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Litepanels Brick Bi-Color 1 Piece Kit with Accessories

Abel Code: LP-910-0001
Mfr. Code: 910-0001
In Stock
Available In Store | NY
Add an on-board light to your camera, Steadicam, or gimbal with this Litepanels Brick Bi-Color 1 Piece Kit with Accessories. Includes a Manfrotto Micro 244 Friction Arm, a diffuser, 60° Honeycomb Frame, AC power supply and a hard case.
Key Highlights
  • On-board camera light
  • Adjust from Daylight to Tungsten
  • Includes light modifiers
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Mount the included Litepanels Brick Bi-Color LED on-board your camera or gimbal with this Brick Bi-Color Kit with Accessories (910-0001).

This Kit Includes:

  • Litepanels Brick Bi-Color LED
  • 100-240 International AC Power Supply
  • Brick 60° Honeycomb Frame
  • Brick Soft Diffusion Frame
  • Manfrotto Micro 244 Friction Arm
  • Hard case with custom Polyethylene Foam


Litepanels Brick Bi-Color

The Litepanels Brick builds on the legacy of the original MiniPlus, which revolutionized the lighting industry. Now more robust, Bi-Color and IP-65 rated, the Brick is the perfect on-camera solution for ENG camera operators on the go or needing full spectrum lighting during wet conditions.

Following the Litepanels familiar rectangular form factor, the Brick is designed with select premium quality, high CRI, surface mount LEDs and paired with custom designed TIR optics. These tightly binned LEDs and fine-tuned optics provide the Brick with superior color reproduction and a light output that is up to 4x brighter than the original MiniPlus. This higher intensity results in a longer throw and illuminates a wider area, allowing the Brick to compete with strong exterior light sources or illuminate a larger area effectively.

Due to the compact nature of this LED light, you can place it on-camera, mount it in tight spaces, using the battery power option, or place it on a table or other flat, stable surface. You can also mount it with the 1/4-20 mount points provided.

The Brick is available in a one light kit with accessories and protective waterproof case for safe transport. Accessories for the Brick are also available separately.


  • Output is up to 4x brighter than the original MiniPlus
  • High performance LEDs with custom paired optics
  • Higher intensity = Longer throw = Wider effective beam spread
  • Superior color reproduction
  • High color rendition (CRI)
  • 36-degree beam angle
  • Draws only 19 Watts of power
  • Adjustable (daylight to tungsten), accurate color temperatures
  • Efficient thermal management
  • Completely silent passive cooling
  • Ultra-smooth dimming from 100% to 0
  • No noticeable color shift throughout the entire range
  • Flicker-free at any frame rate or shutter angle
  • Dedicated on/off power switch
  • 1/4"-20 mounting posts
  • IP 65 rated
    • Dust tight
    • Withstands water projected from any direction
  • Integrated P-Tap cable
  • AC or DC powering option


Litepanels Brick 60° Honeycomb Frame

This light modifier is made specifically to fit the Litepanels Brick LED light. It slides into the front of the light to prevent any unwanted light spill. It also offers direct/forward illumination and tightens your light beam. 

Brick Soft Diffusion Frame

Soften and diffuse the light of your Litepanels Brick LED with this Brick Soft Diffusion Frame. The frame slides into the front of the Brick, just like the Honeycomb Frame. Similar to a diffusion gel or softbox, this light modifier produces a softer spread of light.

Manfrotto Micro 244 Friction Arm

Mount your Brick Bi-Color LED light on your Steadicam or camera with this Manfrotto Micro 244 Friction Arm. This Friction Arm eliminates slips and wobbles of your on-board light via the variable friction arm. It is made of solid aluminum for maximum strength and durability, plus the added benefit of lighter weight. 

The Micro 244 Friction Arm features an ergonomic handle and super-controlled movement. It also offers an innovative anti-rotation technique to maintain your light where you need it.

Includes a 3/8" Adapter.


  • Arm Length: 5.91"
  • Arm Tube Diameter: 0.36"
  • Mount Points (on bottom): 3/8-16 thread female, 3/8-16 thread female with AR
  • Mount Point (on top): 3/8-16 thread female with AR
  • Closed Length: 3.74"
  • Weight: 8.46 oz (0.52 lb)
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Aluminum, Steel
  • Max Payload: 6.61 lb


What's in the Box

  • Limited 1-Year Warranty
  • Hard case with Interior Foam
  • Manfrotto Micro 244 Friction Arm
  • Brick Soft Diffusion Frame
  • Brick 60° Honeycomb Frame
  • International AC Power Supply
  • Litepanels Brick Bi-Color LED


Key Highlights

  • On-board camera light
  • Adjust from Daylight to Tungsten
  • Includes light modifiers
  • with folding arm for positioning
  • 100%-0 dimming
  • Great for wet conditions
  • AC or DC powering option


Lighting Features:
On-Camera/On-Board Light
Color Temperature Adjustment
Passive Cooling
Lamp / Bulb Type:
Beam Angle / Light Spread:
Color Temperature:
3200-5600K - variable
Dimming Range:

Lighting Accessories

Effect Created:
Prevents unwanted light spill and directs light forward to tighten beam - Brick 60° Honeycomb Frame
Softens and diffuses light - Brick Soft Diffusion Frame


Arm Length:
Support Features:
3 x 3/8-16 threaded mount points
Arm Type:
Load Capacity:


12.6 in
7.4 in
15.1 in
10.4 lb
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