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Header image for article PLx Extender Compatibility

PLx Extender Compatibility

The PLx Extenders have been designed for AbelCine by IB/E Optics to be compatible with a wide range of PL-mount lenses. This chart lists the cameras and zoom & prime lenses that have been tested with the PLx2 and PLx1.4.

This page will be updated as we conduct more tests. The PLx Extenders are compatible with the following cameras.

  • ARRI ALEXA, all models including the Studio
  • ARRI 35mm film cameras
  • Aaton 35mm film cameras
  • Phantom High-Speed Cameras - all models
  • Sony F3 / F5 / F55 / F65
  • Canon C300 / C500 (PL-mount)

The Universal Mount System (UMS) allows quick and easy changing of camera mounts on an IB/E lens adapter.

PLx2 2x Extender

Minimum Image Circle Projection: 32mm Maximum Input Aperture: f1.8

PLx1.4 1.4x Extender

Minimum Image Circle Projection: 34mm Maximum Input Aperture: f2.8


Zoom Lenses


Lens Compatible
Cine Zoom 15-40 Yes
Cine Zoom 28-76 Yes
Cine Zoom 17-80 Yes
Cine Zoom 24-290 Yes
Cine Zoom 25-250 HR Yes
Cine Zoom 45-120 Yes
Optimo 16-40 Yes
Optimo 30-76 Yes
Optimo 25-250 Yes
Optimo DP 16-42 No
Optimo DP 30-80 No
Optimo Anamorphic 44-440 A2S Yes
Optimo Anamorphic 30-72 A2S Yes
Optimo Anamorphic 56-152 A2S Yes



Lens Compatible
Alura 15.5-45 Yes
Alura 18-80 Yes
Alura 30-80 Yes
Alura 45-250 Yes



Lens Compatible
16.5-110 Master Zoom Yes



Lens Compatible
Cine-Servo 17-120 Yes
CN-E 14.5-60 Yes
CN-E 15.5-47 Yes
CN-E 30-105 Yes
CN-E 30-300 Yes



Lens Compatible
25-250 Cinetal Yes
18-100 Yes
20-100 Varotal Yes


Focus Optics

Lens Compatible
Focus Optics 14-24 Yes



Lens Compatible
Cabrio 19-90 Yes
Cabrio 85-300 Yes
Premier PL 18-85 Yes
Premier PL 75-400 Yes



Lens Compatible
70-200 CZ.2 Yes
28-80 CZ.2 Yes



Prime Lenses


Lens / Focal Length Compatible
Master Prime 14 Yes
Master Prime 18 Yes
Master Prime 25 Yes
Master Prime 32 Yes
Master Prime 40 Yes
Master Prime 50 Yes
Master Prime 65 Yes
Master Prime 75 Yes
Master Prime 100 Yes
Master Prime 150 Yes
Ultra Prime 14 No
Ultra Prime 16 No
Ultra Prime 20 No
Ultra Prime 24 No
Ultra Prime 28
Ultra Prime 32 Yes
Ultra Prime 40 Yes
Ultra Prime 50 Yes
Ultra Prime 65 Yes
Ultra Prime 85 Yes
Ultra Prime 100 Yes
Ultra Prime 135 Yes
Ultra Prime 180 Yes
High Speed Mk II / Mk III 18 No
High Speed Mk II / Mk III 25 No
High Speed Mk II / Mk III 35 No
High Speed Mk II / Mk III 50 No
High Speed Mk II / Mk III 65 Yes
High Speed Mk II / Mk III 85 Yes
Standard Prime Mk II 300 Yes



Lens / Focal Length Compatible
S4/i 14 No
S4/i 18 No
S4/i 21 No
S4/i 25 No
S4/i 32 No
S4/i 35 No
S4/i 40 Yes
S4/i 50 Yes
S4/i 75 Yes
S4/i 100 Yes
S4/i 135 Yes
Mini S4/i (Panchro/i) 32 No
Mini S4/i (Panchro/i) 50 Yes
Mini S4/i (Panchro/i) 75 Yes
Mini S4/i (Panchro/i) 100 Yes
Anamorphic/i 25 Not tested
Anamorphic/i 32 Not tested
Anamorphic/i 40 Yes
Anamorphic/i 50 Yes
Anamorphic/i 65 Macro Not tested
Anamorphic/i 75 Yes
Anamorphic/i 100 Yes
Anamorphic/i 135 Not tested
Anamorphic/i 180 Not tested
Anamorphic/i 300 Not tested



Lens / Focal Length Compatible
Summilux-C 16 Yes
Summilux-C 18 Yes
Summilux-C 21 Yes
Summilux-C 25 Yes
Summilux-C 29 Yes
Summilux-C 35 Yes
Summilux-C 40 Yes
Summilux-C 50 Yes
Summilux-C 65 Yes
Summilux-C 75 Yes
Summilux-C 100 Yes
Summicron-C 18 Yes
Summicron-C 21 Yes
Summicron-C 25 Yes
Summicron-C 29 Yes
Summicron-C 35 Yes
Summicron-C 40 Not tested
Summicron-C 50 Yes
Summicron-C 75 Yes
Summicron-C 100 No
Summicron-C 135 No



Lens / Focal Length Compatible
RED PRO 18 Yes
RED PRO 25 Yes
RED PRO 35 Yes
RED PRO 50 Yes
RED PRO 85 Yes
RED PRO 100 Yes
RED PRO 300 Yes



Lens / Focal Length Compatible
Cine-Xenar Mark III 18 Yes
Cine-Xenar Mark III 25 Yes
Cine-Xenar Mark III 35 Yes
Cine-Xenar Mark III 50 Yes
Cine-Xenar Mark III 75 Yes
Cine-Xenar Mark III 95 Yes



Lens / Focal Length Compatible
CineAlta PL 20 Yes
CineAlta PL 25 Yes
CineAlta PL 35 Yes
CineAlta PL 50 Yes
CineAlta PL 85 Yes
CineAlta PL 135 Yes
PL Prime 30 No
PL Prime 50 No
PL Prime 85 No



Lens / Focal Length Compatible
Compact Prime CP.2 15 Yes
Compact Prime CP.2 18 Yes
Compact Prime CP.2 21 Yes
Compact Prime CP.2 25 Yes
Compact Prime CP.2 28 Yes
Compact Prime CP.2 35 Yes
Compact Prime CP.2 50 Yes
Compact Prime CP.2 50 Macro Yes
Compact Prime CP.2 85 Yes
Compact Prime CP.2 100 Yes
Compact Prime CP.2 Super Speed 35 Yes
Compact Prime CP.2 Super Speed 50 Yes
Compact Prime CP.2 Super Speed 85 Yes



AbelCine Team
Our Technical Specialists contributed to this blog.

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