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Header image for article Using the C300 with the AJA Ki Pro Mini

Using the C300 with the AJA Ki Pro Mini

Recently, a colleague of mine asked about how to set up the Ki Pro Mini for use with the Canon C300. With the latest firmware (v3.0), the Ki Pro Mini can be triggered to record via the C300, as well as record in 24p (23.976 to be exact).

The C300 does not output 23.98 progressively or in PsF, instead it adds pull-down for a 59.94 interlaced output. This is fine for monitoring, but for external recording, a 2-3 pull-down removal is preferred. The Ki Pro Mini isn't usually able to remove pull-down, but with the C300 it can. In the manual for the Ki Pro Mini it explains how to do this, but it can still be a bit confusing. Here are the steps to get the C300 and Ki Pro Mini working together.

Setting up the C300

  • Set your recording format to 23.98p. True 24p will also work, but make sure you actually want this.
  • In the timecode menu, go to User Bits. Set Rec Mode to 'External.' Set Output Mode to 'Pulldown.'
  • In the other functions menu, set SDI Rec Command to 'ON.'

These settings will add information to the timecode on the C300, which in turn lets the Ki Pro Mini know how to pull out the 23.976p video. Additionally, turning SDI Rec Command on allows the C300's Rec trigger to start and stop the Ki Pro Mini.

Setting up the Ki Pro Mini

  • Set Record Type (menu 1.1) to 'Normal.'
  • Set TC In (menu 8.0) to 'SDI RP188.'
  • Set Arm Recording (menu 8.3) to 'REC KEY.'
  • Set camera data (menu 13.1) to 'C300.'

These settings will tell the Ki Pro Mini to pull the timecode from the SDI signal of the C300, and to look for camera data over that same SDI signal. This camera data will tell the Ki Pro Mini to start/stop recording, and how to remove pull-down. To test it out, connect the C300 and Ki Pro Mini with an SDI cable, and push the record trigger. The Ki Pro Mini should start recording and show a 1080VFR24 signal - this is normal and means it's getting the 23.98 that you want. When set up correctly, these two make a very good combination indeed. Note: For 29.97 (30p) recording, you can follow the same steps above, but change the Record Type menu (1.1) on the Ki Pro Mini to 'PsF.'

Andy Shipsides
Chief Technology Officer / Camera Tech Specialist, AbelCine LA

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