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NewTek VS-100 TalkShow Video Calling System

Abel Code: NT-TSVS-100
Mfr. Code: TSVS-100
Estimated to Ship – 3-7 days
Special Order Only
This is a special order item. You will be charged upon placing your order, which is non-cancelable and non-returnable.
Newtek's TalkShow VS-100 is a video calling system designed for television studios and live event producers to manage and control remote video interviews. Enhances Skype video calls with video and audio enhancements to provide content for your audience.
Key Highlights
  • Connect to Skype users for interviews
  • Scaling, audio, and image tools
  • HD-SDI and XLR I/O and many more


NewTek VS-100 TalkShow Video Calling System provides you with live Skype interviews that look great and sound amazing to improve your professional production workflow and expand your streaming possibilities. It also features a unique set of live production and audio tools with 1-in, 1-out HD-SDI connections. TalkShow VS-100 is a space-saving 1RU rack mount size for your portable production truck or cart environment.

NewTek TalkShow VS-100 is the studio-grade solution to immediately add live interviews, perspective, credibility, and distinct competitive advantage to your program you can add these monthly connected Skype users worldwide as guest speakers, without the expense and effort of a live shot. Any video-enabled Skype user is just a call away. Just think, you could never run out of guests for your live shows.

With TalkShow VS-100, you will add live, full HD, distraction-free Microsoft Skype TX video interviews to your productions with unparalleled control. It provides production with in-studio control of full-frame Skype video, optimized for your workflow. 

A convenient preview display is built-in to the face of your 1RU TalkShow VS-100 device.

Real World TalkShow Uses

  • Send in live reports from the field and interview the right expert—no matter their location—for any on-air discussion
  • Conduct video interviews without the conversion loss, aspect-ratio squashing, and video artifacts common in DIY video calling options
  • Easily add any of the 300 million monthly connected Skype users to your guest roster in full, broadcast-quality HD
  • Immediately access the best content available anywhere, via Skype TX, without the expense of live satellite feeds or relays

Saves You Time & Travel

Eliminate extraneous field equipment and travel costs. Consumer Skype software is all your remote correspondent requires, when you control the conversation with TalkShow. TalkShow VS 100 enables full-bandwidth recording of any call onto your external USB 3.0 or SAN storage with the click of a button—so you can capture the call while it's happening, and use it in a later broadcast or a whole new program.

Simplified Integration

TalkShow works with any in-house Ethernet network, and can plug directly into any SDI-based production system giving full control to the in-studio operator.

IP Capabilities

Share live conversations throughout your production facility. Calls can be sent across the network from TalkShow to any IP-ready input in TriCaster®, 3Play, or other NDI®-enabled receiving device.

Image Processing

TalkShow augments Skype video using NewTek's renowned image processing system, based on the same powerful graphics engine utilized in the optional TriCaster and 3Play production systems.


Single Call Operation

Operate all aspects of a live Skype video call from the control room like any other video source—free of audio/visual distractions such as secondary call notifications and advertisements. It features Independent call management and production control in an easy-to-use UI. 

You can route your single Skype video call to any compatible NDI receiving device (including TriCaster® and 3Play) while enabling selection of any NDI video source for return to caller over the network.

Advanced Audio

The interface also includes an integrated professional audio toolset with advanced color configuration and video controls to deliver professional conversations. Independently adjust incoming and outgoing audio signals for the highest-quality sound, with the only single-channel video calling system that offers built-in gain control, graphic equalizer, and compressor/limiter.

TalkShow also includes VU meter displays that are configurable in all common professional audio scales, including dBFS, dBU, and dBVU, for accurate, real-time audio monitoring.

Pristine Live Video

Ensure your guests look as good as they sound, with enhanced real-time image processing and fully configurable color correction tools, including proc amp controls, auto color setting, and white balance—and clean, deinterlaced return video to caller.

Real-Time Calls

Conduct every call with complete confidence, by utilizing high-quality, full-motion video previews, accurate on-screen audio VU metering, and full-color, built-in video screen with tally. Where other solutions may make you rely on video previews with a frame rate of approximately 5 frames per second, TalkShow supports full-motion, high-quality video previews for real-time monitoring of input and output signals.

Talk Back

Communicate off-air with Skype callers directly, with a headset and the click of a button—or an external GPI trigger. With TalkShow's Talk Back function, operators, producers, or directors can speak with callers as easily as they do with in-studio talent and crew, enabling them to prepare callers, provide instructions, and relay additional information before they go to air.

Tally Support

Always know who is talking. TalkShow is the only Skype TX solution to support a tally overlay visual for return to callers, indicating when they are on air. The tally overlay is customizable, allowing for a show logo or graphic of choice—not only to let callers know when their conversation is live, but to provide additional branding opportunities for your program as well.

Built-in Video Screen with Tally

TalkShow VS 100 operators can view a full-color preview via the video screen built into the faceplate for instant recognition of the caller currently connected to that system, with tally support to indicate whether the caller is live or on standby—quick and easy verification of which TalkShow system is on air in a multi-system installation.

Minimal Latency

TalkShow is optimized to provide the lowest latency when integrated into and genlocked within broadcast environments.

TalkShow Settings

Other video calling production systems just pass a studio-grade Skype call through to a switcher. With TalkShow, you can make every call higher quality, more efficient, and more like network TV along the way—and it will continue to work harder for you, even when the show is over. Because only TalkShow allows complete control of the entire video calling workflow—before, during, and after the call.

Better Return Sound

With TalkShow's exclusive support for multi-channel audio on input for signals coming into the system over the network or SDI, operators can have multiple, selectable audio feeds—such as mix-minus—available for use as the return audio back to the caller.

System Restore

TalkShow has a comprehensive restore function that allows the operator to undo system changes by returning to the factory default settings at any time.

And, if you add additional components which can be purchased separately, you can enhance your production.

Video Over IP

Integrate TalkShow into IP video workflows via an optional NDI® device with NewTek's innovative Network Device Interface technology, which allows TalkShow to send Skype video calls across a standard network to TriCaster® and other NDI-enabled systems and devices, and receive NDI video sources over IP for return to caller. TriCaster will also send a tally notification downstream to TalkShow to indicate when a Skype call is on air.

Audio Over IP

You heard right. In addition to audio over IP via NDI, TalkShow includes integrated support for optional Dante audio, interfacing with other audio devices utilizing the Dante networking protocol from Audinate®. In addition to sending and receiving audio over the network, and versatile audio source selection, TalkShow supports extensive management of network audio signals, including gain, equalization, compression, metering, and more.

NOTE: Dante audio support available only on input for TalkShow VS 4000.

What's in the Box

  • Limited 1-Year Warranty
  • NewTek VS-100 TalkShow Video Calling System


Key Highlights

  • Connect to Skype users for interviews
  • Scaling, audio, and image tools
  • HD-SDI and XLR I/O and many more
  • GIP port for Tally
  • Form Factor: 1RU rack mount


Output Connector/Port:
1 x HD-SDI - Hardware Video Output with embedded audio (for sending Skype call output to your video mixer input)
1 x BNC - SDI Out, embedded audio
1 x HDMI - on GPU (for local monitoring)
2 x XLR 3-pin - Audio (Line, Balanced)
Input Connector/Port:
1 x Genlock
1 x Microphone Jack
1 x Other - Tally (GPI on HD15 connector)
1 x 1/4" Phone Jack - For monitoring local audio
2 x 3-pin XLR - Audio (Line, Balanced) (+4 dBU reference level)
2 x HDMI
1 x IEC Power
REF - (black burst / bi-level and tri-level support)
2 x Ethernet - in addition: (4) USB 3.0 ports
1 x HD-SDI - Hardware Video Input with embedded audio (for return signal from your video mixer to remote Skype caller output)
1 x BNC - SDI In, embedded audio


Form Factor:
1RU Rack Mount


Input Voltage:
110 to 220 V - External; 12V Internal

Recording / Media

Media Type:
SSD - Internal 120Gb storage drive

Software / Apps / Plugins

Software/App Notes:
Windows Embedded 8.1, Skype TX Client software, and TalkShow control software


24 in
9.5 in
26 in
25.8 lb
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