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ARRI AMIRA Camera Body

Abel Code: AR-K1.71700.0
Mfr. Code: K1.71700.0
This handheld camera suitable for documentary-style productions features the same 35mm sensor as the ALEXA and records HD 1080 with a dynamic range of up to 14+ stops. You can record direct to ProRes up to 422 on CFast 2.0 cards.
Key Highlights
  • Setup camera in seconds
  • Up to 14+ stops
  • Native ISO 800

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The versatile ARRI AMIRA Camera features an ergonomic design well-suited for single-operator use or for extended shoulder-mounted operation. It includes the same 35mm sensor as the ALEXA and records HD 1080 images suitable for any distribution format. It combines exceptional image quality with affordable CFast 2.0 workflows. It features in-camera grading and preloaded 3D LUTs. Plus, the AMIRA can capture 100fps slow motion.

The AMIRA produces natural colors and skin tones with a dynamic range of up to 14+ stops. You can record 4K UHD 3840x2160 (with license – included in Premium kit or sold separately), HD 1920x1080, Rec 709, ProRes recording up to 422 on CFast 2.0 cards. It provides a native ISO of 800.

Enhanced HD-SDI outputs on the AMIRA allow the overlay of timecode and other information parameters which is seen within the viewfinder to also be seen on connected monitors. The manufacturer also states you can use an HD-SDI signal as further gunlock-like sync options.

Choose between interchangeable lens mounts: PL, B4 2/3” or Canon EF.

The AMIRA boasts low noise levels and subtle highlights. You can also engage the pre-record function which is an internal buffer to perpetually record a loop. This may help when capturing wildlife or live situations so you can capture all the action.

Ergonomics for Single-Shooters

Sporting sliding dovetails to perfect your shoulder balance, the ARRI AMIRA can be ready to shoot straight out of the bag which makes it ideal for documentary-style productions. The manufacturer boasts that the AMIRA camera boots up in about 13 seconds. How is that possible? All you need to do is attach a charged battery and your lens to begin shooting.

The AMIRA would also be ideal for second unit teams who tend to capture on the go.

Configure your handheld shooting style with ease with the addition of an ARRI MVF-1 viewfinder (included in the Premium kit or sold separately) which combines a high-resolution OLED eyepiece with a fold-away LCD monitor for a live view or camera settings. The display includes access to camera controls and settings. You won’t need to remove the camera from your shoulder to adjust the settings due to the helpful and ergonomic design of the camera and MVF-1 when used together.

You’ll be happy to learn that ND filters (0.6, 1.2, 2.1) are embedded in the camera. Also, the camera’s multi-channel audio includes accessible buttons.

If all of that doesn’t convince you this camera is what you require for documentary or run-and-gun productions, perhaps this will. The ARRI AMIRA is almost half the weight of the ARRI ALEXA. Yes, there are other cameras which are lighter and suited to aerial work or small tripods, but you may find the weight benefits you to maintain a smooth recording.

In-Camera Grading

The camera is preloaded with looks, including some 3D LUT-based looks to apply while filming. ARRI likens this to in-camera grading so Cinematographers can craft consistent and creative visuals. The AMIRA’s color control on set will help you save money in post. Your producer will love you for it.

You can either ‘burn in’ the looks to your recorded footage or make the adjustments apply only to monitoring.

Other Features

The durable AMIRA includes sealed electronics for longevity and to protect against humidity and dust. An integrated thermal core produces efficient cooling. The solid internal skeleton promises camera and lens stability. Combine all that together, plus recall that you can grab it out of the camera bag and setup fast, and you will find you can take this reliable camera from cityscape to jungle, no matter where your production takes you.

If you need live voice-over, employ a microphone-equipped headset to record spoken comments during filming. This provides you the ability to give edit notes. It should also provide the ability to capture a separate audio track for broadcast talent. Timecode and other parameters seen in the viewfinder can also be seen on monitors by using AMIRA's HD-SDI outputs.

In addition, you can obtain temporary licenses to purchase and download specific features for a specific job via the ARRI online License Shop. AMIRA Advanced and Premium licenses may be activated on a weekly basis to suit your varied needs. The Premium license will provide you with WiFi remote control and Bluetooth audio capabilities.



Key Highlights

  • Setup camera in seconds
  • Up to 14+ stops
  • Native ISO 800
  • CFast 2.0
  • Same 35mm Sensor as ALEXA

Camera Lens System

Camera Lens Mount:
PL - w/ Hirose connector and LDS
Canon EF
B4 - w/ Hirose connector
ND Filter:
Embedded - 0.6, 1.2, and 2.1


Color Gamut:
REC 709

Inputs & Outputs

SDI Output:
2 x HD-SDI - 1.5G, 3G and 6G. uncompressed HD/UHD video with embedded audio and metadata (embedded audio only in 1,5G and 3G)
Headphone Out:
Headphone Out (3.5mm)
USB 2.0 - For importing and storing AMIRA Look Files, user set up files, frame line files and feature license keys. Stores captured still image formats in DPX (.dpx, 10 bit) or JPEG (.jpg, 8 bit) format. Stores log files.
USB 2.0 - For importing and storing AMIRA Look Files, user set up files, frame line files and feature license keys. Stores captured still image formats in DPX (.dpx, 10 bit) or JPEG (.jpg, 8 bit) format. Stores log files.
Timecode In/Out:
Audio I/O:
Audio Output - Bluetooth Audio


Sampling Rate:
24 bit / 48 kHz


Power Output:
DC - Hirose 12pin (for ENG type zoom lenses); 12V: D-tab, Hirose 4pin, Lemo 2pin; 24V: RS 3pin


Recorder Channel Count:
More than 3 Channels - 4 Channel Audio Recording
Sound Level:
< 20 dB(A)

Recording / Media

Media Type:
CFast 2.0

Sensor Specifics

Sensor Size:
Super 35mm
Sensor Type:
Aspect Ratio:
Sensor Dimensions:




Recording Formats:
HD 1920x1080 - interlaced & progressive
4K UHD - 3840x2160 (Requires installed 4K UHD license)
Apple ProRes - 3.2K, 3200x1800 (Requires installed 4K UHD license)
Camera Weight (Body):
5.01-10.0lbs - 9.2 lb (~ 4.1 kg), camera body with PL lens mount
Camera Options:
Camera Body Only
Camera Features:
Looks - 3 fix Looks (in camera adjustable)
3 x ND Filter Built-In - FSND 0.6, 1.2, 2.1
False Color
Headphone Jack
Adjustable Image Parameters - Knee, Gamma, Saturation, Black Gamma, Saturation by Hue
White Balance - Auto available
Imaging Processor:
Native ISO:
Exposure Mode:
EI 160 to EI 3200 (EI 800 base sensitivity)
Exposure Latitude - 14+ stops over the entire sensitivity range from EI 160 to EI 3200 as measured with the ARRI Dynamic Range Test Chart (DRTC-1)


25 in
25 in
25 in
20 lb
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