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Header image for article AMIRA Look Files from AbelCine

AMIRA Look Files from AbelCine

The Arri AMIRA is known to be a great looking camera right out of the box but we often get requests to create matching look files for the camera. As you probably know, we make scene files for various cameras including the Sony F5 & F55 to the Canon C100 & C300 cameras. I've created some matching profiles that you can load into the Arri AMIRA or apply in post.

The files are below for downloading, or you can download them all in one zip file. To apply them, just copy the files onto the USB sticky that came with the camera - make sure you put them into the AMIRA -> LOOKFILES folder. Keep in mind that you can apply them to the outputs of the camera, or you can burn them into the internal recording. You can also output a 3D LUT from these for use in various color grading applications by using the AMIRA Color Tool.

Check out the files below and give them a try on your next production.



ABNorm We have created this same file for various Sony cameras including the FS700, F5, F55 and FS7, as well as matching files on the Canon C100, C300, and C500. ABNorm is a warm and colorful look,with a good amount of contrast mixed in. It's good for a basic interview setup but not really designed for high contrast scenarios.

Download the AMIRA ABNorm look



Jr45Video This file is designed to match our original JR45Video scene file for the VariCam. Over the years we have made matching scene files for a variety of different cameras from the HDX900 to the F55. Now you can load the file right into your AMIRA or apply it in post. JR45Video is like our version of 'REC709', a good look but not designed to give you a lot of range.

Download the AMIRA JR45Video look



JR45Cine Just like JR45VIDEO, this file is designed to match our original JR45CINE scene file for the VariCam. JR45CINE is deigned to give you more highlight range, not as much as LogC, but still enough to give you a nice cinema look. In the AMIRA it seems a bit noisy for my taste, but some may like the 'grainy' look of it.

Download the AMIRA JR45Cine look



JRHISAT Our final JR file is also designed to match a file that we made for the original VariCam. This HiSat look isn't often made for other cameras, but I brought it back for the AMIRA. The super rich colors you get with this are not often seen in the default AMIRA settings. It's definitely fun to try out, but it could cause problems with certain bright colors. I advise not baking it in your image, but rather just try it out in post.

Download the AMIRA JRHISAT look


Canon Log Match

CanonLog It may seem a bit odd that we made this file, but I have had a lot of requests. This file makes the AMIRA output an image that is similar to CanonLog. The idea is that if you are using mostly Canon cameras on a production, you could match the Log output of the AMIRA to the Log output of a Canon camera. I've tried it out by baking in the look and applying the Canon Log to 709 LUT in post and it works out pretty well.

Download the AMIRA Canon Log Match look


Slog3Cine Match

SLog3CineFinally, just as above, this look is designed to make the camera match another log curve. The Slog3Cine log mode is in the FS7, F5, and F55 so you could burn in the log curve and use the same LUTs in post. Probably not the most advisable workflow, but you asked and you shall receive.

Download the AMIRA Slog3Cine Match look

If you are interested in learning more about the Arri AMIRA, stay tuned for our next AMIRA intensive workshop coming up in New York and Los Angeles.

Andy Shipsides

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