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Lindsey Optics Brilliant2 Rota-Pol Rotating 138mm Circular Polarizer - 4 x 5.65

Lindsey Optics
Abel Code: LIND-L-4565-138-ROTAPOL
Mfr. Code: L-4565-138-ROTAPOL
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This 138mm diameter Brilliant-Pol circular polarizer features a large, clear 5.1" aperture, and is mounted in a 4x5.65 geared, rotating, single stage filter tray with dual 0.8 Mod rotation gears and a 1/4"-20 thread for motor mounting.
Key Highlights
  • Rotating 138mm Circular Polarizer
  • 4" x 5.65" Single Stage Filter Tray
  • Dual 0.8 Mod Rotation Gears


The Lindsey Optics Brilliant2 Rota-Pol Rotating 138mm Polarizer - 4 x 5.65 is designed for use with 4" x 5.65" cine matteboxes, allowing simple and effective rotation of the integrated 138mm Round Brilliant-Pol Circular Polarizer.

Large Diameter, Clear Aperture

The included 138mm diameter Brilliant-Pol circular polarizer provides a large, clear 5.1" aperture. The filter is masked top and bottom, preventing stray light from entering the mattebox. The large size of this rotating polarizer is ideal for use with wide angle lenses and large zoom lenses. It is dramatically more versatile than other Rota-Pola filters with 4.5" round polarizers.

Geared Rotating Tray for Quick, No-Slip Rotation

The 138mm Circular Polarizer is mounted in a 4x5.65 geared, rotating, single stage filter tray. Spinning either of the two geared thumb wheels by hand, or with a motor (mounted on the 1/4"-20 thread in the handle), will rotate the polarizer. The filter's mechanical design includes an all-aluminum main gear in which the 138mm Brilliant Pol Circular Polarizer filter is mounted. The main gear is supported by internal Delrin rollers for smooth, non-slip rotation, and is driven by aluminum thumb wheels with standard 0.8 Mod teeth for use with motorized wireless lens control systems. This filter is particularly ideal for use in matteboxes lacking a rotating filter tray, and will not interfere with support rods in a rod-mounted mattebox.

Circular Polarization (Prevents Accidental Cross-Polarization)

The Brilliant² RotaPol features a mounted Brilliant Pol 138mm Circular Polarizing glass filter with 38% transmission, resulting in a 1.5 stop reduction in light (neutral density value of ND 0.45). As with all circular polarizers, the Brilliant Pol filter is constructed with two internal components: a linear polarizer that reduces reflections and increases color saturation when rotated, and a "quarter wave plate" that spins the light entering the camera lens to prevent any cross-polarization inside the camera & lens system. The filter housing features a "This Side Out" marking to correctly orient the filter in your mattebox.

Water White Optical Glass & Anti-Reflection Coating

Lindsey Optics Brilliant-Pol Polarizing Filters are constructed using Schott B270 "water white" optical glass that is beautifully neutral grey in color. A proprietary broadband, multi-layer, anti-reflection coating (MC Coating) dramatically reduces flare, stray light, and ghost images caused by filter to filter reflection. Contrast and color saturation are increased. The coating is water and oil resistant and is remarkably easy to clean. While it is not recommended to "fingerprint" the filter, the MC Coating makes removing prints and other contaminants quick and easy.

All Lindsey Optics filters are ground and polished on double-sided lappers, and are flat to the highest industry standard (as confirmed via Zygo Phase Shift Interferometer). These filters will not cause distortions or focus shifts, even with long focal length lenses. Each Lindsey Optics filter features a serial number for inventory control, warranty support, theft reporting, and insurance claims.

Optional Motorized Control

The user can smoothly "pull" polarization to shift attention in the scene, such as hiding or revealing story elements behind window glass or windshields. You can easily pull polarization from a reflected image on a window to the drama behind the window. Wireless control with a motor (not included) makes this adjustment smooth and repeatable. The handle on each Brilliant² RotaPola features a standard 1/4"-20 thread to enable motor mounting. The motor can be connected to either 0.8 Mod thumb wheel gear.

Enhances Every Scene

Brilliant-Pol Polarizers are extremely efficient at reducing reflections on glass, water, and other reflective objects. Depending on rotation, the user can eliminate reflections or simply tone them down to balance light levels in a scene. This polarizer saturates blue skies and increases color saturation in landscapes by reducing micro-reflections in a scene.

Variable Neutral Density Filter Option

You can also use the Brilliant² Rotapola as a variable ND filter by using it in combination with another polarizer in the mattebox. To accomplish this, the Rotapol must be reversed so that "This Side Out" points toward the camera lens. This places the Quarter Wave Plate in the Circular Polarizer on the front (outward) side of the filter, which prevents accidental polarization effects.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This filter is not compatible with RedRock Micro matteboxes, or with the Tilta Studio mattebox.

What's in the Box

  • Lindsey Optics Brilliant2 Rota-Pol Rotating 138mm Circular Polarizer - 4 x 5.65


Key Highlights

  • Rotating 138mm Circular Polarizer
  • 4" x 5.65" Single Stage Filter Tray
  • Dual 0.8 Mod Rotation Gears
  • 1/4"-20 motor mounting thread

Filter Specifics

Circular Size:
138mm - 5.1" Aperture
Rectangular Size:
4" x 5.65"
Polarizer Type:
Rotating Circular Polarizer (Rota-Pola) - 1.5 stop light reduction

Mechanical & Electronic Controls

Gear Ratios:
0.8 - Features (2) rotation gears
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