.
Key Highlights
  • 8 different camera positions
  • Over 30 different movements
  • Smooth & quiet


This Cineped 3.5' Rotating Slider includes a Mitchell mount and a Quatro stand to mount your camera equipment in such a manner that camera movement remains level and smooth, horizon to horizon, on the 4-leg mount. Remember to follow manufacturer instructions so your slider will not tip over.

The Cineped Rotationg Slider offers (8) camera positions, instant access to over 30 different movements, and it is easy-to-use. The Cineped is ultra smooth and quiet to capture your footage.

(1) Camera slider - 3.5 foot rotational
(1) Cineped Quatro/ 4-leg
(1) 100mm adapter for fluid head
(1) 150mm adapter for fluid head
(2) Carrying Cases

NOTE: Fluid Head is sold separately.

Using the Cineped Slider

The Cineped 3.5' Rotational Slider features a stop brake, a magnetic bumper on the end, a rotation hub, and a rotational brake.

A conventient level helps you ensure your camera will move in the desired manner once your mount the Cineped to a Quatro Stand. After you level your slider, add the fluid head to the slider, then move it to the center to secure your camera.

When you are done, first remove the camera (while the sliding platform is at the center), then dismount the fluid head at one end of the slider.

When storing this slider, be sure to set the rotational brake in the middle position before it rests in the carrying case.

The manufacturer recommends you clean the insider of the sliding rail with a fine cloth and lubricant oil after every use.

Setting up the Quatro Stand

This 4-leg stand for your Cineped Slider offers a secure Mitchell mount for your fluid head and camera. Rubber feet keep the stand from sliding during movement.

The Quatro includes a Knob on each leg where you can loosen the hold of the rosette.

The normal position for this stand is an approximately 30" footprint.

You can adjust the height of the Quatro Stand with the provided clamps. Once you loosen the clamp, simply hold the leg and push or pull it down to extend the leg, as needed. Lock the clamp once you are content with the leg height/position. Repeat for all four legs.

To level the Quatro, please adjust (2) legs at the same time. You can examine the bubble level and adjust the height to your desired position.

Please make sure that each of the legs is secure on the surface before you mount your fluid head and camera.

NOTE: All four legs of the Quatro Stand should be secure prior to mounting your optional Fluid Head and camera to the 4-leg support. Also, be sure to mount your camera with the sliding platform (carriage) in the center of the 4-leg stand. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: The manufacturer states that a camera on the rotational slider must stay within the range of the legs, otherwise it will tip over. That may mean reducing how far you slide the carriage or using a smaller camera rig.

What's in the Box

  • 1 x Cineped 3.5’ Rotating Slider w/ Mitchell Mounts, including Quatro stand


Key Highlights

  • 8 different camera positions
  • Over 30 different movements
  • Smooth & quiet
  • Easy-to-use
  • 4 Adjustable legs on Quatro Stand
  • Payload Center Max: 450 lb
  • Payload Edge Max: 85 lb


Slider Angle:
Slider Load Capacity:
450 - (approx. 204 kg) with center load
85 - (approx. 38.5 kg) with edge load
Slider Max Height:
56" (approx. 142.24 cm) - Slider & Quatro - without head and camera
Slider Min Height:
12" (approx. 30.48 cm) - Slider & Quatro - without head and camera
Slider Size:
50.01-99lbs Capacity - 85 lb limit for edge load
Above 100lbs Capacity - 450 lb for center load

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