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Bright Tangerine Revolvr ATOM Cine Kit

Bright Tangerine
Abel Code: BRT-B2010.0002
Mfr. Code: B2010.0002
Estimated to Ship – 5-10 Business Days
Special Order Only
This is a special order item. You will be charged upon placing your order, which is non-cancelable and non-returnable.
This small, lighter single sided studio follow focus offers more placement options and a dual mount cine arm to match your camera configuration. The Revolvr ATOM swing away arm adjust to your lens size. Includes (2) gears and (2) marking discs.
Key Highlights
  • 15mm LWS Follow Focus
  • Smaller design with easy control access
  • (2) 0.8 mod gears (35 & 43 teeth)


Bright Tangerine Revolvr ATOM is a single sided studio follow focus. It's smaller, lighter, and more affordable yet retains the same quality and precision of the original studio version. 

The Revolvr ATOM offers more placement options than the original. It also includes a dual mountable arm to allow you more space for camera lens accessories.

Improved Controller

  • The conical handle matches the contours of your hand, even when the camera is hard to reach.
  • The removable hard stops move independently, and you can use one or both.
  • You can also use the larger handle from the Bright Tangerine Studio Follow Focus, which is sold separately.

Easy Access

To accommodate cold weather, and for better usability, the Revolvr ATOM was designed for easy access to controls. Clamps and locks on the ATOM can be used while wearing gloves so your AC can keep their hands warm and protected.

1:1 Ratio & Dual Sides

The Revolvr ATOM uses a modular design to provide flexibility to work with both still and cine lenses for more accuracy and control. To pair the ATOM with your cine lens, use the optional arm designed for the Bright Tangerine Studio Follow Focus.

In addition, you can mount the arm on either side of the lens.

Revolvr Focus Handwheel

The Revolvr Focus Handwheel offers a knurled grip surface to help you maintain a secure grip. Bright Tangerine designed this handwheel to help your focus puller keep their eyes on the action instead of a handwheel with a built-in depression to seat your fingers. You can mount the handwheel on either side of your lens to pull focus. 

It is designed with a standard socket to accept optional whips and cranks, which are sold separately and discussed further below.  

Revolvr Gear – 0.8 Mod (35 & 43 Teeth)

This Revolvr ATOM Kit includes (2) Revolvr Gears in 0.8 Mod. One with 35 teeth with a 10mm face (thickness) and the second with 43 teeth with a 6mm face (thickness). These gears are designed to interface with cine lenses which offer geared focus rings or with still lenses using an optional geared adapter ring.

NOTE: You can interchange these gears with either the Revolvr or the Revolvr ATOM swing arms due to their universal nature.

Removable Marking Disc

This interchangeable marking disc can be matched to a specific lens for rapid lens movement and focus changes or resets. Should you require more for complex focus adjustments, additional marking discs are available for separate purchase.

Like all standard marking discs, you can write on/wipe off the surface with dry-erase or wet-erase markers.

NOTE: The Revolvr Atom marking discs do NOT fit on the original Revolvr follow focus.

Lightweight Core Bridge & Cine Swing Arm

The Revolvr Lightweight Core Bridge & Revolvr Cine Swing Arm were designed to work together. When you turn the handwheel on your Lightweight Core Bridge, the Revolvr Swing Arm transfers the focus adjustments or movements to the drive gear on your lens. Due to accommodating a wide variety of lens sizes, Bright Tangerine created their Core Bridge to pivot and adjust to the diameter of each lens. The Revolvr Cine Swing Arm connects to the Lightweight Core Bridge with one screw. Both feature a 1:1.842 gear ratio.

The Revolvr Cine Swing Arm offers a tension adjustment roller and a rubber drive belt to eliminate backlash. You can mount drive gears on either side of the Cine Swing Arm to adapt to your specific configuration needs.

Optional Accessories

Bright Tangerine offers a range of optional accessories such as gears, speed cranks, arms, whips, and much more for you to expand the Revolvr ATOM.

Lightweight Bridge – snaps onto LWS bars or into 15mm and 19mm studio adaptors

Whip & Speed Crank – zero backlash due to an active-expanding coupling to connect the BT whip and speed crank. Speed crank is adjustable in length and can pivot from 90 to 130 degrees so you can vary speed and easily access the crank. If you have little room on a specific shot (such a narrow doorway or other confined space), you can attach the whip or the speed crank without a handle.

Soft Stop / Hard Stop - set your A and B positions, and use your forefinger to feel when you hit your mark. You can follow the action, and stay in focus all the time. For hard stops, just activate the hidden plunger. 

Revolvr ATOM is made in Germany.

What's in the Box

  • Revolvr Cine Swing Arm (for Revolvr Lightweight Core & Revolvr Core Bridge) with 1:1.842 Ratio
  • Revolvr Gear 0.8 Mod 43 Teeth with 6mm Face
  • Revolvr Gear 0.8 Mod 35 Teeth with 10mm Face
  • 2 x Marking Disc
  • Bright Tangerine Revolvr Focus Handwheel
  • Bright Tangerine Revolvr ATOM 15mm Lightweight Core Bridge
  • Limited Warranty


Key Highlights

  • 15mm LWS Follow Focus
  • Smaller design with easy control access
  • (2) 0.8 mod gears (35 & 43 teeth)
  • Gears feature 1:1.842 ratio
  • Swing arm adjusts to your lens size
  • Includes (2) marking discs
  • Accepts optional whips & cranks

Mechanical & Electronic Controls

Focus Knob:
Single vs. Dual:
# Teeth:
1 x 43 - Revolvr Gear
1 x 35 - Revolvr Gear
Rod Standard:
15mm LWS
Mechanical Options:
2 x Marking Ring - Use dry-erase or wet-erase markers
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