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Header image for article At the Bench: Exploring the RED DSMC2 Lineup

At the Bench: Exploring the RED DSMC2 Lineup

In this video, I go over the full lineup of DSMC2 cameras from RED: MONSTRO 8K, HELIUM 8K, GEMINI 5K, and DRAGON 5K. I talk about the features they have in common as well what differentiates each model. Check out the video for all the info, including which camera you might want to use for particular kinds of projects.
Andy Shipsides

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Intro image for article 8K: What Is it Good For? (or, RED's MONSTRO, Full Format, and The Bayer "Tax")
Tutorials & Guides
RED has released no fewer than three 8K cameras since 2015. First was the full format WEAPON DRAGON VV (short for VistaVision), notably used by Henry Braham, BSC on Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Next came the EPIC-W and WEAPON HELIUM, both using RED's 8K S35 HELIUM sensor, which packed 8K of pixels into an area similar in size to the standard 3-perf Super35 format and provided a new level of noise performance, especially when scaled down to deliverable resolutions like UHD 3840x2160 or good old HD (1920x1080). Finally, last fall, RED released a replacement for that first 8K camera, incorporating the new sensor technology from their HELIUM chip, and dubbed it MONSTRO. But, aside from resolution, what are the advantages of these 8K sensors? One answer might surprise you: color.
Intro image for article X-FACTOR: RED's New DRAGON-X
Tech News
RED has just released their latest DSMC2 digital cinema camera, DRAGON-X. Featuring a 5K, 3-perf Super35-sized cut (25.6mm x 13.5mm) of their popular DRAGON sensor, DRAGON-X looks to complement the current DSMC2 camera lineup while providing versatility, performance, and value.
Intro image for article At the Bench: RED GEMINI Dual Recording Workflow
Tutorials & Guides
RED's DSMC2 cameras are able to record .R3D RAW files and ProRes files simultaneously. Both recordings are stored in the same folder, sharing the same metadata. The cameras also allow you to import 3D LUTs with the option of "baking" the LUT into the ProRes files. So, you could say the camera is generating "lite" dailies.
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