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Header image for article Panasonic Releases New Firmware for VariCam 35 & HS

Panasonic Releases New Firmware for VariCam 35 & HS


Panasonic has just released new firmware for the VariCam 35 and HS cameras. This update includes some of the most anticipated features for these new cameras, and it's completely free.

First off is ProRes HQ recording (in HD) on both the 35 and HS, a must have for many productions. This format comes on top of the AVC-Intra formats already found in the HS & 35 today. The VariCam 35 expands that list even further with AVC-Intra 4K/UHD 444 12-bit recording, the highest possible recording format in-camera. This format promises to give the most color depth with the least overall compression. Panasonic has also added variable frame rate recording to the 35, allowing up to 120p in both 4K/UHD and HD modes, making it one of very few cameras that offer 4K recording over 60p without cropping. Note that it does utilize a more compressed format - AVC-Intra 4K-LT - to record at this high speed.

Another great feature that is now fully implemented is live color grading over LAN or Wireless LAN. This enables users to directly grade the camera using Pomfort LiveGrade software - stay tuned for a future blog on this process. Additionally, Panasonic has updated some features impacting workflow, including User Clip naming functions, and Window Burns that can be applied to proxy recording. Overall, this is definitely an impressive update. You can download it from the Panasonic website and see a full list of new updates for both cameras below:

Added Formats

  • [35 | HS] Apple ProRes HQ (HD)
  • [35] AVC-Intra4K 444 (4K/UHD) 12-bit recording.
  • [35] AVC-Intra4K-LT (4K/UHD) VFR 60-120p/50-100p
  • [35] AVC-Intra2K 422 (2K) VFR 1- 120p/1-100p
  • [35] AVC-Intra100 (HD) VFR 1- 120p/1-100p
  • [35] SYSTEM FREQ 24.00p (4K/2K)


  1. [35 | HS] Window Burn
  2. [35 | HS] New User Clip Name function (TYPE3)
  3. [35 | HS] Color Grading (CDL/LUT) software with LAN/Wireless LAN
  4. [35 | HS] Control via LAN using Remote Operation Panel AK-HRP200
  5. [35 | HS] Skin Tone Detail
  6. [35 | HS] Multi Home page
  7. [35] Dual Native ISO (ISO 5000/800) select menu <> All ISO select menu

If you're interested in learning even more about the new VariCams, check out our VariCam Intensive workshop coming up soon in NY and LA.

Andy Shipsides

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