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Header image for article NAB 2016: Roundup of Our Blog Coverage

It was a busy NAB for our tech specialists with visits to the most interesting booths at the show, as well as Tech Talks and training workshops on the AbelCine presentation stage. With so much to cover, we wanted to round up all of our NAB blogs and presentations in one place for you.

Without any further ado, dive into our NAB 2016 blog roundup:

NAB 2016: Zeiss Booth Updates

Ian talks with Snehal Patel at the Zeiss booth about the latest additions to their Master Anamorphic and Compact Prime series. Zeiss also introduced OEM lens gears, opening up a truly hybrid option that features the best of stills and video functionality.

NAB 2016: New Cooke Anamorphic Lenses

Megan gets the latest scoop on Cooke's newest Anamorphic /i lenses with ZGC's Director of Sales, Rich Eilers. The 35-140mm will be the first zoom lens in the product line, while the new 65mm anamorphic prime offers macro capabilities.

NAB 2016: DJI Booth Updates

Ian met with Adam Najberg from DJI to check out their latest drones. Their newest helicopter, the M600, includes an integrated flight controller, a GPS and an upgradeable DRTK module. They also touch upon the Ronin MX, and the X5R camera and the Osmo controller.

NAB 2016: Motorized Precision KIRA

Andy speaks with Sean Brown, the President of Motorized Precision, who is showing off their high-speed, cinematic robot, KIRA. KIRA is currently capable of integrating with both RED and Phantom cameras for control.

NAB 2016: Litepanels ASTRA 1x1 Soft Bi-Color

In this video, Megan checks out the newest addition to the Astra family with Alan Ipakchian from Litepanels -- the ASTRA 1x1. They also touch upon Astra accessories, including optional DMX and Bluetooth control options.

NAB 2016: Light & Motion Stella Lighting

Megan discusses the newest Stella Pro LED lights with Daniel Emerson, CEO of Light & Motion. The new Stella Pro 7000 features a color temperature of 5000K and a CRI of 90, while the new Stella 5000d is capable of outputting 5000 lumens, while only drawing 70 watts at full power.

NAB 2016: Fiilex M1

Ian checks out the Fiilex booth, talking with Brent Siebenaler about the new M1 -- an LED fixture that features a diffuse flicker-free source without compromising on power or throw. The M1 is also designed to work easily with the rest of Fiilex's light shaping accessories for even more control.

NAB 2016: Hive Lighting Updates


Megan and Jonathan Miller talk Plasma 1000, Hive's newest line. Their new Wasp and Bee 1000w plasmas produce about two times the output of a similarly rated HMI while only drawing about 9a each.

NAB 2016: Flanders Scientific Updates

Andy dropped by the Flanders Scientific booth, where Flanders CEO Bram Desmet showed off their new BoxIO LUT boxes as well as the 17" version of their popular DM250 display, the DM170.

NAB 2016: Atomos Flame Series

Ian stopped by the Atomos booth to speak with Jeromy Young about their new Shogun Flame and Ninja Flame recorders. He also gets the scoop on the Shogun Inferno recorder, announced just before NAB kicked off.

NAB 2016: Movcam Wireless System Updates

Ian visits 16x9's booth for some updates on their Movcam wireless system. Its laser-based rangefinder system can accurate read and report distance data, as well as control auto focus -- perfect for gimbals, cranes and drones.

NAB 2016: Chrosziel MagNum

Ian met with Timm Stemann to check out their updated MagNum wireless lens control system, such as dual-band frequency selection. They also discuss MagNum accessories and the new digital motor offered by Chrosziel, the CDM-100.

NAB 2016: Sound Devices PIX Series Updates

Ian catches up with Paul Isaacs from Sound Devices about their new PIX-LR. Providing two XLR inputs and two XLR outputs, the PIX-LR is a convenient screw-on attachment that can be mounted to the bottom panel of any of the PIX-E recorders (PIX-E5, PIX-E5H, PIX-E7).

NAB 2016: Redrock Micro EclipseNet System

Redrock Micro's Brian Valence shows Ian their first-of-its-its kind Orbit Monitor Positioning System. Part of the EclipseNet system, the product line's purpose is to make the life of a solo gimbal operator easier by simplifying tasks that might require a dedicated assistant.

NAB 2016: TiltaMAX Updates

Follow Jeff into the TiltaMAX booth, as he speaks with North America CEO Yang Shao about their line of high-end camera cages and powered accessories. He gets the inside scoop on their soon to be available cage systems for RED's WEAPON and V-Lock Base Expander.

NAB 2016: Miller Updates

Ian swung by the Miller booth to speak with engineer Michael Abelev on the new ArrowX series of tripod heads. Along with Miller's trademark consistency and repeatability, the ArrowX series is also more robust, with confidence-inspiring payload ratings.

NAB 2016: Bright Tangerine Updates

Jeff caught up with Robert Eagle of Bright Tangerine to talk about their new Titan articulating arm -- a monitor arm not only capable of withstanding around two and a half tons of pressure, but built to last.


Tech Talks & Presentations

NAB 2016 Tech Talks at the AbelCine Booth: Nokia

Stuart English of Nokia stopped by to talk with Andy about OZO. In addition to software updates, post workflow options, a new player, and distribution methods, Stuart discusses the philosophy behind the camera and VR's potential.

NAB 2016 Tech Talks at the AbelCine Booth: Freefly

In this Tech Talk, Alan Yates and Justin Brown from Freefly stopped by our booth to show off the new ALTA 8 UAV -- a ready-to-fly octocopter system capable of carrying payloads of up to 20 pounds.

NAB 2016 Tech Talks at the AbelCine Booth: Panasonic

Steve Mahrer, Senior Technologist at Panasonic, stopped by our booth for a Panasonic Tech Talk, and he brought the VariCam LT with him.

NAB 2016 Tech Talks at the AbelCine Booth: Sony

Sony's Peter Crithary came by with the new AXS-R7 Raw Recorder. Peter also gave us a few more details about the upcoming firmware updates for the F5/F55 and the new XAVC recording mode.

NAB 2016 Tech Talks at the AbelCine Booth: ARRI

Sebastien Laffoux and Hendrik Voss from ARRI discuss the cool new features in SUP 4.0 for the ALEXA Mini. They also go over the new, more powerful cforce Plus wireless motors and updates to ARRI's wireless platform.

NAB 2016 Tech Talks at the AbelCine Booth: Phantom Updates

In this Tech Talk, AbelCine's Moe Shore and Megan Donnelly talk about the history of Phantom cameras, and the upcoming Phantom VEO. They also discuss the upcoming Cameo accessories designed to work specifically with the new VEO.

NAB 2016 Tech Talks at the AbelCine Booth: Zeiss

Snehal Patel of Zeiss joined us to talk about the different lenses they are exhibiting at NAB, from the popular CP.2s to Compact Zooms, and the new Otus 1.4/28mm. He also showed off the brand new Zeiss Lens Gear Rings.

NAB 2016 Tech Talks at the AbelCine Booth: Angenieux

Ian talks with Jean-Marc Bouchut from Angenieux about their new long range anamorphic zoom, the Optimo 44-440, as well as some of the history of the company.

NAB Tech Talks from the AbelCine Booth: Canon

Megan and Paul Hawxhurst discussed the new Compact Servo 18-80mm lens, the new multi-purpose ME200 camera, as well as firmware updates for the C100 Mark II, C300 Mark II, and the DP-V2410 4K reference monitor.

NAB 2016 Tech Talks at the AbelCine Booth: Leica / CW Sonderoptic

Rainer Hercher from CW-Sonderoptic joins Megan for a discussion of Leica's new cinema products -- including the new 40mm and 15mm Summicron-C lenses. They also discuss the Leica Cine Macrolux diopter.

NAB 2016 Tech Talks at the AbelCine Booth: Fujifilm

Chuck Lee from Fujifilm's Optical Devices Division stopped by our booth for a Tech Talk, and he brought along the new Cabrio XK6x20 -- a lens which features a detachable servo, a wide zoom range and a constant aperture of T3.5.

NAB 2016: AbelCine Training Presentations

We also presented short AbelCine training sessions in our booth. In the first session, Andy discussed creating 3D LUTs with Pomfort Livegrade. Then Jeff did a short presentation on RED cameras and the DSMC2 updates. Finally, Warren Eagles of the ICA shared his Resolve tips and tricks.

AbelCine Team
Our Technical Specialists contributed to this blog.

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