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Header image for article AbelCare: Expecting the Unexpected

AbelCare: Expecting the Unexpected

We'd like to let you in on an industry secret – when you've been doing repairs for over 25 years, it becomes easy to predict the unexpected. The best tripods can get wobbly, the best lenses can drift, the best monitors need adjustments, and your most loved gear can eventually wear down. The good news is AbelCine's Tech Services has seen it all, and over the years we've been expanding the scope of our camera and electronics services to keep up with your repair needs.

General maintenance is an inevitability when you're using your gear, whether it's indoors or out in the field, and unfortunately accidents do happen. While nobody can truly foresee the future—though we can recommend you put the coffee down and away from the camera while operating—our new AbelCare program can help put your mind at ease. From Indie to Institution, AbelCare offers different levels of coverage depending on the size of your production, office set up, or rental fleet. Let us help you plan your repair budget by purchasing AbelCare in advance; you can receive hundreds to thousands of dollars off the retail value of our services just by thinking ahead.

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Not only will you receive an overall discount on our services through AbelCare, but you also receive other valuable perks, such as unlimited phone, e-mail, and in-person tech support, discounted rental backup equipment, and more.

AbelCine Tech Services uses genuine manufacturer service parts, and our repairs come complete with a 30-day warranty on the work performed. Whether it's an overall check or complete disassembly, matching or calibrations, collimation or cleaning, we do our best to ensure both reasonable turnaround times and one-stop maintenance. If service at your facility is more practical, we can even schedule a time to come to you for routine monitor calibrations and more.

For more information on our camera, accessory, lens, monitor, or tripod repair services, visit our Tech Services page or contact us directly.

For more information on AbelCare or how to enroll, please contact us.


Intro image for article Introducing the AbelCare Support Program
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We know that production can be unpredictable, so we created a support program that's suitable for all levels of equipment owners and all types of situations. AbelCare combines a full range of equipment maintenance, front line tech support, and training services with additional support benefits when and where you need them most. The program is highly flexible, so you can customize it to suit your needs and budget.
Intro image for article AbelCine's Tech Services At Your Service
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AbelCine was founded as a camera service and repair facility, and as we've grown, so has the scope of camera and electronics services we offer. Our New York and Burbank locations both have in-house repair departments dedicated to the maintenance and servicing of your cameras, lenses, tripods, accessories, and electronics.