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Freefly Systems MoVI Pro Handheld Bundle (MoVI Pro + MIMIC + Ring)
Freefly Systems MoVI Pro Handheld Bundle (MoVI Pro + MIMIC + Ring)

Product Overview
The MoVI Pro uses high performance, calibrated sensors and actuators to allow filmmakers precise, intuitive, creative control over the camera. This is the Handheld option.
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Freefly Systems expanded upon their family of stabilization gimbals with the MoVI Pro, a redesigned structure which improves performance and adds capabilities to increase usability, convenience, strength, and adaptability. You may select either a Handheld and an Aerial option to best suit your production needs.

Those of you familiar with the MoVI M10/M15 will still enjoy the familiar ability to execute eye-level shots without much fatigue, to fully integrate with the camera and accessories, plus to execute diverse shot types (hyperlapse, timelapse, motion control, mimic, etc.). You will also retain smooth footage due to MoVI’s 3-axis lens control. Gimbal setup is an easy process with this device.

Utilizing a 3-axis compass for accurate heading information, the world’s smallest 3-axis lens control built into the camera stage, and silent sine drive technology, the MoVI Pro includes the bells and whistles you need to ramp up your gimbal work. The MIMIC controller allows the camera to automatically and intuitively follow a user’s movements, plus the drive technology offers smooth, fast, closed loop control of pan / tilt / roll axes. In addition, you won’t need to fumble for a stand or worry about the integrity of your timelapse footage since a stand is incorporated into the MoVI Pro.

There is also an embedded screen on the back of the MoVI Pro to provide vital information such as estimated battery usage, status info, and ability to alter configuration on the fly. A four button system offers navigation of the built-in app.

Performance Highlights of the MoVI Pro include:

Change it Up
MōVI Pro can flip from upright to inverted mode with a quick 180 degree roll.

Embedded Display
The addition of an embedded display with a 4-button control system grants users command over basic tuning and adjustments on the fly without the need for additional devices.

Increased Torque
New custom lightweight direct-drive brushless motors provide twice the pan torque of first generation MoVI’s to accommodate demanding camera movement scenarios.

Updated Wiring
Internal wiring is now strain relieved and internally routed to prevent potential damage to cables and enhance reliability in a variety of weather conditions.

Per the manufacturer, you can go from handheld to aerial in less than 60 seconds. With dual GPS antennas, lightweight construction, high torque motors, and an integrated FIZ driver, the MōVI PRO is unmatched in aerial performance.

Versatile Camera Rail
The addition of dovetails, revised camera mounts, easier top mounting, and a wide-body design results in an ultra-versatile, lightweight camera rail that can easily be mounted and removed.

Hot Swapping
One handed battery swaps and hot swapping are now possible through a redesigned battery system which is built to keep the MōVI Pro shooting continuously.

Power for Over an Hour
The MōVI Pro can power itself, the camera, and more for over an hour before swapping by using the combined power of two 22.2V batteries.

Self-Tuning Algorithm
Refined new software allows the MoVI Pro to find optimal stiffness and filter settings within seconds on a button push. While the system can be further tuned manually, the new self-tuning algorithm makes the tuning process more automated and accurate from the start.

REDLink Command Protocol
Integrated REDLink Command Protocol grants users full control over RED EPIC and RED SCARLET camera adjustments. This includes when the user is hundreds of feet away from the mounted camera.

FIZ Control
The MōVI Pro reduces shooting weight and FIZ setup time with all industry standard motors by utilizing the world's smallest, fully integrated 3-axis FIZ controller.


  • Innovative structure to improve performance
  • Embedded display with control over basic adjustments
  • Fast bootup (<2 seconds per manufacturer) and fastboot mode for instant-on shots
  • Floating point processors and high-speed sensors enable 60dB performance at 1Hz
  • Rugged system which is water resistant to withstand outdoor use
  • Intelligent batteries

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