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Header image for article NAB 2017: Redrock Micro Updates

NAB 2017: Redrock Micro Updates

I stopped by the Redrock Micro booth where I was joined by Brian Valente to check out their latest products.

This year, Redrock has focused heavily on their lens control offerings. The first product Brian shows us is their new SLS Motor. This motor is extremely compact, with 300% more torque and twice the resolution of their current Torque motors.

Weighing in at just over 4oz (120g), this motor is perfect for gimbal and aerial applications where every ounce becomes crucial. The SLS motors are being offered in a few versions, one of which is configured with the MoVI Pro FIZ Molex connector built-in.

The SLS is not the only MoVI Pro accessory Redrock Micro has released. To accompany the motors, they have also created the Navigator command module. This is MoVI API compatible for full focus, iris and zoom support of motors attached directly to the MoVI Pro.

The Eclipse system, which was shown last year as a preview, is back in full release form. The system starts with the Atlas motor, which features the same torque and resolution improvements as the SLS motors, with the addition of a built-in MDR. The Navigator module seen on their MoVI Pro setup is back, again allowing for FIZ control, but this time paired with the Atlas motors. The third piece of the system is called the Halo Explorer. This is a LIDAR-based range finding accessory to be used for marking actors’ locations and pulling focus. It also allows for focus tracking using cine lenses, essentially an autofocus option for manual lenses.

Redrock Micro has also teamed up with the crew over at SmallHD to create a way for you to view and use the information gathered by the Halo Explorer on set. When using a SmallHD monitor, the Halo will wirelessly stream through Mission Control to send focus, iris and other lens information to be displayed on the monitor – something ACs will surely love.

The final item Brian shows us is Redrock’s new Meta Touch tags, an ingenious way of assigning lens identification to RFID tags. This allows you to simply pass the tag in front of a motor during a lens change, and the motor will instantly remember its calibration from the last time you used it.

Check out the video above to see the system in action.

Ian McCausland
Camera Technology Specialist, AbelCine LA

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