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Panasonic AU-EVA1 5.7K Super 35mm Cinema Camera

Abel Code: PN-AU-EVA1
Mfr. Code: AU-EVA1
In Stock
Available In Store | NY, LA
This compact camera offers 5.7K RAW output, V-Log/V-Gamut, and 4K up to 10-bit 422. Ideal for handheld, gimbal, and aerial devices.
Key Highlights
  • 5.7K Super 35mm sensor
  • Record 4K up to 10-bit 422
  • 14 stops of dynamic range
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The Panasonic AU-EVA1 5.7K Super 35mm Cinema Camera is compact, lightweight, and tailor-made for handheld shooting, but also well-suited for documentaries, commercials, and music videos.

The EVA1 contains a newly designed 5.7K Super 35mm-sized sensor for capturing true cinematic images. By starting at a higher native resolution, the 5.7K sensor yields a higher resolving image when down sampled to 4K, UHD, 2K, and even 720p. The increased color information results in a finer, more accurate finished image.

Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) is employed in the Panasonic EVA1 to compensate for camera shake and blurring, which will help smooth out handheld or shoulder-mount shots on documentary or run-and-gun projects.

Dual Native ISO

One of the key features of the VariCam 35, VariCam LT, and VariCam Pure is Dual Native ISO. Utilizing a process that allows the sensor to be read in a fundamentally different way, Dual Native ISO extracts more information from the sensor without degrading the image. This results in a camera that can switch from a standard sensitivity to a high sensitivity without an increase in noise, or other artifacts. On the VariCams, Dual Native ISO has allowed cinematographers to use less light on set, saving time and money, as well as allowing for a great variety of artistic choices. The EVA1 will include Dual Native ISO, but the camera is currently being tested to determine final ISO specifications. 

The ability to capture accurate colors and rich skin tones is a must for any filmmaker. Like the VariCam lineup of cinema cameras, the EVA1 contains V-Log/V-Gamut capture to deliver high dynamic range and broad colors. V-Log has log curve characteristics that are somewhat reminiscent of negative film and V-Gamut delivers a color space even larger than film. The EVA1 will also import the celebrated colorimetry of the VariCam line.

Compact Form Factor

Weighing only 2.65 lb (1.2 Kg body only) with a compact form factor (6.69" x 5.31" x 5.23") and a removable handgrip, EVA1 can be used for efficient handheld shooting applications or on aerial devices, gimbals, or jib arms for complex yet smooth camera moves. Numerous mounting points will be included on the camera.


Ideal for indie filmmakers, the EVA1 records to readily-available, low cost SD cards. The camera can record in several formats and compression rates. It offers 4K up to 10-bit 422.

Lenses & Filters

For lensing, the camera utilizes a native EF mount, giving shooters access to the broad field of EF lenses with dozens of cinema-style prime and zoom lenses from numerous manufacturers.

Behind the lens mount, an integrated ND filter wheel in 2, 4, and 6 stops delivers precise exposure control. The EVA1 also permits the IR Cut filter to be swung out of the path to the sensor at the push of a button. Unique photographic effects and night vision imagery are possible with this control over infrared.

Firmware Update

Be sure to download the latest firmware update to expand the capabilities of your EVA1 camera.

Firmware Upgrade Version 2.0:


Image improvements in MFT Mix 2.2K Mode

Expanded monitoring and interface options, including: 

  • LCD signal cloning to HDMI (partial)
  • HOME screen additional controls
  • Waveform access and image improvements
  • Improved file playback (All-I and LongGOP)

New Features

Raw Data Output via 6G-SDI

  • 5.7K Super35 frame up to 30fps
  • 4K Four-Thirds frame up to 60fps
  • 2K Four-Thirds frame up to 120fps

ALL-I Intraframe Recording Codecs

  • 4K @ 400Mbps (10-Bit, 422) 23.98p/24p/25p/29.97p
  • UHD @ 400Mbps (10-Bit, 422) 23.98p/25p/29.97p
  • 2K/Full HD @ 200Mbps (10-Bit, 422) 50p/59.94p
  • 2K @ 100Mbps (10-Bit, 422) 23.98p/24p/25p/29.97p
  • Full HD @ 100Mbps (10-Bit, 422) 23.98p/25p/29.97p

Variable Frame Rates

  • 4K/UHD - VFR up to 400Mbps (10-Bit, 422) 1-30fps
  • 2K/Full HD - VFR up to 200Mbps (10-Bit, 422) 1-120fps

Additional Interlaced Recording Codecs

  • Full HD - All-I @ 100Mbps (10-Bit, 422) 50i/59.94i
  • Full HD - LongGOP @ 50Mbps (10-Bit, 422) 50i/59.94i

Remote Operation

  • Using third party wired controllers
  • Focus / Iris / Zoom Control of your Canon Compact Cine Servo Zooms

Interval Recording

  • Timelapse & Animation in LongGOP and All-I


NOTE: Please see product images for detailed Video Output, Recording Format & Recording Time, Media Card Compatibility, and Battery Pack Compatibility details. 

What's in the Box

  • Mount Cap
  • Grip Belt
  • Grip
  • Handle
  • LCD Monitor (w/ Hood & Mounting Attachment)
  • Microphone Holder w/ Adapter
  • Shoulder Strap
  • AC Adapter w/ AC Cable
  • Battery Charger
  • Battery (5900 mAh)
  • Panasonic AU-EVA1 5.7K Super 35mm Cinema Camera


Key Highlights

  • 5.7K Super 35mm sensor
  • Record 4K up to 10-bit 422
  • 14 stops of dynamic range
  • Dual Native ISO
  • Small form factor suits gimbals & aerial
  • Ideal for handheld configurations

Camera Lens System

Camera Lens Mount:
Canon EF - with 8-pin EF Mounting Contact


Color Temp Range:
ATW, AWB, 2000 K to 15000 K ±10.0 GMg 12 presets
Gamma Modes:
Hybrid Log Gamma (HLG)
Video Gamma
eV-Look Gamma - 2 types
Color Gamut:
V-Gamut - (V-Log)


Output Connector/Port:
HDMI - TypeA, HDMI REC REMOTE is supported, Viera Link is NOT supported
1 x 3G-SDI - SDI REC REMOTE is supported
Input Connector/Port:
AC Power - 12V DC
Remote - 2.5mm Super Mini Jack
Other - 40-pin (Dedicated) for LCD
DC In - 12V (10.5V to 13.5V) EIAJ type 4

Handle / Grip

# Handles:
Handle/Grip Features:
Navigation Wheel
2 x User Switch
Grip Positioning:
Side - One touch rotatable/detachable

Inputs & Outputs

Headphone Out:
1 x Headphone Out (3.5mm)
USB 2.0 (Host) - Type-A, 4-pin for Wireless Module (AJ-WM50)
Timecode In/Out:
BNC x1 for IN/OUT (menu switchable)
IN: 1.0 V [p-p] to 4.0 V [p-p], 10 kΩ
OUT: 2.0 V [p-p] ±0.5 V [p-p], low impedance
Audio I/O:
2 x Audio Input - XLR (3-pin) input high impedance, LINE/MIC/MIC +48 V (menu switchable), MIC: −40 dBu/−50 dBu/−60 dBu (menu switchable), LINE: +4 dBu/0 dBu (menu switchable)
1 x Audio Output - SDI (Linear PCM, 2 CH)


Microphone Type:
Integrated - Stereo
Sampling Rate:
24 bit / 48 kHz - 2 CH, Linear PCM (MOV)
16 bit / 48 kHz - 2 CH, Dolby Audio (AVCHD)


Monitor Size:
5.0" and Under - 3.5"
Monitor Features:
Touchscreen - MENU control, Shooting assist functions
Monitor Type:
LCD - approx. 1,150,000 dots
Display Functions:
Mirror - OFF, B/T, ROTATE


Recording Resolution:
4K (5.7K Downscale) - 4096x2160 Recording
UHD (5.3K Downscale) - 3840x2160 Recording
HD (5.3K Downscale) - 1920x1080 Recording
4/3 Crop & Mix 2.2K (2K Crop) - For high speed recording
4/3 Crop & Mix 2.2K (HD Crop) - For high speed recording
H.264/MPEG-4 AVC High Profile
System Frequency:
59.94p, 50p, 29.97p, 25p, 24p, 23.98p
59.94i, 50i (AVCHD only)
Playback Frame Rate Notes:
Area/Max. Frame Rate - S35: 4K/UHD 60 fps/50 fps, 2K/HD 120 fps/100 fps
Area/Max. Frame Rate - S35: 4K/UHD 60 fps/50 fps, 2K/HD 120 fps/100 fps

Sensor Specifics

Sensor Dimensions:
24.6 x 12.97mm - 5720 (H) x 3016 (V)

Special Features

General Notes:
Digital Audio: Headroom - 18 dB/20 dB (menu switchable)
IMPORTANT NOTE - Please see product images for detailed Video Output, Recording Format & Recording Time, Media Card Compatibility, and Battery Pack Compatibility details.
Log - V-Log
Quantizing - MOV (4:2:2 10 bit / 4:2:0 8 bit), AVCHD (4:2:0 8 bit)
Recording Media - UHS-I/UHS-IIUHS Speed Class3 is supported, Video Speed Class V90 is supported


Recording Formats:
4K UHD - 3840 x 2160
2K - 2048 x 1080
4K - 4096 x 2160
HD 1280 x 720
HD - 1920 x 1080
Video Output Types:
SDI - RAW output format (10 bit)
HDMI - 4:2:2 10 bit, 4:2:0 8 bit
# Media Slots:
2 - SD memory card slot
Media Cards:
SDHC - 4 GB to 32 GB
SDXC - 32 GB to 128 GB
In-Cam Filter Exists:
Yes - USER assignable IR shooting (filter ON/OFF)
Camera Features:
Electric Image Stabilization (EIS)
Camera Body Less Than 5lbs:
Yes - 20mm diameter, round
Shutter Speed Range:
[deg] mode: - 1.0 deg to 358 deg (0.5 deg step) 12 presets
[sec] mode: - 1/24.1 sec to 1/8000 sec (23.98p) 12 presets
Exposure Mode:
EI Settings - [ISO] mode: NATIVE ISO: 800, 2500 800 Base: 200 to 2000 2500 Base: 1000 to 25600
EI Settings - [ISO] mode: NATIVE ISO: 800, 2500 800 Base: 200 to 2000 2500 Base: 1000 to 25600
Camera Autofocus:
Yes - One push auto focus


7 in
7 in
10 in
5 lb
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