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LiteGear LiteMat PLUS THREE Hybrid Complete Kit (DC Gold Mount)

LiteGear Inc.
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This kit includes the LiteMat+ Plus 3 LED Light Fixture with LiteDimmer Plus 200W DC Unit and Anton/Bauer Gold Mount, LitePower Supply, PL7 12' Extension Cable, PSU Mounting plate, PolySkirt, (3) Diffusers, Parasquare Louver, LiteMount, and KitBag.
Key Highlights
  • LiteMat PLUS 3 LED Fixture
  • Includes Dimmer & PSU
  • Gold Mount
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The manufacturer requires us to advertise this product at a set price (Minimum Advertised Price). However, we sell this item at a reduced price. To see our price, simply click the Add to Cart button. You are under no obligation to purchase the item.

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LiteGear LiteMat PLUS THREE Hybrid Complete Kit (DC Gold Mount)
LiteGear Inc.
? MAP:
The manufacturer requires us to advertise this product at a set price (Minimum Advertised Price). However, we sell this item at a reduced price. To see our price, simply click the Add to Cart button. You are under no obligation to purchase the item.


The LiteGear LiteMat PLUS THREE Hybrid Complete Kit (DC Gold Mount) includes the following items:

  • LiteMat 3, Hybrid (LM-PLUS-THREE-HY-MAT)
  • LiteDimmer PLUS DC200G, 200W DC Unit, Gold Mount (LD-PLUS-DC200G)
  • LitePower Supply, 250W (PS-12V-250W-F-PL4)
  • PL7 Extension, 12 Feet (CA-PL7-EXT-12)
  • LiteDimmer PLUS Power Supply Mounting Plate, Gold Mount (LDA-PLUS-PLATE-G)
  • LiteMat 3 PolySkirt (LMA-THREE-SKIRT)
  • LiteMat 3 Diffuser, Quarter "Grid" (LMA-THREE-DIFF-Q)
  • LiteMat 3 Diffuser, Half "Grid" (LMA-THREE-DIFF-H)
  • LiteMat 3 Diffuser, Full "Grid" (LMA-THREE-DIFF-F)
  • LiteMat 3 Parasquare Louver (LMA-THREE-LC-GRID)
  • LiteMat 3 LiteMount (LMA-LITEMOUNT)
  • LiteMat 3 KitBag (LMA-THREE-BAG)


The new LiteMat+ Plus series of LED Light Fixtures is the ideal luminaire for set lighting and rental company inventories. LiteMat+ Plus incorporates everything you love about LiteMat, features the new CineMitter, and adds some distinctly new features. The most notable change is the PL7 locking connection system, which happens to be the same for every size of LiteMat+ Plus, and the new LiteDimmer+ Plus series of dimmmers with built-in camera battery mounts. This fixture features three (vertically) "tiled" 9.5" x 19" LED light engines covered by a thin, clear polycarbonate layer bordered by Velcro.

By providing evenly spaced, Color-Correct LEDs spread out over a large area, LiteMat+ Plus creates soft light without requiring diffusion. This "soft-through-pixelization" method allows the unit to achieve surprisingly bright light levels while remaining under 1" (23mm) thick and weighing just 4.8 lb (2.18 kg).

The new CineMitter series of applied-phosphor LEDs set the standard for cinematic, color-correct LED lighting. Efficient and full-spectrum, these LED chips offer state-of-the-art output with a 40% increase in brightness over VHO Pro. Another distinct feature of the CineMitter is the extended Kelvin range. LiteGear pushed the the lower CCT to 2600 degrees Kelvin (K) allowing for candlelight or deep-tungsten output while increasing the CRI to a staggering 95+- that's nearly indistinguishable from traditional incandescent sources! On the cool side, the CCT was pushed up to 6200k to better balance for overcast sky or cool white fluorescents. This increase in CCT still achieves a CRI of 95+ and provides beautiful, full-spectrum daylight.

LiteMat walks the line between a complete, ready-to-shoot system and a DIY light source. With its set of predefined accessories, it can serve the needs of DPs, gaffers, and lighting technicians looking for a more turn-key setup. Conversely, the LiteMat head unit, with its Kino Flo-compatible mounting system, offers great flexibility with its lightweight and modular design and high light output, allowing the LiteMat to serve as the heart of your next great idea. You can easily make your own accessories or simple soft boxes, customized light banks, or even your own Chinese lantern.

LiteDimmer+ Plus

LiteDimmer+ Plus incorporates legendary LiteDimmer cinema-grade electronics into a singular housing combined with the AC or DC power supply. These hybrid dimmers are available in manual and DMX versions with wattages starting at 100W through 400W, and feature the new locking PL7 connector. Some of the LiteDimmer+ Plus units feature CurrrentSense technology which regulates the output current regardless of how many LiteMats and LiteTiles are plugged in.

The LiteDimmer+ Plus DC200 is the ideal portable companion for powering +Series fixtures. With a focus on DC input power, the 200W unit can be powered using typical Gold Mount compatible batteries. Optionally, an external AC powered, 12V power supply can be used and attached to the battery mount with the optional power supply mounting plate. The LiteDimmer+ Plus' rugged housing includes several different mounting options including four 1/4"-20 threads for attaching clamps or brackets.

LitePower Supply

LiteGear's selection of LitePower Supplies will get your LiteMat "up and running." LiteGear's 250W LitePower Supplies have a universal voltage AC input with PL4.F connector and output a constant 24V DC.

LiteMat PolySkirt

The LiteMat PolySkirt is a multi-wall polypropylene (coroplast) skirt that helps control the light output by limiting the amount of light exiting the fixture beyond the 120-degree primary field. The PolySkirt is assembled using shock-cord and mounts to the LiteMat head with Velcro. The PolySkirt also serves as an accessory holder as all remaining accessories require its use.

Plus 2 Diffusers

Woven fabric "diffusers" are a typically used item for this type of lighting system. LiteMat Diffusers are made in industry-standard varieties and are assembled by stitching "hook" Velcro around their borders to mate with the loop on the skirt. Presently, there are 3 densities of grid-cloth (quarter, half, and full).

Plus 2 Parasquare Louver

The LiteMat Parasquare Louver is an aluminized plastic molded sheet with parabolic elements within each square cell that provides desirable light output with refined edges and an even field. Velcro one-wrap die cut strips are attached to the edges to serve as a mounting method to the required PolySkirt.

Plus 2 LiteMount

LiteGear's new ball-and-socket mounting system.

Plus 2 KitBag

The LiteMat KitBag holds the LiteMat fixture as well as the accessories including the PolySkirt, Parasquare Louver, diffusers, LiteDimmer, power supply, Center Mount, and cables. This bag is specifically designed to protect your gear from "everyday" damage due to environmental conditions. 


  • fc @ 24": 1331
  • fc @ 36": 592
  • fc @ 48": 333
  • fc @ 60": 213
  • fc @ 72": 148
  • fc @ 84": 109
  • fc @ 96": 83.2
  • fc @ 108": 65.7
  • Lux @ 61cm: 14328
  • Lux @ 91cm: 6368
  • Lux @ 122cm: 3582
  • Lux @ 152cm: 2293
  • Lux @ 183cm: 1592
  • Lux @ 213cm: 1170
  • Lux @ 244cm: 896
  • Lux @ 274cm: 708

What's in the Box

  • LiteMat 3 KitBag (LMA-THREE-BAG)
  • LiteMat 2 LiteMount (LMA-LITEMOUNT)
  • LiteMat 3 Parasquare Louver (LMA-THREE-LC-GRID)
  • LiteMat 3 Diffuser, Full "Grid" (LMA-THREE-DIFF-F)
  • LiteMat 3 Diffuser, Half "Grid" (LMA-THREE-DIFF-H)
  • LiteMat 3 Diffuser, Quarter "Grid" (LMA-THREE-DIFF-Q)
  • LiteMat 3 PolySkirt (LMA-THREE-SKIRT)
  • LiteDimmer PLUS Power Supply Mounting Plate, Gold Mount (LDA-PLUS-PLATE-G)
  • PL7 Extension, 12 Feet (CA-PL7-EXT-12)
  • LitePower Supply, 250W (PS-12V-250W-F-PL4)
  • LiteDimmer PLUS DC200G, 200W DC Unit, Gold Mount (LD-PLUS-DC200G)
  • LiteMat 3, Hybrid (LM-PLUS-THREE-HY-MAT)


Key Highlights

  • LiteMat PLUS 3 LED Fixture
  • Includes Dimmer & PSU
  • Gold Mount
  • PSU Mounting Plate
  • 12' PL7 Extension Cable
  • Includes PolySkirt
  • Includes (3) Diffusers
  • Includes Louver
  • Includes LiteMount
  • Includes KitBag

Battery Accessories

Battery Plate Type:
Battery Plate Choice:
Gold Mount


150W - 7644 Lumens
Light Options:
Lighting Features:
Battery Operable
Color Temperature Adjustment
Lamp / Bulb Type:
LED - 1728 LED Emitters (Cinemitters)
LED Mat Size:
2x3 - 21" x 30.5" (actual size)
Color Temperature:
2600-6200°K - Hybrid Tungsten / Daylight
Lighting Kit:
Dimming Range:
0 to 100% continuous


Input Voltage:
24V - DC
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