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Header image for article Panasonic VariCam LT Scene Files from AbelCine

Panasonic VariCam LT Scene Files from AbelCine

As we've done for so many cameras before, we're back again with more scene files. This time I've tackled the new VariCam LT, matching looks to our tried and true JR45CINE and JR45VID (I even used an HPX2700 to match back to), as well as a high saturation look, and even an ALEXA look.


For convenience, you can download all the files at once. To load them all into the camera, copy the private folder to an SD card, and then load that into the camera. In the menu, navigate to File, then choose Scene File, and finally, Load SD. This will load in all four of our custom scene files.



JR45CINE_BJesse Rosen created JR45CINE for the original, tape-based VariCam, and we've continued the tradition by adding it here as well. This scene file will give you a nice, cinematic look with natural colors.  



JR45VID_B This is another file that is based on one of Jesse's original VariCam looks. It is an overall good, broadcast-quality look with saturated colors.



HISAT_B This is a slightly saturated version of a typical 709 look, but leaves skin tones alone, for a naturally vivid look. I've also skewed cyan tones towards blue for "bluer" skies. Note that this look is different from the typical AB_HISAT file we've created for cameras in the past. AB_HISAT creates an image where everything is saturated, compared to HISAT, where skin tones are preserved but everything else is saturated.



ALEXA709_B This is a pretty good match for 709 in the ALEXA, as well as the ALEXA Classic 709 look in the AMIRA. I created this look because we had been getting requests for looks that match the ALEXA on almost every previous scene file blog, and I plan on including this look in all our scene file bundles going forward. The ALEXA709 look has slightly muted colors compared to our other looks and the VariCam's 709 gamma is incredibly similar to the ALEXA's gamma curve. With middle gray exposed at 50% IRE on both the ALEXA and the VariCam, these two cameras will match incredibly well.

Make sure to download all our scene files and let us know what you think in the comments!

Juliet McNally
Camera Technology Specialist, AbelCine LA

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