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Blog & Knowledge

Cameras & Accessories
Intro image for article At the Bench: Shooting with the Panasonic S1H & EVA1 Cameras
Tutorials & Guides
Panasonic's S1H is a full frame mirrorless camera that offers cinema quality images and records in V-Log, Panasonic's logarithmic brightness curve, which captures the full dynamic range of the sensor. I was curious to see how well the S1H would cut with footage from an EVA1, so I decided to do some testing.
Intro image for article At the Bench: ARRI Pro Set for the Sony VENICE Camera
Tutorials & Guides
Recently I had the opportunity to check out the ARRI Pro Set for the Sony VENICE and the ARRI VENICE Extension Unit Set Pro. When working with the Sony VENICE Extension Unit, aka "Rialto," you can rig the camera in so many ways that it's crucial to have versatile accessories.
Intro image for article C500 Mk II: Early Thoughts From a C300 User
Tutorials & Guides
If you've read some of the past content I've created here for AbelCine, then you may know I'm a long time user of Canon's Cinema EOS series cameras, most notably the C300 and C300 Mk II. I've used them extensively as a 1st AC supporting multiple cameras on commercial and corp/industrial jobs, and as an operator and DP on short form, documentary, and independent narrative work. So naturally, the release of the C500 Mk II is very interesting to me.
Intro image for article At the Bench: Configuring the Canon C500 Mk II Camera
Tutorials & Guides
As a long time user of the Canon C300 and C300 Mk II, I was very excited by the announcement of the C500 Mk II. Although the camera’s specifications are above and beyond the previous models, I was immediately interested in the updated body design.
Intro image for article Comparing the Canon C700 FF and C200 Cameras, with Rubidium Wu
Tutorials & Guides
The Canon C700 FF and C200 cameras have similar sensors and produce a similar image, but the C700 is a full frame, studio style camera, while the C200 is much more geared for a one or two person crew. I tested out the cameras by shooting the same scene, which you can watch below, with both cameras to compare their ease-of-use, image quality, shooting speed, and convenience.
Intro image for article Paxeros Creative Puts ALEXA Mini to Use on a Range of Projects
Client Profiles
We asked the team at Paxeros Creative, winners of the ARRI Inspiration Challenge last year, to share their stories of getting started in the industry, winning the challenge, and how they've been putting their ALEXA Mini to use on some of their recent projects.
Intro image for article At the Bench: FUJIFILM GFX100 Camera
Tutorials & Guides
The Fujifilm GFX100 camera features a 102 Megapixel sensor, with an image circle that exceeds the dimensions of most full frame digital cinema cameras. In this blog, I take a look at its recording features for video capture.
Intro image for article First Look: Sony PXW-FX9 Camera
Tutorials & Guides
Tom Cubby from Sony dropped by the office to give us a first look at Sony’s brand new full format camera: the PXW-FX9. Join Tom and I as we dive into the philosophy, specs, capabilities, and exciting new features of this compelling addition to the ever-expanding full format video/cinema camera landscape.
Intro image for article All-In-One For Everyone: RED’s RANGER Now Available with GEMINI, HELIUM, and MONSTRO
Tech News
Ever since the introduction of the RED RANGER camera system, initially available only with a MONSTRO 8K VV sensor (and only to RED-approved rental houses worldwide), cries to make the camera available with a broader range of RED sensors have echoed far and wide across the camerasphere. Now, those cries have been answered.