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AJA FS-HDR HDR/WCG Converter & Frame Synchronizer

Abel Code: AV-FS-HDR
Mfr. Code: FS-HDR
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This 1RU, rack-mount, universal converter/frame synchronizer is designed specifically to meet the HDR (High Dynamic Range) and WCG (Wide Color Gamut) needs of broadcast, OTT, post and live event AV environments.
Key Highlights
  • Universal converter/frame synchronizer
  • 4K/UltraHD/2K/HD conversion
  • Realtime HDR & WCG conversion


The AJA FS-HDR HDR/WCG Converter & Frame Synchronizer is a 1RU, rack-mount, universal converter/frame synchronizer designed specifically to meet the HDR (High Dynamic Range) and WCG (Wide Color Gamut) needs of broadcast, OTT, post and live event AV environments, where real time, low-latency processing and color fidelity is required for 4K/UltraHD and 2K/HD workflows.

High Dynamic Range (HDR) and Wide Color Gamut (WCG) are relatively new ways to present video programming that gives brighter highlights, more detailed shadows, and enhanced colors with smoother gradients. HDR and WCG are display oriented features, dependent on the capabilities of the device presenting the video material.

Standards have been developed to help manage HDR signal flows, including:

  • HDR-10 (for HDMI) - Uses a Perceptual Quantizer (PQ) curve that accounts for the human visual response to maximize coding efficiency. This standard also uses static metadata to communicate signal characteristics to the monitor so it can optimize its display characteristics to match the signal.
  • Hybrid Log Gamma (HLG) - Uses a combination log and gamma curve to achieve coding efficiency of HDR signals while also allowing the same signal to be shown on both standard and HDR displays. No metadata is required. Other standards exist, or are in development, including some that have dynamic metadata, which can be used by displays to adjust for the best possible picture from scene to scene.

Developed in partnership with Colorfront, the FS-HDR’s HDR/WCG functionality is powered by Colorfront Engine™ proprietary video processing algorithms. FS-HDR also serves as a full, 1-channel up, down, cross-converter for 4K/UltraHD/2K/HD conversion and frame sync needs and in 4-Channel mode, offers (4) independent channels of 2K/HD conversion.

Four Channel Mode

Four independent HD/SD Video Processors are available in this mode. Frame synchronization, genlock, and up, down and cross conversion is available for a variety of video inputs and outputs. This mode also allows each Video Processor to use any one of the other Video Processor’s video as a background or sidebar key.

Each Video Processor routes its output to dedicated SDI output ports, depending on the transport configuration. For single link transport the output of Video Processor 1 is sent to SDI Out 1 and SDI Out 5 (for use with an optional SFP module). For dual link transport, the output of Video Processor 1 is routed to the SDI Out 1 and SDI Out 2 pair, and also to the SDI Out 5 and SDI Out 6 pair. In addition, any Video Processor output can be routed to the monitor BNC and HDMI outputs.

Four Channel Mode supports frame rate conversion within the same "family" of frame rates:

  • 59.94/29.97/23.98
  • 50/25
  • 60/30/24

NOTE: Audio processing is available for all input audio, and audio can be routed to any of the Video Processors for embedding, and to any of the audio output connectors.

The pursuit of moving from Standard Dynamic Range (SDR) to High Dynamic Range (HDR) is the dream of getting closer to the Human Visual System (HVS) in all that we experience as viewers. FS-HDR has been designed to get us all there faster with a low profile, stand alone and real time device uniquely designed to bridge SDR to HDR, HDR to SDR and HDR to HDR, all in real time. 

HDR Conversions:

  • HDR to HDR
  • HDR to SDR
  • SDR to HDR

WCG Conversions:

  • 709 and BT.2020

Up and Down Conversions:

  • Converting HD SDR BT.709 sources to UltraHD HDR BT.2020
  • Converting UltraHD HDR BT.2020 sources to HD SDR BT.709

FS-HDR’s extensive digital video connectivity is only matched by its expansive digital audio flexibility. The growth of 5.1 and 7.1 audio has increased the number of audio channels that must be managed in a production as well as needing to create stereo mixdowns from 5.1 and 7.1 sources. The MADI standard provides a convenient way to transport large numbers of audio channels along a single cable, simplifying the cabling demands for broadcasters, mobile trucks and production. FS-HDR supports both fiber and coax connections with 128-channel MADI input and output. An internal 277x208 audio matrix allows full routing of MADI, mixdowns and all audio coming from SDI, fiber and AES sources for an incredible amount of audio processing capability in a single box.


FS-HDR operation can be monitored and changed in a number of ways. Feature sets in each of the control methods vary, although the front panel and web browser interfaces offer many of the same features. 

Front Panel Control

The FS-HDR front panel offers the most direct control, ideal for use in machine rooms or wherever quick changes and status checks must be made. The buttons and knobs control menus in the display, allowing you to fully configure the system according to your purposes. You can control inputs, outputs, processing paths, keying, and much more. 

Remote Web Browser Control

The FS-HDR internally contains an optimized web server that allows remote monitoring and parameter setting via an Ethernet 10/100/1000 network-attached computer running a web-browser. Networks can be closed local area networks, a straight computer-to-FS-HDR cable, or for greatest flexibility, exposed through a firewall to a broadband WAN. From a network-connected computer you can communicate with one or more FS-HDR devices, and you can identify the one you are connected to via LEDs on the FS-HDR’s front and rear panels. 

GPI Inputs & Outputs

General Purpose Inputs and Outputs are available on the FS-HDR back panel to provide contact closure control. Using the inputs, an external contact closure activates a specified function on the FS-HDR. Using the outputs, specific FS-HDR functions can produce a contact closure to activate any desired function on external equipment. The functions to be activated by an input or that can activate an output are set using the front panel and browser menus. 

SNMP Interface Monitoring

SNMP offers remote network monitoring of alarm conditions.

Video Features:

  • (4) 3G-SDI (BNC) Inputs/Outputs
  • (4) 3G-SDI (Fiber SFP) Inputs
  • Integrated Colorfront Engine video processing
  • Colorfront Engine parametric controls including HDR functions and Color Corrector
  • Input Video Dynamic Range and Gamut selections:
    • SDR BT.709 100 Nits (default)
    • PQ BT.2020 1000 Nits
    • PQ P3D65 1000 Nits
    • Hybrid Log Gamma BT.2100
    • Sony S-Log3 S-Gamut3
    • Sony S-Log3 S-Gamut3 Cine
    • Sony S-Log3 BT.2020
    • ARRI Log C Wide Gamut
    • Panasonic V-Log
    • Red Log3G10 Wide Gamut
    • Canon Log 2
    • Canon Log 3
  • Output Video Dynamic Range and Gamut selections:
    • SDR BT.709 100 Nits (default)
    • PQ BT.2020 1000 Nits
    • Hybrid Log Gamma BT.2100
    • Sony S-Log3 S-Gamut3
    • SDR Preview mode selectable when viewing HDR content
  • Support for two modes: Four-channel 2K/HD/SD or Single-channel 4K/UltraHD/2K/HD/SD workflow support
  • 4K/UltraHD/2K/HD/SD video processing and up, down, cross-conversion; easily frame sync any camera feed for UltraHD production
  • Full range of I/options for 4K/UltraHD include Dual 3Gb, Quad 3Gb, 6Gb, 12Gb over a range of SDI and optional SFP choices
  • Single-link, dual-link, quad link conversion
  • Automatic link timing alignment for dual and quad link SDI inputs
  • Frame Synchronization
  • Genlock to external loop through reference or SDI input
  • YCbCr, 4:2:2, 10-bit
  • BNC and HDMI monitoring output (single channel, 2K/HD/SD non HDR format)
  • Frame Rate Conversion (3:2, 1:2, 2:1, but not for 4K/UltraHD converted t4K/
  • UltraHD)
  • Quadrant and Two Sample Interleave (2SI) mapping conversion
  • De-interlacing and Interlacing
  • Video ProcAmp controls
  • 3:2 cadence detection and removal for interlaced inputs and 3:2 cadence generation on interlaced outputs
  • Integrated Test Pattern Generators
  • Crop/Fill controls
  • Matte generators for background fill
  • Closed caption conversion (CEA-608/CEA-708)
  • Adjustable output timing and delay 

Audio Features:

  • 48kHz, 24 bit audio (20 bit for SD)
  • Balanced AES I/(16 channel input, 16 channel output)
  • MADI I/(128 channel input, 128 channel output, via BNC and Fiber)
  • Embedded Audio (4x16 channel I/in Four Channel Mode)
  • 277x208 routable mon audio matrix
  • Audio Sample Rate Conversion available on all audio inputs
  • Independent level, phase, delay controls for each audio channel
  • 5.1 and 7.1 to Stereo mixdown processors

Other Features:

  • Simple operation, redesigned menu structure and quick access to features via front panel buttons or web UI
  • Built in web server; supports remote status and control and remote software updates
  • Presets
  • Redundant power
  • Configurable Alarms
  • EIA 19" Rack mountable 1RU frame, offering space, power and cost efficiencies ideal for outdoor broadcast trucks, post production or broadcast settings
  • 5-year international warranty with unlimited technical support





Key Highlights

  • Universal converter/frame synchronizer
  • 4K/UltraHD/2K/HD conversion
  • Realtime HDR & WCG conversion
  • 1 Ch. up, down, cross-converter
  • 1RU (rack-mount) form factor


Input Voltage:
100-240V AC - 50/60 Hz
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