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Sound Devices MixPre-10T Multi-Channel Audio Recorder

Sound Devices
Abel Code: SD-MIXPRE-10T
Mfr. Code: MixPre-10T
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10-input / 12-track recorder with flexible powering and built-in timecode generator / reader. Source each channel from TRS mic/line input, aux line or mic input, or USB channels on your computer. Records up to 12 audio tracks @ 192 kHz 24-bit to SD card.
Key Highlights
  • Built-in TC generator / reader
  • 10-input / 12-track audio recorder
  • Jam external timecode


The Sound Devices MixPre-10T Multi-Channel Audio Recorder is the newest member of the groundbreaking MixPre Series of recorders, mixers, and USB audio interfaces. This lightweight, 10-input/12-track recorder offers world-class sound quality, flexible powering, and built-in, highly accurate timecode generator and reader. With this many features, the MixPre-10T is ideal for production sound mixers, field recordists and sound designers.

You can source each of the channels from an XLR or TRS mic/line input, a 3.5mm Aux line or mic input (with or without plug-in-power) or from USB channels 1-4 from your computer. 

The MixPre-10T records up to (12) audio tracks at 192 kHz, 24-bit to SD cards (SD, SDHC, or SDXC) using the industry standard .WAV file format. It can also provide a simultaneous recording/USB audio streaming in mission critical scenarios where you wish to avoid recording only to a computer.

Wireless Remote Control

You can control your MixPre Series devices via wireless remote with your compatible device using the free app Sound Devices Wingman. This App supports both Mac iOS and Android-based devices for your 6-Series mixer/recorders and MixPre Series audio recorders.

High Quality Audio

The MixPre-10T features (8) Sound Devices' Kashmir™ microphone preamps. These high-performance, ultra-low-noise, discrete, Class-A mic preamps were handcrafted by Sound Devices. The Kashmir mic preamps feature a -130dBV noise floor, analog limiters, and new 32-bit A-to-D converters to ensure the highest quality audio recordings that far surpass those of other recorders using simple off-the-shelf, IC-based mic preamps.

Accurate Timecode Generator and Reader plus World Clock

As its name suggests, the MixPre-10T features a built-in, ultra-high accuracy timecode generator and reader. Even when turned off or all power is removed, the MixPre-10T continues to hold accurate timecode for hours, more than long enough even for the most extended lunch break (or break in production).

With its multiple timecode connections, all common frame rates and timecode modes are supported by the MixPre-10T. In addition, the unit offers the ability to lock to or output word clock, ideal for synchronization in any digital audio environment.

You can jam external LTC timecode into the generator when in Free Run mode to maintain the same timecode as other accessories on set or location.

NOTE: Per the manufacturer, the MixPre-10T cannot jam to HDMI TC In.

Versatile I/O Routing

The MixPre-10T delivers (8) XLR/TRS combo Mic/Line level inputs. The 3.5mm Aux/Mic input can also be used for 2-channel line input, camera return or timecode.

The MixPre-10T also provides comprehensive routing flexibility with its (2) TA3 balanced outputs and a 3.5mm Stereo output, each with routing matrix.

Flexible Power Options

For the ultimate in portability and convenience, the MixPre-10T provides multiple powering options, including Hirose or, like your MixPre-3 and MixPre-6, the MixPre-10T can also be powered from batteries.

  • Hirose Power - The MixPre-10T features locking 4-pin Hirose connector (10-18V) for either external battery powering or AC-powering (with optional AC adapter).
  • (8) optional AA batteries in a convenient detachable sled of (8) cells
  • Optional sled offering the ability to power with up to (2) hot-swappable Sony L-Mount Li-Ion batteries (sold separately)

Hirose power source takes priority over batteries, when both are connected.

Auto Copy

The MixPre-10T's auto copy feature is as easy as ABC - or what we the manufacturer calls Auto-Background Copying. With this feature, you can record files up to 192kHz / 24-bit to an SD card, while automatically copying to a USB thumbdrive (USB A) for handoff to a client or as a backup copy. Talk about a time saver.

Compact Design

The size and weight of the MixPre-10T will fit any production environment. It features a responsive capacitive touch screen for incredibly simple and intuitive operation, and a bright, IPS sunlight-readable color LCD for the ultimate in convenient navigation. The MixPre-10T also provides a transport joystick for starting record or playback, and two user-programmable shortcuts allowing user customization.

Like all Sound Devices products, the MixPre-10T is extremely durable. Constructed with a die-cast aluminum chassis, it is both lightweight and incredibly robust. The ultra-compact MixPre-10T is perfect for jobs on the run.

The front panel includes:

  • Power light
  • Transport joystick (record/stop/play/fast forward)
  • (8) channel knobs (1-4, 5-8)
  • Star Shortcuts
  • Color touchscreen display menu

 Mixing, Metering, and Monitoring

The MixPre-10T incorporates a simple mixer that offers gain control knobs, and access to panning and soloing via a simple press of the knob.

For metering, it provides easy-to-read ring LEDs with limiter activity, along with three LCD views for multitrack, mix, and USB return metering.

The MixPre also includes a 3.5mm jack for headphone monitoring with user-programmable routing presets from our custom-designed, powerful, wide-bandwidth headphone amp.

Flexible Wireless Control and Workflow

The MixPre features integrated Bluetooth Smart® for easy wireless connection, control and metering via the free Sound Devices Wingman app on iOS and Android devices.

What's more, the MixPre-10T allows users to manage and create sound reports.

Intuitive Operation with Touchscreen Menu

The sunlight-viewable touchscreen interface consists of the Home Screen, Main Menu Screen, Channel Screen, and File List Views. Meter View is provided along with a status bar and SD Card time remaining, plus the current headphone preset.

 Like its MixPre Series predecessors, the MixPre-10T's user-friendly, touch-screen navigation features (3) modes of operation:

Basic - a plug-and-play mode designed to allow a user to start recording right out of the box, and is intended for stereo recording applications, such as interviews and music recordings. Ideal for amateur users who need basic functionality

Advanced and Custom - offer more experienced audio users access to multi-channel recording and advanced settings such as metering, routing, timecode, mic pre gain, stereo and M/S channel linking, channel phase invert, input/output delay, headphone presets, and more. Please see user manual for futher breakdown of functionality. Includes all of Basic mode functions and more. Custom Mode, of course, means you can customize the features and functionality assigned to suit your needs.

Powerful USB Audio Interface

The versatile MixPre-10T makes an excellent USB audio interface featuring (12) channels in and (4) channels out from your computer at up to 96k sample rate. The Mixpre-10T also features the unique ability to record to an SD card while simultaneously audio streaming via USB.

I/O Connections

Left Panel Features:

  • (4) Neutrik XR TRS Inputs
  • BNC Timecode I/O
  • X1/X2 3.5mm Output, unbalanced
  • USB Type A 
  • USB Type C
  • Power button on/off

Right Panel Features:

  • Headphone Jack Output
  • 3.5 mm Aux/Mic Input
  • Camera HDMI Timecode Input
  • HP Encoder
  • (4) Neutrik XLR TRS Inputs
  • 3-Pin L/R TA3 Outputs

Back Panel Features:

  • SD Card Slot
  • 4-Pin Hirose Power
  • Battery Slots


What's in the Box

  • 2-Year Limited Warranty
  • MX-8AA Battery Sled for MixPre-3 and MixPre-6
  • Sound Devices MixPre-10T Multi-Channel Audio Recorder


Key Highlights

  • Built-in TC generator / reader
  • 10-input / 12-track audio recorder
  • Jam external timecode
  • Record up to 12 tracks at 192 kHz
  • SD card slot accepts SD, SDHC, SDXC
  • 8x Kashmir mic preamps
  • Flexible powering with AC or batteries


Frequency Response:
10Hz to 80kHz +/- 0.5dB re 1kHz @ 192kHz sample rate
0.005% max (@1kHz, 22-22kHz BW, gain=20dB, -10dBu in)
Max Input Range:
Aux In (Line): +10dBu
Aux In (Mic): -10dBu
Line XLR/¼-inch: +28dBu (limiters on or off)
Mic XLR: +14dBu (limiters on or off)


Output Connector/Port:
1 x USB - Type C, Audio Interface: 12-in/4-out; 44.1 to 96 kHz; 16/24-bit; Class-compliant USB 2.0 high speed or ASIO (supplied), Mass Storage: USB 2.0 High Speed
1 x Headphone Jack - 3.5mm TRS stereo unbalanced, for use with any impedance headphones
1 x 1/8" (3.5mm) Mini - X1/X2, TRS stereo unbalanced, 500 ohm output Z, +7.8dBu max output level
2 x TA3-male - 3-pin L/R
Input Connector/Port:
1 x Hirose - 4-Pin, Power
AC In - With optional AC Adapter XL-WPH3: Universal, 45 W in-line AC-to-DC power supply Hirose 4-pin DC plug, with detachable IEC power cord. 100-240, 50/60Hz
1 x SD Card - Slot. Card format: FAT32 (32GB or less) or exFAT (>32GB)
1 x 3.5mm stereo mini jack - Aux/Mic
1 x Timecode - HDMI from Camera
8 x XLR/TRS Combo Jacks - (4) on each side
Hirose - 4-Pin
1 x Other - HP Encoder

Inputs & Outputs

Timecode In/Out:
BNC In (TC In) - Switchable between Timecode (default) or Word Clock Input. TIMECODE: 1k ohm impedance, 3.0V p-p (+12 dBu), WORLD CLOCK: 75 ohm impedance, 5V p-p
Sync Source: Internal, World Clock, Ext LTC


Sampling Rate:
Up to 192 kHz
16 bit / 48 kHz
24 bit / 48 kHz
Aux In (Line): Gain = -10dB to +20dB
Aux In (Mic): Gain = +10dB to +40dB
Fader: -inf to +20dB
Headphone: -inf to +20dB
Line input: -20dB to +30dB
Mic input: +6dB to +76dB
Total Aux Gain including Fader (Mic-to-recording): +60dB
Total, Mic-to-recording (max): +96dB
Microphone Notes:
Microphone Powering - Mic XLRs: 48V via 6.8k resistors, 10mA each; Mic 3.5mm: 3V @ 3k source Z


Media Rec Options:
SD Card - Accepts: SD, SDHC, SDXC
Recorder Options:
Wireless - using Free Wingman app
Line Input Types:
Recorder Channel Count:
More than 3 Channels - 12 tracks, Stereo mix +10 ISOs
Simultaneous Recording:
Dynamic Range:
120dB min (A-weighted, gain=10dB, fader=0dB) - with 32-bit precision


Recording Format:
WAV - (Broadcast Wave File Format) with embedded timecode stamp and metadata

Recording / Media

Media Capacity:
512 GB - Maximum storage capacity accepted
Slot Count:
Single Slot


Timecode Options:
Control Remotely
Sync/Timecode Generator
Timecode Modes:
5 modes - Free Run, Time of Day (file stamped w/current ToD), Rec Run, Ext LTC (file stamped w/incoming LTC on BNC or Aux 3.5mm), Camera TC (file stamped w/incoming TC from cameras that output TC)
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