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Mackie Thump18S 1200W Powered Subwoofer - 18"

Abel Code: MK-THUMP18S
Mfr. Code: THUMP18S
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This 18" Mackie Thump18S 1200W Powered Subwoofer offers band-pass design for max output and deep, room-filling lows. The all-wood design of this speaker weighs only 82 lb and features cool-running, Class-D amplification. Also, makes a great floor monitor.
Key Highlights
  • 18" high-output woofer
  • Precision crossover (140 Hz)
  • Solid all-wood design


The Mackie Thump18S Powered Subwoofer - 18" offers 1200W of room-shaking low end audio in an all-wood, solid design. It features user-adjustable level and polarity controls, a pole cup to mount your full-range loudspeaker, plus "built like a tank" Mackie construction.

This high-output woofer features what Mackie calls Total System Optimization, with precision crossover (140 Hz), tuning filters to deliver accurate bass response, plus robust system protection. 

This speaker also provides flexibility, since it includes dual XLR inputs for mono or stereo applications. Its high-pass stereo outputs optimize sound, when connecting your top boxes. It also features stereo full-range outputs for adding more subwoofers.

Ample system protections are added to help protect your Subwoofer.

Use the Thump18S in a small club or daisy-chained for expanded audio in a large club or live event situation. Check out the hook-up diagrams from Mackie for this product. You can also use this powerful speaker as a floor monitor.

Rear Panel

The rear panel of this Thump18S Subwoofer includes a standard IEC 3-prong power connection, a power switch, and an illuminated LED for power status. There are (2) XLR 3-Pin inputs, (2) High Pass XLR 3-Pin outputs, and (2) Full Range XLR 3-Pin outputs.

A Level Knob on the panel adjusts the input sensitivity of your inputs. This allows signals from the outside world to
be adjusted to run through each channel at optimal internal operating levels. There is –6 dB of gain with the knob fully down (off), ramping up to 6 dB of gain fully up (max). The level control has no effect on the high pass outputs or full range outputs. 

An OL or Overload Indicator will illuminate solid red when the aplifier inside the Thump18S is near the clipping point. 

A normal/invert switch reverses polarity of the signal going into the Subwoofer amp by, you guessed it, 180°. There is no effect upon the signal at the outputs. Utilize this switch when you pair your Thump18S Subwoofer with your loudspeaker. 

Speaker Positioning

The 82 lb Mackie Thump18S is designed to sit on the floor or on a stage; there are no rigging or mount points. It is not designed to be pole-mounted or suspended. For safety reasons, be sure that your Subwoofer is not in danger of being pushed or shoved over. 

Protection Circuitry

The Thump18S subwoofer employs a built-in limiter for less distortion at peak levels. Additional protection includes automatic thermal shutdown should the amp overheat, which should not be an issue except under extreme conditions.

Peak and RMS Limiting - The driver includes its own compression circuit which helps protect it from damaging transient peaks.
The compressor is designed to be transparent and is not noticeable under normal operating conditions. 

Overexcursion Protection - A subsonic filter circuit, just prior to the power amplifier, prevents ultra-low frequencies from being amplified. Excessive low-frequency energy can damage the woofer by causing it to bottom out, also known as overexcursion, which is equivalent to a mechanical form of clipping. 

Amplifier Thermal Protection - All amplifiers produce heat. The Thump18S is designed to be efficient both electrically and thermally. In the unlikely event of the amplifier overheating, a built-in thermal switch will activate, muting the signal. When the amplifier has cooled down to a safe operating temperature, the thermal switch resets itself, and the Thump18S subwoofer resumes normal operation. 


The Thump18S runs on 100-120 V AC power in the United States (50-60 Hz, 150W). 

Want more information? At the end of this Operation Manual, Mackie provides a block diagram and frequency response, plus rear panel details.


Never connect the output of an amplifier directly to the input of the subwoofer, as this could damage the input circuitry of the active subwoofer.

The manufacturer suggests straps be used, if stacking these speakers. Failure to follow these precautions may result in damage to the equipment, personal injury, or death.



Key Highlights

  • 18" high-output woofer
  • Precision crossover (140 Hz)
  • Solid all-wood design
  • Dual XLR inputs for mono or stereo
  • Weight: 82 lb


Frequency Response:
–10 dB - 30 Hz – 132 Hz
–3 dB - 40 Hz – 120 Hz
Max peak SPL:
130 dB
Speaker Notes:
Convection Cooling - Amplifier
Crossover Point - 140 Hz
Design: Class D - Amplifier
Rated Power - 600 watts rms with a 1200 watts peak - Amplifier
Slope - 2nd order HP, 6th order LP
< 1% - Amplifier
20 k balanced or 20 k unbalanced - Input


Output Connector/Port:
XLR 3-pin - Male. Balanced. - both High Pass & Full Range outputs
Input Connector/Port:
3-pin XLR - Female. Balanced.
IEC Power - 3-pin (250 V AC, 10 A, male)


Power Input:
AC - 100 – 120 V AC (50 – 60 Hz, 150W)


28.2 in
27.5 in
28.2 in
87 lb
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